These Zodiac Signs Do Not Want A Committed Relationship

Committed Relationship

These Zodiac Signs Do Not Want A Committed Relationship

Finding love is an important goal in life for many people. But not for three zodiac signs; because they break out in a cold sweat just by hearing the word relationship!

They prefer to live free and unbound.


Aquarians are honest and realistic. So when they like someone, they know the odds of it ending badly are pretty high. And they just don’t want to take the risk of a broken heart. Instead, they content themselves with casual and casual flirting. Above all, these call for a talent of the Aquarians: small talk. And they love that! The sign of the zodiac is content with the superficial situation-ships – at least until they find the one person who will put all doubts to rest!


The twins love attention more than anything. Being the center of attention gives them a sense of legitimacy and status. That’s why they’re constantly trying to win the limelight. And that also applies to love. Because long-term relationships quickly become boring and dreary in their eyes. The twins instead want excitement, drama,… and lots of talk for bar nights with the BFFS. Flirting with strangers, going on numerous online dates, or spontaneously texting an old crush is therefore much more exciting for them than starting a serious relationship.


Taurus always think logically and weigh all their options. A quality that spoils any romance, especially when it comes to love. Because of their never-ending comparisons with other people, they cannot commit themselves to one person and secretly keep thinking about whether there are better options for them. You can’t let yourself go completely and see every flaw, no matter how small, in the other person as an absolute deal breaker. A stable relationship is therefore only an option for Taurus in absolute exceptions – and then when they know exactly: THIS is the jackpot!

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