It must be acknowledged, all signs leave their mark in some way. Some do it for their sweetness, for their understanding and because they know how to listen wonderfully while others do it for their passion, for their charisma and for that little bad spot they had when they argued. Each sign leaves in the memory of others something important and sometimes, that memory is almost impossible to erase. Here we show you why your ex is still in love with you according to your sign:


ARIES (March 21 to April 20): Your ex is still thinking about you because you set his Aries world on fire, because you took him out of his comfort zone, because you made him feel alive and then, when you left, only ashes remained. Everything is bland without you. You were the light, you were the spark of life, and nothing is the same without you. Of course you had your character, there is no doubt about that, but in the end, thanks to that character you did a thousand things with that person. Although it is already past for you …

TAURUS (April 21 to May 21): Your ex still thinks you because you were a trustworthy person, his greatest accomplice and someone he knew would never let him down. Now that you have gone they have had to find another shoulder to cry on, another person to let off steam … You were one of those people who ALWAYS go through the lives of others to make them a little happier and above all, to have more security in themselves. Now, they feel lost without you.

GEMINI (May 22 to June 21): Your ex thinks that when you left, you took something very important, your way of loving, your way of loving, your affection … Somehow, they felt special by your side. And you made them feel safe, you transmitted all your heat to them, and although by your sign you may seem quite the opposite, you always tried to protect them from all your shit. Seriously, you are more generous than the world thinks but that is no longer there.

CANCER (June 22 to July 22): Your ex thinks you because he knows that it is super complicated for someone to take care of him as you did. You probably realize that the way you want, although sometimes it was a bit overwhelming, you’re 100% real. He probably believes that no one will love him more than you, with his more and with his less. You worried deeply about everything that could happen to you, you always looked for their interests and for their good. Something that perhaps no one does now.

LEO (July 23 to August 22): Your ex thinks you because you’re irresistible Leo. Every time any of your ex sees you, you realize that you don’t fall for anything or anyone. Moreover, if possible, you look even better because you look again for you instead of them. And that means taking care of yourself more, pampering yourself more and dedicating yourself more to you, all the time Leo. You were one of the best things that happened to them and every time they cross you they think about it again. All the time.

VIRGO (From August 23 to September 22): Your ex thinks you because his life fell apart once you left Virgo. You may be too meticulous at times, even if you get a lot out of your order and your way of doing things. But in the end, that was what in the end made your ex a profitable person. Yes, you made his life a kind of order, you looked for his well-being. You were in the most complicated moments, and gave the best advice. You did not leave because everything became difficult if not because you did not feel appreciated. Your ex thinks you because he didn’t realize what he had until he lost it.

LIBRA (September 23 to October 22): Your ex thinks you because you were the one who kept him away from the dramas. You were that person who took everything away from iron, that person who downplayed those things without too much sense. And evidently that you had your thing and defended yourself when they attacked you, you always tried to avoid it. They think you because you did everything easy and simple. You gave clarity to their lives, and now none of that is.

SCORPIO (From October 23 to November 22): Your ex is still thinking about you because he felt your support 100% when he had to make important decisions. You made him feel safe and stable. In the end, you give a lot of security in the life of the rest and help them a lot to make important decisions. They still think you because they miss all those tips and your approval. And the tranquility you gave, as if nothing bad could happen to your side.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 to December 21): Your ex is still thinking about you because he loves your life Sagi, because you are independent and do not need anything or anyone to walk. Because he loved how you took life and the good mood you had. It’s true that you have your thing, but deep down, nothing matters so much to piss you off too much. When you leave a relationship it is not because you reach the painful end, but because you already felt that the end would come sooner or later …

CAPRICORN (From December 22 to January 20): Your ex is still thinking about you because you don’t approach them at all, because you know how to ignore and because even if it’s just for pride, you make your life the way it is. You have absolute control of your life and you will not be willing to send them messages or to lower yourself by anyone. That is precisely why they are even more in love with you. Your ex thinks you don’t miss him, which makes him want you to miss him. That’s why he remembers you … Because he couldn’t with you.

AQUARIUS (From January 21 to February 19): Your ex is still thinking about you because he misses your conversations, those deep conversations that kept him awake at night. You were the only person who made you feel heard and understood. A super dreamy person saw you and remembers how you said you would achieve your dreams and your goals. Perhaps you have already achieved them. Your ex thinks you because he knows he won’t have a connection as special to anyone as he did with you. He misses you because even though you could be a cold person, you gave all the heat of the world whenever you wanted.

PISCES (February 20 to March 20): Your ex still thinks you because they know you were a person who could endure many things, a person struggling for what he wanted, including personal relationships. He thinks you because he knows that he won’t find anyone like you in the long run, because you were a retailer and because he keeps all your gifts, letters and other handmade details that you gave him. He knows that no one will forgive him as you have. He knows that nothing will be the same.

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