Aries, it’s important that you remember that there are times when it’s better to bite your tongue and poison yourself than to spit out those words that you always regret later on. Don’t get so locked into your own thoughts and ideas, Aries. Try to go much further. Because in general you tend to be quite stubborn and this often endangers your reputation and the image that others have of you. During these final months of the year, try to listen to the other person and choose your words carefully before speaking. Aries, don’t waste any more these last months …


Do you really appreciate yourself, Taurus? This year has been full of emotional ups and downs for you and they have brought down your self-esteem and no brakes. But you are on time, you still have a few months to work on it and on your self-esteem. You usually don’t take any advice because you don’t think anything will change your path. But you must always remember that you are worth much more than you think than you imagine than what people who envy you say. These months, listen to your friends, your family, the people who are supporting you because they have a lot more reasons than you think. You are very strong, Taurus, don’t let anyone make you think otherwise because it is not like that. Find ways to start trusting yourself fully.


It has been one of the most difficult years of your life, Gemini. You have had to make some important decisions and your life has changed a lot in these months of 2020. You know that you still have months where you have to give your best, you know that you still have problems for which beat you up. These last few months of 2020, remember Gemini, don’t let anyone treat you like you are the second option. Don’t fall so low because you don’t deserve it. Don’t compete with anyone. As soon as you see this starting to happen, you grab your things, pack your bags and go. You can understand that there are more people in the world, but you will never understand how someone can fall so low by treating others like this.


You always have a hard time forgetting the past, Cancer, it’s always very difficult for you to look into the future without thinking about what you have done in the past. But now you have to remember that the past will not solve your present problems. Please, Cancer, stop comparing what is happening now with what has happened before. Stop looking for happiness by trying to turn back time because things happen once and never again. These final months of 2020 will bring you something that will help you get to where you really want to be. But you have to look ahead and let yourself be carried away by what is happening in the present and not in the past.


You had high expectations this year which ended up in the trash. This year has not been at all as you expected, but all is not lost, Leo. You don’t have to give up for dead and settle in right away. There is still a lot to do, even if you don’t think so. Although many of your dreams have been shattered, there are others who are still here and they are the ones who get you excited for the future. In the last few months of 2020, you need to stop worrying so much about what people are telling you and do what makes you really happy and turns you on. There will always be someone who will have the power to command you and tell you what is best for you …


It’s time to start remembering all that you’re worth and that you’ve accomplished in such a short time, Virgo. In these last few months of 2020, there are thousands of things you can do, like, for example, start that change you’ve had in mind for so long. You don’t do it because you think you are not prepared and that you are not worth enough for it. You have tried so much this year, but you can always give more of yourself. Remember your path, remember how much you fought and it will motivate you to keep looking ahead. You should also take your time to celebrate all that you have achieved, Virgo, take your time to truly appreciate what you have earned with your own sweat.


It’s impossible to please everyone, Libra, there will always be someone who criticizes you, criticizes you or isn’t comfortable with you. The only person you can really please is yourself. There are people who don’t have two fingers in the face and who will always find a reason to criticize and be cruel to you. So forget about these people and focus only on yourself and, if applicable, your own. The first few months of 2020 you lived trying to please everyone, you lived by and for others. But now that must change. You know that this year you have changed a lot and you are not going to let anyone decide for you anymore. In these final months of 2020, you must be living your own life and that of no one else.


This 2020 you have become very obsessed with protecting yourself so that they don’t hurt you anymore. But, Scorpio, there are things that cannot be avoided. They have hurt you in the past and they will surely hurt you again in the future, so it is a kind of “law of life”. But still, you have to remember that there are good people in the world, and there are people who, although they behaved badly with you, have changed and want to ask your forgiveness again. In the last few months of 2020, use them to trust the kindness of people, especially people who show you that they have changed. There are times when it’s okay to give a second chance, Scorpio, and nothing happens. Not everyone is perfect the first time, there are people who need a second try. Don’t be afraid to forgive, because you might rediscover amazing people.


2020 is a pretty chaotic year for you, Sagittarius. For this reason, before the situation gets worse, you need to make a decision and go through with it. Don’t let anything stop you in your fight to save 2020. Some surprises may appear that will make you lose your focus a bit. Remember, Sagittarius, in recent months you have to be as focused as possible. Obviously you will need to take some time for yourself, but don’t let anything bother you. Being patient now can go a long way, as can humility. There is still a lot that you can do to improve 2020, even if it’s a bit at the end. Don’t let your own mind be your worst enemy at a time like this, please, Sagittarius …


This year you have launched many new projects. It is true that many have been affected and you have had to stop them due to the current situation. Only some of them will see the light of day before the end of 2020. So you have to be prepared to see that the others have not been resolved 100%. Capricorn, failure doesn’t mean that something doesn’t come out. You have to accept that failure doesn’t mean failure. You still have plenty of time ahead of you and if things don’t end in 2020, nothing is happening. Don’t be so stubborn and checkered because you are only going to hurt yourself. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself these past few months because the only thing you are going to do is stress yourself a lot more and you won’t be able to enjoy what you are doing.


You are a little lost, Aquarius, and the truth is, you are a little tired of this situation. Although you knew how to save 2020, there are things that made you lose the north and you don’t know where you want to go. During the last few months, try not to turn the castle into a molehill. There are times when you are a little over the top and dramatic, especially when it comes to being negative. Try to moderate your thoughts and not go to extremes which are toxic and dangerous to your mental health. To do this, you have to try to see reality as it is and stop imagining dark and dangerous scenarios. Aquarius, hold on to reality as much as you can and if you see that you alone cannot reach it, don’t be afraid to ask for help.


You were very calm during this 2020 because you did not want to be in trouble and you preferred to keep your peace of mind. But, Pisces, you don’t have to hide and let people look down on you. In these final months of 2020, fight for what is yours, to stand up for your point and be stronger than you think. Life is going to test you, it is going to bring you new challenges for the next few months and it will keep you quiet and that is still not the solution, Pisces. Shine a light on your rebellious side as he can’t wait to make his star appearance. Even the people around you miss seeing this Pisces fight, who doesn’t shut up, who always expresses his opinion no matter what others say. These last months of 2020 are going out to eat the world.


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