Are you already in the Christmas spirit? Then this film, matching your zodiac sign, is perfect for you!

We love Christmas films

Do you already have plans for the holidays? A beautiful Christmas film shouldn’t be missing, of course. However, if you simply cannot make up your mind with the large selection, we have good news! The best Christmas film for every zodiac sign:

1. Aries: “Kevin alone in New York”

The Ram should watch the cult movie “Kevin Alone in New York” at Christmas time. This is already the second part. Little Kevin accidentally gets on the wrong plane and lands in New York, where exciting adventures await him.

2. Taurus: “The Miracle of Manhattan” “

The bull loves drama and fantasy films. “The Miracle of Manhattan” describes the beautiful story of a department store Santa Claus who is absolutely convinced that he is also the real Santa Claus. Above all for the sake of the children, he has to prove that.


3. Twins: “Santa Clause – A nice mess”

The zodiac sign Gemini is happy about the Christmas film “Santa Claus”, in which an ordinary father has to take the place of Santa Claus. An exciting and beautiful story that creates a festive atmosphere in no time.

4. Cancer: “Bad Moms 2”

The second part of “Bad Moms” takes place at Christmas and shows all the difficulties that come with the festival. The funny, action-packed and ironic film is a perfect match for cancer, which makes itself comfortable on the sofa with hot chocolate.


5. Lion: “Buddy – The Christmas Elf”

This cheerful and funny Christmas film will put you in a good mood in no time. The elf’s unique personality is infectious and makes you want to celebrate Christmas. This film is perfect for the Leo zodiac sign. It is about an elf that doesn’t match the others at all and decides to travel to New York alone to find his real father.

6. Virgo: “Nightmare Before Christmas”

This animated film from the 90s is ideal for people with the Virgo zodiac sign. It wakes up childhood memories and ensures the perfect Christmas mood with its creepy but funny charm. The thin skeleton man Jack Skellington discovers a Christmas city and decides to kidnap Santa Claus to take his place.


7. Libra: “Three hazelnuts for cinderella”

The Libra loves classics and therefore immediately gets into the Christmas spirit with the cult film “Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella”. Everyone knows the story of the Cinderella, which lives with his evil stepmother and stepsisters, and then has three wishes fulfilled by three hazelnuts.

8. Scorpio: “The Polar Express”

The Polar Express

This pretty, sweet and funny story of a little boy who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus and then goes through a fast train ride gets the Scorpio in a really Christmas mood.


9. Sagittarius: “Merry Christmas”

This funny Christmas comedy from the 80s delights every shooter. Little Ralphie already knows exactly what he wants in the film, but falls on deaf ears with his parents. He persistently tries to convince her.


10. Capricorn: “Rendezvous with an angel”

The Capricorn can take a little romance at Christmas. The film is about a marriage crisis of a priest who then asks God for help. He is accompanied by an angel, who is, however, noticeably interested in his wife. The priest tries to save the marriage.


11. Aquarius: “The Snow Queen”

The classic “The Snow Queen” is particularly popular with Aquarius. The story of the two siblings, one of whom is kidnapped by the Snow Queen, is exciting and moving. The story creates a Christmas atmosphere and is now a real cult film.


12. Pisces: “The Grinch”

The film about the grumpy Grinch, who hates Christmas, can now also be seen in the animated Disney version. The funny Christmas film puts everyone, but especially the zodiac sign Pisces, in a festive mood.


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