Why You Are So Hard To Love According To Your Sign

Why You Are So Hard To Love According To Your Sign

Love … I wish it were as simple as writing it, I wish it didn’t make you tremble more than your legs. I wish it didn’t hurt. No, it is not easy to open your heart, to show that fragile side, that just a shake is enough for you to end up in pieces. There are times you want, but you can’t. One part of you yells at you that it is time, that you should give yourself the opportunity, but the other wants to run away. Why are you so difficult to love based on your zodiac sign? 


The restless soul, the one that is always looking for something that makes it vibrate, the one that bets on strong emotions, the one that does not understand what half love is. You are the one who breaks with the routine, who wants a love that makes him beat more than the heart. However, not everyone can handle so much, not that you are demanding. It’s just that long ago you learned to give yourself your place, you want something worthwhile, something that will be your refuge after a bad day, something that will steal your smiles just by thinking about it. If not, you prefer solitude.


Love Taurus? You are not here to give in, you have stubbornness in your pores, you are the one who wants things his way. Once you gave everything and they disappointed you, once you pretended something that you were not to make the other happy and it did not help. Now you are committed to your convictions, you want the person who is by your side to be someone who contributes to you in every way. You are not afraid of loneliness, independence is part of your best accessories and you do not have time to deal with someone who does not take things seriously.


Gemini is a master when it comes to using autonomy, he knows that he is happy with himself, a sign that has learned to see the good side of loneliness. So when someone tries to be part of their days they need to take the rhythm of their routine because they do not think to lower their guard, theyknow what they want and they prefer to wait for the right person to arrive, than to have to beg someone to change. Gemini wants someone to paint their days with colors, steal laughter from them and show them that life is more than sadness.


Cancer is so pure, it has such a genuine love that few souls know how to love it. He is the one who can keep quiet for love, who gives himself deeply, who is not afraid that his heart will break againCancer does not complain, itlooks for a way to protect you, to love you, to show you that there are still those who love more than passion. It is the person who is not afraid of commitment, that when he confesses his love it is because he wants something nice and formal. Cancer wants you to have the courage to take the first step, if it doesn’t walk away.


Leo is the one who bathes in glitter, a sign that never takes his finger off the line when he wants something. However, Leo does not beg, for more love, for more than you are that special person that appears in his thoughts and that makes his stomach turn to a flutter. Leo is the one who is afraid of what they will say, it is difficult to love because somehow he cares what the rest think, he wants to feel approved and that his partner is also approved, not everyone can with so much pressure.


Behind a perfectionist breath, someone fearful hides. Virgo is the one who goes through life with a huge shell, he is the one who is not willing to show you his vulnerable side, without feeling safe. It terrifies you to know that your fears, sadness and dreams end up in the ears of someone who is not worth it. Virgo wants something real, something more than the perfect partner in front of the rest, he wants that being with whom he can show his essence without fear. Therefore, he prefers to wait until the right conversation arrives.


Libra’s spirit never stops, her mind and heart are constantly spinning. That’s where your fears hide. Libra’s thoughts make you believe the worst, so mistrust becomes part of your days. Jealousy is your worst enemy, you can doubt everything and everyone. You have a hard time trusting people, especially after so many disappointments. There is a part of Libra that wants to dare, that is lost in falling in love and another that screams at him to run away from there, but that’s it.


A strong, independent and intense soul. Yes, Scorpio can be the love that shakes you all days, who reminds you what it is to love like this, without fear and with great desire. However, to take that step you need time and facts. Scorpio does not get carried away by beautiful words, because he does not trust anyone , he is very meticulous with what they say to him and he remembers every detail, so it is possible that the past will yell at him every time he wants to give himself another chance in love.


The heart that goes against the clock, the one that always thirsts for the outdoors, to live every moment. He who flees from ties, this is Sagittarius. Not everyone can with such a free, independent thought . Sagittarius loves his loneliness and when he leaves his partner may feel bad, but he really needs his space, it is the way he recharges energy. Sagittarius can be very cold when someone wants them to change their lifestyle, they do not give in, they want to be loved as is, without demanding changes.


You are the one who is silent, the one who surrenders to the bone, but there is a part of you that finds it difficult to express its emotions, it is as if you have a lump in your throat that will not let you let go. If it bothers you, if you like it, if it bothers you, shut up. So you become a mysterious silence with the few who know how to deal with. You have a hard time opening yourself deeply because it is difficult for you to accept failure. That is why you go through life walking safely, so as not to lose control, but that is taking you away from love.


The mind that is here and there, you have the gift of traveling in a second, you are the one who gets lost in a cluster of thoughts. A noble soul who does not like to feel that someone has the lock of his life . It is difficult to love an Aquarius because he gets lost out of nowhere, takes time to respond, cancels appointments. Suddenly it may seem that no matter how hard you try in the end, you are not their priority. That does not mean that he cannot love, it is just that he does it in his own way and only an equally liberal being can understand.


The one who gives everything, the one who gives in, the one who loves until the last breath. Pisces honors love, but it has a part that most do not know how to deal with, it is too sensitive and that for many is synonymous with drama. She is the one who feels twice as much, who can lose control when her emotions get their own way. Sometimes Pisces is clouded, they do not understand reasons why their anger or happiness take the reins and that is when some are scared, the contrast of their feelings makes anyone tremble.


Why You Are So Hard To Love According To Your Sign

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