The Most Pretty Footprint Leaves Every Sign

The Most Pretty Footprint Leaves Every Sign

I have never read a poem as beautiful as the smile of the person you love. In life, the most valuable things are moments that go like water in your hands. We are here passing through, so we should all strive to do good to the people who cross our path. Each sign of the zodiac has a special way of staying in our hearts and wrapping our souls. They leave a mark that is not easily erased and when you hug them you want time to stop. They have that touch that doesn’t compare to anything. This is the most beautiful footprint that each sign leaves … 👣🖤


You are the one who has that memorable laugh, the one that is capable of shaking off depression and not wanting anything in life. No matter how bad you feel, you always try to see the bright side of things. You like to enjoy the moment and let go of your fears, risks do not scare you and your energy is contagious. It is practically impossible not to fall into one of your follies, on the contrary, they end up thanking them when you insist to jump into the ring. Your love of adventure breaks everything, it is your spirit that loves to try new things and discard the boring. You are very clear that you cannot start a new chapter by reading the previous one, that is your great motto.


Behind that apparent seriousness and meticulousness, hides an extremely adorable being. Your heart is full of kindness and it is very easy for people to gain your attention. They tend to point you out as a cold and distant being, but once they spend time with you they discover the sincerity of a soul that only wants to see its own shine. You really care about the people you love and value yourself too much. You have the gift of listening, you may be of few words, however, you are the shoulder that everyone needs to cry. You do not care if they seek you to vent, on the contrary, you like to be in those moments. It is gratifying to help and realize that your mere presence is synonymous with a deep breath for those who are having a hard time.


What you love most about your personality is that bomb that is always inside you. For you, there are no grays in anything, when you feel like doing something you do it without thinking about it and you leave the place you deserve in the hands of lifeIt is your restless, exploratory, and intellectual soul that leaves indelible marks. You love when they approach you to ask for a decisive opinion, it is not because of ego, it is just that you like them to value your existence in that regard. The most beautiful trace is in your word, you have the gift of healing through what you say. You do not hide anything, the more transparent the conversation is for you, the better. With you the debates become an excellent pastime because you do not seek to humiliate anyone, on the contrary, you love when you are responsible for opening the panorama of people who never thought they dared to do something.


Sometimes you just need a hug, without anyone saying a single word and you know it very well. You are such a sensitive and sweet sign that it is practically impossible for you not to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. You are an expert in reading emotions and not judging, Cancer becomes a coat for those who know you. For you, there are no bad feelings and that relieves those who come to tell you their things. You have the courage to take in when you are angry, sad, or very happy. Not every day people want to smile and pretend nothing is wrong. You are the one who respects those moments, you do not ask, however, you become the best of companies. With you there are no half measures, if someone wants to turn his life around, you are the first to support him, it doesn’t matter if the rest call him crazy, you are going to applaud his determination.


Your energy is what knows very well that in this life you always have to give your best and the best will come. You are a lovable soul, it is impossible that your sense of humor does not steal people’s attention. Really when you propose something you focus and there is nothing that makes you change your mind. You are dazzling, your personality inspires others and gives them the confidence to believe in themselves. People often say that you have an ego to the heavens because it was not their turn to see you sunk in sadness. Now, you have learned your worth and you are not going to allow anyone to dare to tiptoe you. As long as you believe in your convictions there will be nothing that can bring you down. Your footprint is for life, only those who know Leo understand what I’m talking about.


There are people who make you want to be with them every day. People like Virgo, who offer you calm, a clearer way to analyze things honestly. It is very comforting to know that you can count on their advice because it always hits the mark. It is such an intelligent sign and always attached to logic that it becomes the mainstay for many. The most beautiful mark he leaves is his confidence, he really cares for those he loves and shows loyalty to them no matter what happens. Virgo’s heart is unique, not very fearful at first, but as time progresses it verifies that it will not leave you alone. He has a very protective side, he will not let anyone put a finger on you, much less allow them to speak ill of you in his presence. That is the unconditionality that Virgo offers.


You are such a strong sign that despite tears streaming down your face, you have the courage to help others. You are one of the most valuable hearts in the entire zodiac because there are many who have filled it with cracks and you continue to smile. Your love for life is incomparable and it shows how steadfast you always go into battle. Justice is very important to you, you are capable of anything as long as you do not let them abuse your innocence. If it comes to defending someone you love, it is better that they do not put you to the test because they will end up crying. Your most beautiful footprint lives in your unconditional love, in the way you put yourself in the shoes of others. You have the gift of making those around you feel special and that is something that many would like. Yes, maybe complicated, emotional, and a little crazy, but in your look, there is no lie.


As they say, out there, nobody owes you anything, what you give comes from the roots of your heart and there is nothing that interferes in your way when your desire is to help the other. Scorpio, you are the type of person who values ​​every moment, without a doubt, you focus more on quality than quantity. Although people say that you have no idea what love is, in reality, you are very emotional and passionate, you do not understand that of giving yourself half. You are able to give your life for the person you love and care about their well-being. It is clear that one of your greatest qualities is the way you add spark to everything, never let it go out, and make every day worthwhile. You like listening to people, going deep into their problems, and not minimizing anything. That is the reason why you become a great refuge.


How adorable is noticeable in the positive of each of your steps. It is not that you are smiling all the time, it is just that you have learned to see the good side of gray days and you find it gratifying to infect the other. There are those who come into your life only to make you bitter, but their bad vibes are already slipping away. You are used to not giving up and fighting any obstacle. Without a doubt, the most beautiful mark you leave is that love for life, enjoying the moment and not stopping telling people how much you love and miss them. With you, it is truly valued. You have the ability to awaken curiosity in people and you love to keep smiles, tears, and everything that was necessary to move from the place where you were no longer happy.


Everything that comes out of your mouth is sacred and it is not because you believe you are superior to anyone, it is just that when you say something you comply, you do not go around the bush and your word is priceless. Without a doubt, people value your company because you are an example to follow, it is very inspiring to see the way you approach it when it comes to meeting your goals. You try your best and do not allow anyone to make you feel inferior, criticism is taken and released, there is no more. That is the reason why you earn the admiration of people, you transmit too much tranquility and that also has to do with your loyal part. You don’t fail anyone, much less yourself. The moment something makes you feel uncomfortable or sad, you just know to turn the page. You are very brave when it comes to letting go, even when it hurts too much.


We could make a huge list of the qualities of an Aquarius, but it is enough to lose yourself in their gaze to realize that their soul is pure. It has such a genuine way of unfolding that it grabs you, invites you to let yourself go and not get hooked on anything. The most beautiful trace is in his heart, in how much he loves and does not need to possess you. It lets you be, with everything and your hobbies, and then reminds you at every step that you are not alone. Aquarius does not abandon you, much less when you need it most. Call him weird if you want, but only he who has dared to connect with his soul in a deep way knows that he is one of the most valuable people anyone can find. He likes to share his knowledge, he is very creative and his intelligence is not in dispute, he really conquers you the first time and I am not only talking about couples.


You are so special that for no reason do you let anyone ruin your hopes and dreams. You know that this life can be gone in a blink of an eye and you don’t intend to stay doing something that fills you with bitterness. You are a noble soul, intelligent, and with an imagination that envelops. However, the most beautiful mark you leave on each person has to do with your intuition. It is your guide, the one that motivates you to give the best advice, the one that fills you with serenity when listening, the one that fills you with strength when you have to set limits. You have the gift of interpreting silences thanks to it because it allows you to connect at an incredible level. For you, everything has an explanation and it is very nice when they value everything you say because you give yourself to love very easily. People hardly forget you.


The Most Pretty Footprint Leaves Every Sign

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