Why Does It Cost You So Much To Give Yourself In A Relationship According To Your Sign

Why Does It Cost You So Much To Give Yourself In A Relationship According To Your Sign

There are those who flee from fleeting loves, who prefer to dress coldly rather than show their vulnerable side. They are the same people who one day ended up crying in a corner until they lost themselves in sleep, because they smashed their souls. They are the ones who have a hard time giving themselves completely in a relationship. They are not looking for someone to shake their legs, they want someone who has the courage to embrace their wounds. Why is it so difficult for you to give yourself up in a relationship according to your sign?


Aries is the one who honors the unpredictable, he likes to break with the routine and place his heart where risk is invited, that is the reason why many times he ends up in the wrong place. It is a sign that you are always willing to listen, that when someone really cares, it becomes your priority and is ready to fill them with affection. However,for some it can be overwhelming, especially with how changeable Aries is, the same you are their priority and the next day they ignore you.


Taurus is that sign of a demanding spirit, hedoes not have time to deal with couples who do not contribute anything to him in each of the areas of his life. He is, without a doubt, one of the most committed, when he surrenders, he does so with fidelity ahead of him and enjoys formal relationships. Making long-term plans is something they really enjoy. The problem is that it is very difficult for him to forgive the first time, he is not one of those who give second chances and less if there was betrayal. Taurus is not for loves for a while, so he feels like he was wasting time.


Gemini the changeable, the one who gets bored easily, the one who needs more than just a pretty face. In order for Geminis to truly indulge in a relationship, youneed to feel that with that person you can break the routine every day. It is the sign that bets on adventure, that enjoys the spontaneous, when someone likes it, they do not think twice and let themselves be carried away. The bad thing is that it passes very quickly, if that person really does not have the ability to keep him on the lookout, he leaves.


Cancer is the sign that honors emotions, but although it may seem that he goes through life without filters showing his best and worst side, most of the time he prefers to put on a huge shell, because he is terrified that they will come into his life to shake his feelings and then leave. Why is it so difficult for you to give yourself up in a relationship according to your sign? Cancer is sweet and sensitive,when he decides to commit himself to a relationship it is because he really trusts and wants something serious. It is not a sign that you enjoy jumping from bed to bed, you want stability.


Leo is the one who screams, sings and loves loudly. A sign that was born so that its light can be seen for miles, is the one who always commits himself to everything he does. He is a hard worker and enjoys when the other recognizes his effort. The problem is that it is not always as safe as it seems, itis full of insecurities and they become visible when someone likes you. They are the type of couple who find it difficult to overcome their fears and ghosts of the past, which is why they do not love just anyone.


Virgo is the sign that even to love invites you to perfection, it is very practical and before getting lost in a fairy tale, you prefer to see things without romanticism. Do not expect Virgo to be delusional the first time, heneeds more than nice words or the habit of living with someone every day. He is very demanding and loves his solitude, so if he decides to be with someone it is because he really values ​​that person, because he does not need them at all, that is Vigo, the clearer everything, the better.


Libra is the whirlwind of emotions, the one who thirsts to love, to give himself in a deep and long-term way. However, there is the other side, where he loves his freedom, does not trust anyone and is afraid that his heart will break again. It is a very noble sign, generosity is something that always accompanies it. In addition, he is loving, he enjoys intense bonds, but he is not willing to leave his fun and sociable life, for someone who is not worth it. Libra needs to feel really confident to take the plunge.


Scorpio is the one who comes into your life to give it a power that you yourself did not know. It is energy from the side you see it, its intensity is what makes it a magnet for anyone, one of the most attractive signs of the zodiac. However, few reach his heart, because he is so meticulous. You need to feel that the other person is really willing to give their heart. Scorpio distrusts everything and everyone, the worst thing is that he is rarely wrong, he likes to follow his instincts when it comes to choosing someone.


Sagittarius is the one who exudes love, the sign that can teach you what it is to love without any mask, it does not want to impress you, it wants to invite you to live life to the limit. Why is it so difficult for you to give yourself up in a relationship according to your sign? Sagittarius is the one who can be lost when someone likes him, he becomes the best conqueror in the world, he falls in love as if there was no tomorrow. The problem is that there are few who can with their magical lifestyle, at first they may be surprised and interested, but then they want to change Sagittarius and that is when they leave.


The worker, the stubborn, the one who does not allow himself to be conquered by a paper love. When Capricorn makes a decision, he is even capable of marrying at that moment, he does not make hasty decisions, he needs to feel that it is something genuine and worthwhile. You really do go over everything thoroughly, you want me to be the right person in every way. If not, you prefer to turn the page, even if it hurts, it is not a sign that clings to when they no longer want it and much less if it feels that they are like water and oil. There are those who are scared with such determination, it is not for indecisive souls.


Aquarius is the one who puts dreams ahead, he is not willing to give in to the expectations of the rest and although his thoughts are usually through the roof, they are very demanding when it comes to having a relationship, it is a loyal and liberal sign, at the same time weather. The reality is that most cannot deal with such an independent soul, they are not the type to be emotionally attached and their partner may feel that they do not love them, but they are not. Aquarius loves in his own way, he does not need to jump from one love to another.


Pisces is the romantic of the zodiac, who prefers to see the positive side of everything he does, the one who wastes attention and tenderness when someone likes him. However, this loving side ironically becomes their curse, because for some couples their way of being is overwhelming. Why is it so difficult for you to give yourself up in a relationship according to your sign? Pisces is like that, they do not understand gray when it comes to giving their heart and they always add a touch of intensity. He is the one who can lose control when his emotions are present, he is not for cold souls.


Why Does It Cost You So Much To Give Yourself In A Relationship According To Your Sign

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