Will The New Moon On May 19th, 2023, Bring A Fresh Start To These 3 Zodiac Signs?

Fresh Start To These 3 Zodiac Signs

Will The New Moon On May 19th, 2023, Bring A Fresh Start To These 3 Zodiac Signs?

When it comes to being in love — or at least being in a serious relationship — it feels like coming home to your best friend every night, which is a really great feeling too. But not everyone is looking for a happy relationship.

On this new moon, some zodiac signs will be looking for something casual because they’re not looking for anything serious right now. Do you want to know which 3 zodiac signs it is? Then read on now!


During the upcoming New Moon, Taurus will find it difficult to make decisions. Because of this, he prefers to simply not meet any in order to feel less threatened.

When faced with the choice of taking a casual relationship to the next level or just keeping it casual, he’s more likely to choose to step back and take more time to figure out what he really wants. 

Taurus is uncomfortable with being pushed into something and is content as long as they don’t have to make serious plans with anyone. Therefore, he will certainly not seek anything serious at this time.

He also likes it when there are no clear agreements, which is why it is easy for him to date several people at the same time.

He feels special about it and avoids entering into a serious relationship, fearing it might change the dynamic. Therefore, he is insecure in this regard and prefers not to enter into relationships.

If you don’t feel like casual affairs or games, you should stay away from him during the new moon as he cannot clearly state what he wants, and therefore confusion can arise, especially when feelings are involved. 

During this phase, Taurus is also more selfish than usual and has little regard for the feelings of others.

Although he doesn’t intend to break hearts, his behavior could hurt others.

However, it is important to note that this is only a temporary phase and Taurus will soon revert to their normal, caring self.

In the meantime, it’s important to be aware and protect yourself to avoid injury.


On the coming new moon, Cancer is not ready for serious relationships, since then they would have to give up their freedom, which is unacceptable to them.

He’s afraid to open up and get hurt, so he avoids making emotional commitments.

Instead, he prefers uncommitted romantic relations to preserve his freedom

He enjoys the variety and doesn’t want to be bored. However, if there are problems in the relationship, he will end it as he does not want to make any commitments.

It’s just too exhausting for him to adapt to someone else or to make compromises at the moment.

He also has a lot on his plate and doesn’t feel emotionally capable of having a serious relationship.

Although he may be subconsciously looking for a meaningful relationship, he is unlikely to show it openly.

Alternating between wanting to be in a relationship and wanting to keep it casual can be confusing and exhausting when dating a Cancer.

Maybe you want to convince him of you so that he can’t refuse a relationship at all.

But that will be hopeless because Cancer is not able to make such an important decision right now. 

He may be subconsciously looking for that special someone who will change his mind about love.

However, if you’re currently dating a Cancer, you’d better not count on it. This zodiac sign is clearly prone to being erratic right now.

And that can be really nerve-wracking. Better stay away from him if you’re looking for something serious.


During this time of the new moon, some zodiac signs are particularly good at making new friends and not committing.

Sagittarius is one of them and he makes a great partner for non-committal encounters. He is not interested in entering into serious relationships because he does not want the dynamic to be changed and because he does not need restrictions.

Instead, he focuses on enjoying his freedom and having fun. If there’s an opportunity for a one-night stand, he’s all for it.

However, Sagittarius is not necessarily interested in hugging their partner after love or entering into a committed relationship.

However, he will communicate very clearly what he wants and doesn’t want. It might be surprising how open and honest he is about his intentions, but at least you know where you stand with him. 

However, if things get too complicated or he feels he is being limited, he may decide to end the relationship.

He makes short work of it and it can feel really brutal. Since Sagittarius is very squishy right now, you should try not to get too close to them unless you feel like something casual. 

Sagittarius won’t be able to tell you clearly what they want – because they just don’t know.

Especially when feelings are involved, this can be dangerous. Overall, Sagittarius is a boon for those not looking for a serious relationship.

You know he’s not ready to commit, but he’s always ready to have fun and go on no-strings-attached adventures. He is always available for an evening with Netflix on the sofa.

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