Gemini are so stubborn. The Gemini zodiac signs are some of the most intellectual and versatile people you could meet.
Gemini aren’t exactly known to hang on. They are not considered to be specific people. But Gemini has a dark side and it’s their willingness to stick to a decision. Whether it’s ghosting someone they don’t love anymore or refusing to change their ways, Gemini are more stubborn than most zodiac signs.
Why are Gemini so stubborn?
Gemini are smart and they know it, so when they make a decision, it stays.
Gemini don’t stay angry for long; they are a very “forgive and forget” type of individual. But it does mean that people mistakenly think Gemini are tough stuff and easily give in to others in conflict.
It couldn’t be further from the truth, as Gemini, although unable to rage for very long, can be incredibly stubborn.
Their flying nature might mask it, but Gemini can hold a grudge like no one else. Just because they don’t seem angry anymore doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten what you did.
If you really piss them off, you have to be the first to apologize, otherwise, Gemini will take your transgression to their grave or your grave.
Like their secret double-sided, it may seem that this stubbornness comes from nowhere.
Because one minute you’re laughing with a Gemini, maybe you went a little too far with a joke, then bam, you’re branded for life. The spontaneity, lightness and bubbling of Gemini masks many of their most passionate emotions.
Gemini are born between May 22 and June 22; they belong to the air element with their sign partners Libra and Aquarius. This double sign is best known for being talkative, impulsive, curious and finally a little erratic.
Gemini are stubborn when it comes to saying what they think. They always have something interesting to say, and they’re constantly questioning and questioning what people wouldn’t normally watch twice.
They always have ten books in one hand, eleven different projects and twenty different documentaries in the background.
They know their stuff and, despite their forgetful and spatial nature, do not forget what they are learning.
This makes Gemini personalities charismatic and artistic, such as Kanye West, Marilyn Monroe, and Angelina Jolie. Controversial, daring, yet revolutionary, Gemini don’t like people to doubt their expertise.
For example, Kanye West is such a stubborn Gemini. West said and did uh, could we say problematic stuff? But there is no denying the sheer confidence in which he says so. Regardless of everyone’s opinion of him, no one can argue that Kanye West is one of the most charismatic figures in existence today and that despite mixed opinions about his music and his art, his genius is evident in every album. let him go out.
So by God, don’t question a Gemini’s intellect because they will never drain it. Mainly because you might be wrong, but Gemini live in a world built entirely from their own intelligence.
To challenge yourself that not only are you challenging their brains, you are challenging the entire foundation of their existence.
Gemini are so stubborn because they hate authority.

The second a stubborn Gemini senses you are trying to control them, they will try to escape in the smallest but meticulous way possible. People born under Gemini want to be free; they want to pursue what they want and go where the wind takes them.
This means that teachers, bosses, parents even find it incredibly difficult to deal with them as Gemini will fight to their last breath to ensure that they can maintain their own autonomy.

It can be really refreshing, for example, when your boss or teacher is really bad. Geminis use their stubbornness to absolutely verbally eviscerate the authority they despise, and watching them take a loser on an ankle can be really cathartic for you.
It’s less fun when they do that, you know, their owner or your team when you’re trying to make group shots.
Because the twins will stay true to their weapons, and that’s what makes Gemini so stubborn; they think the normal rules of the world don’t apply to them. It gives them a false sense of invincibility, and they’re too stubborn to notice anything wrong with it!
So it’s a little hard to rely on them when you and your friends find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere and need a voice of reason to steer you to safety.
It’s especially hard to count on Geminis when they are at risk of not paying rent this month due to their impulse buying and multiple missed calls from their landlord.
Either way, it’s hard to blame Gemini too much; their free will is really important to them, and sometimes being your own person is worth defending until imminent death. Some can only dream of having the self-reliance Gemini strives for.
Why are Gemini so stubborn? Because they are focused on themselves.
They are the life of the party, so don’t try to take the spotlight away from them.
Gemini are a great friend because they are constantly introducing new things to you: almost everything is in their comfort zone, so they are quite ready to explore crazy and original ideas.
This, of course, contributes to their big, dynamic personalities. They know how to animate every social situation and know exactly where the fun is.
They always know someone who knows someone who can take you and your friends straight to where the best times are.
But then their authority is questioned: for example, maybe you want to stay inside for once, or you want to listen to someone else’s suggestion (a potential intruder in the group of ‘friends) who suggested something cool to do over the weekend. , Gemini will lose it.
To pay homage to them, the Gemini friend is probably right: due to their curious and knowledgeable nature, they probably know where exactly to go to create the best and most memories.
But sometimes their intensity is a bit difficult to follow. So the second you lose interest in Gemini’s performance, they will do whatever it takes to win it back.
They are stubborn when it comes to having fun. Only they know which are the coolest places, only they know who are the good and the bad people to associate with. And they won’t let you forget.

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