Signs That May Send You To Therapy After Breaking Your Heart

Signs That May Send You To Therapy After Breaking Your Heart

We never know what’s behind when we reply to a message. We must be careful with the people to whom we show our weaknesses, because it is possible that they will tear us to pieces. There are 3 signs of the zodiac that are distinguished by their coldness when saying goodbye. Signs that can send you to therapy after breaking your heart . Saying goodbye is synonymous with dark days, an emotional pain that tests reason.

It is not easy to say goodbye to a great love, there is a part of your soul that is fragmented, we become blocked and suddenly we do not want to know anything about anyone. That’s when we sink into fear, sadness, and depression. How to turn the page? Give yourself the time to grieve, you have to heal, it will not be forever, but the pain will not go away overnight. The following signs may leave you with an indelible mark:

3.- Sagittarius 

Sagittarius is charming and it is something you cannot control. Actually, it is not a tactic they use to conquer, it is just that their personality is extremely attractive. They are optimistic in every step they take, they prefer to see the glass half full rather than half empty. In addition, his sense of humor envelops you, he is very funny and has a sympathetic side that makes him the best company. Sagittarius is the couple that invites you to investigate your dreams, that reminds you that you are here to live the here and now. Do you want more reasons to fall in love with them? I know, they are wonderful and for the same reason it is very difficult not to end with a broken heart, when you say goodbye. It is an independent sign, when they feel that the relationship is synonymous with not doing what they like, they leave. They don’t like to feel suffocated.

2.- Aquarius 

Aquarius is the one who was born to live his life at will, he does not care if the rest do not like it. They are not the type of couple who are waiting for you to tell them what you think or not, in reality, they have their convictions very clear and they do not change even if that person is special and loves them too much. Aquariusis intelligent, sociable and independent, that is the reason why after a breakup it seems that he does not care about anything. It is not that he does not value what the relationship was, his motto is simple, life goes on and you have to let it flow. Also, it is a very busy sign, you walk away when you are planning your own project. Aquarius is also one of the signs that can send you to therapy after breaking your heart.The reason Aquarius breaks up with someone is because they want their space, to reclaim themselves, and that can make you end up heartbroken.

1.- Leo 

Of course, Leo could not be missing from the list. It is the sign of fire, the one that has courage in its eyes and follows its ideals above anyone else. It is not that the situation does not hurt after a breakup, it is just that he has learned to wipe away his tears and continue in the battle. He is a leader, his mind never stops and he always has something new to start with. If there is something that Leo has, it is that he does not conform, that ambitious side has led him to achieve what he wants in life. However, they have a very proud side, when they put an end, there is no more, they do not like second chances or recycle loves.In addition, they are demanding if Leo does not feel comfortable in a relationship, they leave, they want to be appreciated, loved and felt desired. If not, they turn the page, they don’t want anyone to change, they want to find the person who meets their expectations.


Signs That May Send You To Therapy After Breaking Your Heart

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