The Scorpio zodiac signs are so calm because they are ruled by Pluto.
To better understand the silence that falls on a Scorpio’s lips, it’s important to take a closer look at their ruling planet, Pluto.
Pluto is named after the Roman god of hell and wealth.
Pluto is the coolest and calmest dwarf planet in our solar system.

The planet Pluto, according to astrology, is known to be a great revival.
Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio means that this zodiac sign is highly motivated by transformation and growth.
Growth requires quiet thinking. Hence the reason why Scorpios are so calm.

Scorpios are so calm because they are observant.
Scorpios are more inclined to sit and watch, analyzing the situation with a fine-toothed comb.
Scorpio zodiac signs are looking for details that will help them on their journey and lead to more control over their life.

Scorpio is so calm and their silence can be confusing.
It can be confusing when you first meet a calm Scorpio.
They can be larger than life from the first impression, leading the conversation and appearing to be the life of the party.
People often believe that this means they have conquered a Scorpio. Later, they find out they are wrong.
The next time they see the same Scorpio, they reserve their energy – a silence falls over them.
Silence doesn’t mean Scorpio isn’t you. Scorpio doesn’t have a cold heart.
The truth is, Scorpios don’t give up their confidence immediately, if ever.
Scorpios need strong evidence over time to build trust with the people they care for.
So they talk less and act quietly.

Scorpios are so calm because they are guarded.
Why does this charismatic and devilishly charming zodiac sign have so many walls when they want to let people in?
Scorpios are very empathetic in nature, which means they are intuitive when it comes to other people’s emotions.
There are many wonderful traits about being an empath, gaining popularity, and gaining control, both of which Scorpios can feel.
However, being that gift also comes from being an attractor of toxicity, especially in attracting narcissists.

Scorpios are so calm because they save their energy.
To avoid the quarrelsome relationships that drain Scorpio of all their energy, they may find that being more reserved and secretive benefits them more.

Scorpios are so calm because they care.
Despite their reputation for being cold, Scorpios can be deeply sensitive.
For this reason, Scorpio will hide their vulnerability with silence, providing no information to the ears of the enemy.

Being susceptible to falling prey to energy vampires, Scorpios will often over-analyze and dig deeper into the inner truths of those with whom they surround themselves.

Scorpios are calm when they are angry.
Scorpios don’t tend to forget things. Scorpios are very capable of holding grudges that others are not even aware of.
Make an enemy of a Scorpio and they will be sure to see your downfall, carefully calculated in the shadow of secrecy.
Scorpios will gather all the information they need about you, and you won’t even realize they’ve been listening to a lot.
Because we know Scorpios aren’t the type to lay out their plan, their silence can be a bit haunting.
Are they planning your ultimate demise? Or do they actually harbour beautiful, harmonious feelings for you?
It’s always hard to tell how little they use their words and how often they leave their sting in plain sight, hanging over you.

A Scorpio is socially calm when they’re done with you.
Scorpios are masters of ghosting, which can drive Scorpio’s partner and friends overwhelming, wondering if the lack of communication means the plot of their escape.
The truth is, if you love a Scorpio, you need to respect their privacy. In fact, this is one of the best ways to gain Scorpio’s trust.
One of the last things you want to do to them is put them back in a corner.
They will attack with their words, without warning, and will only need one killing blow to cause permanent damage in a relationship, much like the Scorpio associated with this sign.
It is better to show than to tell with them.

Scorpios are so calm because they love to have their space.
Perhaps the best knowledge to understand Scorpio is to allow them to have their space.
Sometimes they need to reflect on the thoughts in their head; that distance doesn’t mean they abandon you or careless, they just need the space to really explore the information they’ve collected.
In fact, Scorpios will thank you if you give them space when they leave and comfort when they return.
Sometimes this distance and silence can even show that they respect you enough not to show up when overwhelmed by you.

Scorpios are so calm when they feel comfortable around you.
When a Scorpio bows out, even for a moment, it’s a sign that they care enough about you that they don’t have to feel the cold Pluto weather surrounding your connection.
This is how Scorpios and their partners can grow in their relationship.
When a Scorpio is calm, they give up freedom and space with mutual agreement that when all the information has been digested, Scorpio can come back and tell you their thoughts.
Yes, Scorpio’s silence can seem harsh. You might be debating in your own mind whether they like you or not.
However, silence is only the natural habitat of Scorpio.
When a Scorpio is comfortable enough to be quiet around you, they will be the very first to reveal their secrets to you.
You will be able to enjoy the universe of Scorpio before it returns to its silence to study you more unnoticed.


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