1. It can be secret.
Sagittarians are always on the run, and they rarely bother to let others know what’s going on in their lives.
She doesn’t try to hide anything – she just doesn’t see the point in updating people all the time.

2. She can’t stand liars.
Sagittarius women will never lie and they impose them on others.

3. She just wants to have fun!
Sagittarians are a funny sign. She likes to relax, to be silly and to love life.

4. She is good at using her imagination.
Sagittarius women are always on the lookout for new possibilities. They have active imaginations and fantasize frequently throughout the day.

5. She can be quite sassy.
Sagittarius women are generally laid back, but when one of their values ​​is violated, they have no problem resenting you.
A Sagittarius female isn’t afraid to be completely blunt, and she’s not about to let others step on her.

6. She likes to be philosophical.
” What is your goal? “” Why are we here? She likes to think deeply about her personal values ​​and ethics.
A Sagittarius woman often gets into philosophical moods, and when she does, she loves to share her thoughts with you.

7. She is easily stressed, but she will never show it.
Sagittarians always seem to go with the flow, but small tasks can overwhelm her.
She is actually quite easily stressed out – she hides it well.

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8. She may be a little unconscious.
A Sagittarius woman is constantly active, so she doesn’t have time to focus on one thing for too long.
It also means that she sometimes has no idea what is going on around her.

9. She loves the outdoors.
The fresh air calms her down. She loves to sit in the parks and relax on the grass, because being outside helps clear her head.

10. She is passionate about her dreams.
Sagittarians will go to great lengths to achieve their goals, so she dreams big and works hard to make her dreams come true.

12. She is witty.
She has a super smart mouth.
A Sagittarius woman always has a comeback up her sleeve, with a smart response ready for just about anything you throw at her.

13. She has a great taste for music.
When it comes to music, no other sign tastes like a Sagittarius.
Sagittarius women love to play and are known for their great music recommendations.

14. It is direct.
She loves honesty, so she doesn’t dilute her opinions.
Plus, a Sagittarius woman always prefers to say what she thinks.

15. She is known to be inconsistent.
A Sagittarius woman never stays in one place.
Others may see her as very inconstant, but it’s really that she has a hard time sticking to one thing at a time when she has the world at hand.

16. She avoids appearing weak or vulnerable.
Sagittarians are more sensitive than they want to admit.
A Sagittarius woman will never let herself appear weak if she can help her, because she thinks she’s tough enough to get through tough times – and she’s usually right.

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17. She is easily irritated.
Like the fire sign that she is, a Sagittarius woman is hot-tempered.
But even though she gets angry easily, she usually doesn’t do much… usually.

18. She is rarely jealous.
A Sagittarius woman understands the value of freedom, so she is unlikely to control her partner.
She sees life as generous and rarely becomes jealous of others for having more than she has.

19. She hates clingy people.
Nothing annoys a Sag female more than clingy people.
Sagittarius women don’t feel the need to be around other people all the time, so they get disturbed when others are holding onto her.

20. She has a lot of friends.
Sagittarius women love to travel the world.
During her travels, she can come to meet a lot of people and she has a knack for easily becoming friends with just about everyone.


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