1. You doubt him, but you don’t need that.

It’s not that you doubt him, but when it comes to relationships, everyone from your past has made you feel insecure.

2. You always expect the worst, but he always surprises you.

As much as you want to go in with an open heart, you don’t want to have high hopes.

3. He keeps his word, even if you have doubts.

Something as simple as being with you always makes you uncomfortably happy.

4. He doesn’t play dating games.

Every text is answered. Every plan is fulfilled. Everything you are used to does not apply to him.

5. He shows you how terrible your past is, but he doesn’t repeat it.

You think back to the men from your previous relationships and realize how terrible the relationships were. You wonder why they didn’t treat you the way your current friend does.

6. He is patient because you are unsure.

Your insecurity is noticeable in some moments, even though he’s good to you all the time.

7. He forgives you because he has no reason to apologize.

You always believed that you did something wrong. So you’re careful – but this guy teaches you that you don’t have to be.

8. He shows you that he won’t hurt you.

You are afraid to let someone near you, but what scares you even more is the fact that you could fall for this guy.

9. You think the first argument ends, but it doesn’t.

Everyone argues, but in the past, any argument you have had with someone has resulted in the person leaving and exchanging rude words.

10. Instead, he fights for you.

But this man is fighting for your relationship, just like you. Because he wants you as much as you want him.

11. He’s nice all the time.

That someone is nice all the time shouldn’t make you uncomfortable. But if you’re not used to it, it’s hard to just accept it. At that moment, you realize that relationships should be like this.

12. He is always honest.

When you are used to someone lying, you feel different when someone is brutally honest with you.

13. And he respects you.

He respects you as a person, the things that interest you, and is always there to show you that he cares about you.

14. You understand that a person can change your life.

You talk more about him and smile more. You’re just happier than ever and it’s his fault.

15. And not everyone will hurt you.

You understand that sometimes you have to be seriously injured so that you can find someone to show you that you don’t deserve this.

16. Then he sees your worst version and stays anyway.

Maybe you have a breakdown. Maybe every wall around you collapses. Maybe you cry and you don’t even know why. But he is there, sees that side of you that is naked and honest. And he consoles you by appreciating the fact that you let him come so close to you. And then he starts to heal you.

17. And love you for it.

Next, you know you fell in love with this guy, but for the first time, someone is returning everything you feel.

He speaks of a future that heals you from the past.


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