How every zodiac sign will spend Christmas and New Years.

How every zodiac sign will spend Christmas and New Years.


The ram loves to have a good time. You enjoy being around people and taking part in the parties you are invited to. Being exuberant is exactly your thing.

People born in the zodiac sign Aries don’t really need an occasion to celebrate a party. Your whole life is a whole party, so to speak. The month of December is a time when the ram is almost never seen alone at an event.

You are also a good companion when it comes to accompanying someone who is actually not a party type . At Christmas, the Aries will traditionally sit with the family and take it easy. As for the beginning of the new year, Aries loves to start the new year with timpani and trumpets. So best at a party with his closest friends.

BULL ( APRIL 21  MAY 20)

The bull enjoys being alone. After a long and turbulent year, the bull prefers to spend time with himself rather than go to any New Year’s parties. At Christmas he only wants to sit with his closest family price. Christmas connects the bull with good food, great conversations and nostalgia.

Feeling good is very important for the bull and that also means that he never stays in places that make him uncomfortable, which is why loud New Year’s Eve parties with people he probably doesn’t like will not be on his schedule.

The bull won’t end his year at a New Year’s party. It is more likely that he keeps it like Christmas and sits at home in the closer circle of friends and starts the new year relaxed and relaxed.

TWINS ( MAY 21  JUNE 21)

The twin is always driven by his curiosity for something exciting, something that reminds him of what life is like. And especially during the Christmas season, the twin tends to perceive his environment as a small child, a child who runs through the day full of anticipation and curiosity. Whether it’s a new recipe or a gift to find, everything becomes an adventure for the twin.

Since the twin usually works hard all year round, the holiday season around Christmas and New Year is a welcome time to relax. And the twin really knows how to enjoy and relax to the fullest.

It is probably not a good idea to “put the twin on the twin” too much at a Christmas party or New Year’s Eve party as it could quickly feel cramped. When he is a guest at a party, he would like to remain the silent observer and not push himself too much into the center. The twin may spend Christmas and New Year’s more relaxed and informal.


Cancer is most likely very busy organizing a small celebration during Christmas, or at least being the host for the whole family. People born in the zodiac sign Cancer are meticulous people who know how to organize a good celebration.

Cancer-born people love the peaceful Christmas season because it reminds them of their carefree childhood, which is why they wholeheartedly enjoy sitting with the family and unwrapping gifts.

On New Years Eve, the cancer will be relaxing on the couch with friends, since the cancer is not the typical party goer. With sparkling wine on a balcony / in the garden and the closest circle of friends, the spectacle will be watched in the sky at exactly 00:00.


The lion is through and through a party animal that celebrates a party for almost every occasion. As a guest at a party, you can’t go wrong with the lion. During the Christmas season, however, the lion becomes a little more relaxed and seeks the closeness of his family and his closest friends to come over the holidays in a contemplative way. The lion loves Christmas traditions and finds it nice to give presents to others.

The fun-loving lion will get some invitations to New Year’s Eve parties because he is a welcome guest and always knows how to raise the mood. The year ends with a big party for the lion and most likely starts with a strong hangover.


The rational virgin may have difficulty letting go and let go to really enjoy a celebration. The Christmas season could be a bit stressful for the virgin, after all the virgin likes to have everything under control and she will not succeed.

The virgin could find herself in a situation where she will be forced to relax, which she will not be able to do. She loves her family and friends, but she doesn’t like to be constantly reminded that she needs to be in a good mood at Christmas. It is difficult for the perfectionist virgin to take the pace out of her life and enjoy the festive season.

On New Year’s Eve, the virgin will probably sit with her family and if not, then spend the evening or night at home on the couch, but you will definitely not see a virgin partying wildly on New Year’s Eve.


The Libra will spend the festive time of the year with good friends and family, and the Libra really appreciates this time. It is a good time to recover from a long year. The Libra is considered unselfish and generous, which means that it will most likely be the host and will take good care of the people who love it.

On New Year’s Eve, the Libra may itself host a party, but nothing big, it will be something for the closest and most important people in Libra’s life. Relaxed, with good conversations and good food, she will start the new year together with people who are close to her heart.


In the festive season, the scorpion usually sneaks out of a feeling of nostalgia but also a longing for its better half (when the scorpion is single) and it becomes loving and tender when it is already in a relationship.

For the scorpion, this time is good for letting go of certain things and people. It is the right time to set a point where the scorpion has seen a comma all year round. On New Year’s Eve, the scorpion could tend to be profound and think about the past year and see the fireworks in the sky as a new beginning.


The Sagittarius is sociable and loves to sit with people and celebrate on different occasions, such as when everyone is sitting around the Christmas tree and just having a good time. He also loves the pre-Christmas period, the associated shopping, drinking mulled wine at the Christmas markets and everything else related to it.

Shooting is a lot of fun for the shooter and in the festive season there are enough occasions to do so, the Christmas markets, ice skating and organizing Christmas parties. He loves spending a lot of time with his family and closest friends and that’s why Christmas is the favorite time of the shooter.

On New Year’s Eve the shooter will hardly be able to save himself from invitations to New Year’s parties. He is a welcome guest due to his positive charisma and humor.


Capricorns love to be surrounded by their family because they feel security and trust there. Sitting together with the family and closest people and philosophizing about the past and working on the past. The family is always a priority for you during the festive season.

You are probably the person around you who really cares about the gifts for others. It seldom happens that someone doesn’t like your gift or doesn’t fit the person because you’re bothering to really worry about which gift fits whom.

On New Year’s Eve it will be similar to Christmas, you and your family or close friends will start the new year relaxed.


Aquarius loves new beginnings and that’s what the festive time of the year means to him, a new beginning. Most likely, he has already well memorized his resolutions for the New Year and is also ready to start the New Year with a new and clean vest. For him, every New Year is like a blank sheet of paper that has to be rewritten.

The usually introverted Aquarius also tends to spend the evening alone on New Year’s Eve or at least with very few people. He sees the beginning of the new year more from a spiritual point of view and less as an occasion to go to a party.


Pisces in the zodiac sign traditionally go into the festive season. They love old-fashioned Christmas rituals and are among the people who like to bake cookies, cook great dishes and watch the old films that are always on TV during the Christmas season. Their enthusiasm for the Christmas season can be contagious and they could bring the Grinch into the Christmas mood themselves .

For New Year’s Eve, the fish-born would prefer to sit comfortably at home with his closest friends and family. Board games, good food and harmony, that’s what the fish-born needs to start the New Year full of energy.


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