The Christmas Song That Best Represents You According To Your Sign

The Christmas Song That Best Represents You According To Your Sign

On these dates, most people take the opportunity to bring out their most Christmas playlists. Christmas carols have always existed, but it is true that now they are being given a more modern touch. We all have a song that we love to repeat during these dates. There is THAT song that we hope will arrive on December 1 to play all day. If you want to know which is the Christmas song that best represents you according to your sign, you are in the perfect place.


All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey is your ideal Christmas song. It could not be another. You are number one, that’s why you got the big hit. “All I want for Christmas is you …” is a love song with great intentions, perfect for an ambitious sign like you.


Santa’s coming for us by Sia is a song full of magic, perfect for someone as magical as you, Taurus. The season of the most elegant decoration has arrived and you love that. The sound of the song’s bells gives you back the illusion and the shine in your eyes.


Holly Jolly Christmas by Michael Bublé is a song with very positive energy. It is perfect for you because it transmits very good feelings, just like you. It’s one of the favorite songs for famous Tik Tok videos, so why not try something original?


Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande is the ideal Christmas song for you, Cancer, it could not be another. The song talks about true love and how confusing it is at times. “Santa, tell me if you’re really there, don’t make me fall in love again if he’s not going to be here …” The song is very YOU.


Coldplay’s Christmas Lights has the magic you deserve. Leo, Coldplay’s “Christmas Lights” talks about fanning the fireworks inside, so that the problems will go away soon. It is perfect for you, it seems that it is made exclusively for your life. Never lose hope.


Like It’s Christmas by Jonas Brothers is the perfect Christmas song for you, Virgo. The illusion of these dates is reflected in it. Not wanting to miss anything, not ending the celebration, enjoying the snow and the family warmth, and above all, breathing a lot of love, because it is in the air …


Let It, Snow! Let It, Snow! Let It, Snow! Dean Martin has a lot of positive vibes, like you Libra. In it, we hear how love can survive the cold. “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow …” because love is the fire that comforts you and will take away that cold. Let everything flow, Libra …


Katy Perry’s Cozy Little Christmas is your ideal Christmas song. Katy Perry is a Scorpio, starting there. But the content of the song may be very familiar to you: it talks about the chaos of the last purchases and the real Christmas gift you want in your life: the family warmth. Love and all its versions.


Sia’s Snowman is the perfect tune for someone as pretty as you, Sagittarius. It’s the song of the moment (you’ll hear it on Tik Tok, Instagram, and in any Christmas ad) and it’s about protection and love. “Don’t cry snowman, don’t be afraid of the sun …”


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas by Michael Bublé talks about the illusion of the most magical time of the year and it’s your Christmas song. Until your season comes in, you feel a bit like the Grinch. But when Christmas comes in, everything changes. You can still be the most adorable Grinch of Christmas.


Bobby Helms’ Jingle Bell Rock is a song that made history at the time. It was and is a great “Christmas Rock n ́roll”, very special, unique, and revolutionary. It is your song because you are also like that, Aquarius. It’s a Christmas classic that keeps ringing in your head when you hear it for the first time.


Last Christmas by Wham! It is a perfect Christmas song for you. Talk about a heartbreak from the past that left an indelible mark, like the mark left by your love. The song is emotional, very deep, and even a little bit dramatic. It seems like it carries a bit of your essence, Pisces.


The Christmas Song That Best Represents You According To Your Sign

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