Why Are You Afraid Of Love According To Your Zodiac Sign

Why Are You Afraid Of Love According To Your Zodiac Sign

Love is a feeling that most people cannot explain in words. It is something that removes you from the inside and turns your life upside down for better or worse, but it changes your life completely. Everyone is afraid of love for some reason or another, so if you want to know why you fear to love based on your zodiac sign, read on:


Aries, the reason why you fear love is very simple, you love your independence and your personal space too much. You are not afraid to go your way alone, you are afraid of losing everything you have and you are not willing to lose it for a person. It may sound selfish, but you don’t want to throw away all the time and effort you have invested in having the life you have right now and that is why you fear love.


Taurus, you love having your routines and you hate surprises. You are very stubborn and it is very difficult for someone to change your mind. You hate changes, in fact, they terrify you. You don’t like someone coming to turn your life upside down. Your comfort zone is your greatest refuge and it is very difficult for you to leave it. You fear to love because you don’t want to lose control of the situation.


Gemini, you are a bit unpredictable. The only predictable thing about you is that it is 100% certain that you will change your mind at some point in the day. You are curious about life, an insatiable curiosity that always wants more and that is why you are afraid of love. You don’t like the idea of ​​stagnating and stopping discovering the world around you by focusing too much on that special someone who comes into your life.


Cancer, you are a super loving person. You care a lot for others and you have no fear when it comes to showing your sensitivity. You are loyal and sincere, but the past is what makes you fear love. They have done you a lot of damage and you are not willing to go through the same thing one more time. It is true that sooner or later you will surrender to love, but fear will not go away overnight.


Leo, the feeling of falling in love is one of your favorites. You love love, you fall in love easily, what is difficult is that you remain in love for a long time. You fear to love because you don’t want any more disappointments. You are very demanding and have too high expectations of love. Try to let yourself go and do not think about anything else, the grace of love is in being surprised.


Virgo, you only let people see what you want them to see. You live practically in a wall built by yourself to hide your feelings and thus protect your most vulnerable side. You think that in the aspect of love you are not enough and that is why you fear it so much. Virgo, stop being nonsense because you are worth everything. All you have to do is trust others a little and let yourself be carried away by magic.


Libra, finding the ideal partner is one of your priorities. You are passionate about the idea of ​​sharing your life with the right person. You want a deep and true relationship. You dream so much about love that you are also afraid of it. The idea of ​​someone showing up and telling you that they love you terrifies you because you don’t really know how to act in that situation. Do not be afraid and open your heart because all the good is yet to come.


Scorpio, it is no secret that the fear of love comes from your innate fear of betrayal. You distrust everyone, you are unable to open your heart and speak of your feelings with 100% clarity. The fear of betrayal prevents you from enjoying love and life in general. You have to start changing that attitude and stop being nonsense. It’s time to stop feeling rejected for being so afraid of love.


Sagittarius, you are a curious person full of energy. There is nothing that can resist you, you always want more. You fear to love because you are afraid of losing the opportunity to live intense experiences. You feel that love commits you to lead a life that you are not used to and you are not willing to give it up. Boredom is another factor why you fear love, but try to turn the tables and start looking at love as another one of your crazy adventures.


Capricorn, you are a responsible and disciplined person. You need to be in control of the situation at all times and not having it causes you too much stress. You fear to love because being in love makes life more unpredictable than normal. You need to analyze and have a plan before jumping into the world of love because you don’t have them all with you. You don’t like to leave things to chance, but love is very capricious and no matter how scared you are, if it wants to enter your life, it will.


Aquarius, you have the need to always be alone and in freedom. You fear to love because you don’t want to feel limited in any way and you know that if love comes into your life, things will change whether you want to or not. You are loyal and committed when you fall in love and give your partner the independence you want him to give you in return, but you are afraid that things will not turn out as they thought and they control you more than necessary.


Pisces, you are a selfless person, you try very hard to help others without expecting anything in return. You accept others as they are, but not everyone accepts you. You fear to love because you are afraid of being taken advantage of, you have had a very bad time in the past and you are sick of being laughed at. You always give your all in love, but it’s time for that to change. You deserve something much better Pisces.


Why Are You Afraid Of Love According To Your Zodiac Sign

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