Where The Signs Will Find Love

Where The Signs Will Find Love

At this point in life, what you want is genuine love, someone who is able to find beauty in our cracks. A love of those who have already tired of hurting, of which all they want is to hold your hand tightly and show you that there is a different way of loving. The bad thing is that we are easily distracted and when we least think we end up next to someone who only becomes a shadow for our brightness. Perhaps the right person is knocking on your door, but you are looking the wrong way. Where will the zodiac signs find love? Who knows, maybe and the next time you return to that place you will realize that that being full of light had always been there.


Being honest this love has become a bit of battle for you Aries. Especially after tolerating bad attitudes from those who one day said they love you. That has made you skeptical, it seems that no matter how hard the other tries to show what they feel, it is never enough for you. But start to open your eyes, because possibly the person who will make your mind and heart vibrate, is very focused on their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. That’s right, someone is waiting for you and very close. Are you going to the gym? Do you feel like going? Please, do not think about it, the next time you feel lazy to get up from the sofa, remember that the love that you long for could be occupying the gym equipment that you have to use.


When it’s not debts, it’s commitments, worries, work at home. In short, Taurus is an expert at putting up barriers to matters of the heart, because lately, they have not paid him properly. However, he has used work-life as the perfect excuse to evade his emotions. It seems that the bigger the list of his activities, the better for him. But there is something that you cannot miss, your engine, that need to go to a cafeteria to order your favorite drink or the dessert you love. I recommend that the next time you enter that place, pay close attention because most likely someone has already gotten used to seeing you and even misses you when you don’t go. However, your serious attitude and that rush with which you always walk may be the reasons why he does not dare to take the step. Is it your turn, right?


Health! For all those magical moments that Gemini has decided to live in secret. Because there are many times in which he has fallen in love, in which he has imagined the perfect living next to that person, in which he dreams of the dog, the house and the children. Just because he doesn’t say it doesn’t mean he’s a heartbreaker as people love to claim. Anyway, Geminis don’t care what they will say, they have learned to live with it. However, you do have to open your eyes wider. Above all, do not cancel plans, because there is a possibility that you will meet that special someone, with whom you can walk down the aisle, no less than at a wedding. So, pay attention and enjoy the evening, because perhaps the person you least imagine is the one who ends up stealing your heart.


It’s amazing how much goodness and love is in your Cancer heart. It is so much that a part of you strives to want to paint everything around you beautiful, but … I’m sorry to disappoint you because in life you will also meet bad people, who all they want is to see you on your knees, beings who come to you to rip over and over again. As long as you don’t set limits, you will continue to attract these types of parasites. Stop wanting to force things, remember that what is not your size does not even enter by force. There is much more, when was the last time you went for a walk? Don’t let them tell you that you are too dressed up to go buy some bread because it is very likely that you will meet the love of your life just around the corner. 


I wish people would stop for a bit, I hope they won’t judge without first knowing the essence of a Leo. Because it is not their ego that governs them, they do not always want to attract attention and less after a broken heart. There comes a point where Leo all wants is a little peace, to be sure that he is okay with himself and that the right person will arrive when he has to arrive. Leo, I only have something to tell you, do not stop being you, do not try to modify your way of seeing life. Because that’s you, intense, forward-thinking, fun, and adrenaline-loving. The next time a concert comes your way, don’t ignore it, because maybe someone who sings the same songs as you is the one who will accompany you the rest of the days.


Imagine that everything they say about Virgo were true. That his perfect side surpasses everything, then he would not have problems with his heart, because he would not choose the wrong person or end up with one more scar and running away from a new love. No, Virgo does not always have everything under control. There are times when you just want to get away from everyone when you want to understand why one disappointment after another happens to you. I hope that the next time you end up in a hospital ward it will not be something serious, because there you can meet a special being, someone who will become your support in those hard times and who will show you that he is not going to let go no matter what happens next. Trust, it’s one of those loves for life.


Maybe life has hit you hard, it has left you so stunned that the least you want is to end up entangled in love affairs. However, you can’t let such a beautiful opportunity get out of hand, just because of your fears. Yes, Libra, there are loves that hold you tight, that give you back your breath, that give you a lot of peace of mind. Loves of those that get lost in a lot of lines, of those that enjoy a good book, a verse, a song. Believe in your intuition, if there is a part of you that wants to get lost again in the aisles of a bookstore, take it easy, because perhaps on the other side of the shelf is the person who understands each of your crazy mood swings. Sometimes, it is not just a matter of waiting, it is worth jumping to write the first chapter of the story.


You are there still, with a huge layer that prevents them from reaching the bottom of your emotions. It is much easier for you to put on the dark heart cape, than to show yourself what you really are. A Scorpio who is eager to love, who knows loyalty well, and who is not afraid to say that he wants to be with someone forever. However, few hearts are going to achieve it, especially because you have taken it upon yourself to prevent it. Within four walls, that dream person will hardly reach you. Maybe he attended the party that you missed the last time. Please don’t be so cruel to yourself, don’t take the opportunity to meet someone you have an affinity with. A love of those who enjoy a good night dancing until dawn. But also a good coffee in the morning and on Sunday.


If you have something as clear as water, it is that there is the same sun, but a million sunrises to discover. Please, Sagittarius, do not let the loves that are not for you, find a way to change you. You are not a puppet who can move at will, do not put your happiness in the wrong person, because that will be synonymous with pain, living an ordeal that you do not deserve. You are like that, uninhibited, brave, risky, you love to experience the feeling that you are in another place, with different people, with colorful dishes, with unique structures and with a strange air. That’s what you like and that’s okay, no one deserves to have their wings clipped in such a cruel way. You are so worth it, that it is very possible that you will find that person in an airport. A soul as free as you, but ready for a life together.


Capricorn you have to read well, it is not worth getting used to not feeling anything, not feeling sad or happy, you are simply there adrift. It is a life, conforming is not an option, you are there for more, so that they respect you, love you and show you off if you want it. I know it is not easy to recover after a breakup, but you cannot sink into the past. Life is unforgiving, it moves fast and when you least think about it you might regret not doing something different. You are love, dedication, passion, you are the most disciplined soul in the zodiac, do not give up on matters of the heart. And it is that right in the place where you evade everything, your other half could be. Yes at work maybe in that area that you have never entered or at lunchtime, when you always keep quiet. If you want different results, start doing something different.


Although many do not say it, opportunities do not come to you like magic, many times you just have to build them. Sometimes we become so focused on wanting to belong that we end up forgetting our essence. It’s not about adapting to what others want, it’s about having the courage to show who you are. Aquarius often has internal conflicts that he does not talk about with anyone and therefore it is difficult for him to trust a new love. However, you have to know that sinking into your loneliness is not always the best option. If you want to get out of the routine, buy that flight, take that trip that has been spinning in your head. Because maybe at that distance is the person of your life. To the airport and beyond.


The key is simple, follow your heart, I know you know how to do it, but because of the wounds that have been done to you along the way, you have become very fearful in matters of love. Pisces, your soul is pure, it is full of simplicity, adventure, and courage. Please, do not let anyone make you believe otherwise and when they try do not lower your guard, set limits and then get away from there as soon as possible. You remain as you are, help when you are born, give yourself, value every little thing, especially the animals. Well, maybe the person who shares your way of seeing life is right through the door of the pet store. This is destiny, it loves to play with the different scenarios and surprise you just when you least think about it. It does not hurt to check when your pet’s next visit is to go to the vet.


Where The Signs Will Find Love

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