which tactics will help your zodiac sign against lovesickness

Hardly anything hurts as much as a broken heart. But even if you think at that moment that you will never be happy again and there will be no such love again anyway, you usually get over it at some point. Depending on the zodiac sign, however, with a very specific means. You can find out how to get rid of lovesickness in the horoscope.

Aries: Download dating apps

When you break up, your pride is most affected. In order to push your self-confidence, you therefore seek confirmation from others as quickly as possible. Your profile can be found on all dating apps on the same day and you’ve probably already made an appointment for the next day. Sitting around alone and sinking into self-pity is not your thing.

Taurus: Burn all memories

Before you begin to grieve, there is this tremendous anger: How can he/she leave you? You have to let your anger out, when you get rid of it, because you can really concentrate on moving on. That’s why you want to hurt your ex: you burn photos, cut his / her clothes and destroy everything you can get your hands on. The teddy bear you got for the first anniversary? Have to believe in it too.

Gemini: Pretending Nothing Happened

Um, was there something? You can’t really see your lovesickness at all. Reason for this: After you let out the grief for a moment, your head and heart get a fresh start and you act as if you have completely forgotten what happened. Other zodiac signs may not understand this, but it will help you to patch up your broken heart by giving weight to the separation and the relationship.

Cancer: talk to friends 24/7

If you break up with cancer, not only does it suffer, but your friends too. They have to be there now: Completely relaxed, you call your loved ones every day, who can comfort you with great effort. Be alone with your thoughts? Doesn’t work at all. Sharing your grief is your way of processing what you have experienced. And if your friends know you well, they’ll be there to help you with ice cream, tight hugs and open ears without hesitation!

Leo: To have died for the world

When you are seriously heartbroken, you will hardly be seen at all. You don’t feel like being distracted, have fun or meet new people. Instead, you’re just in a really bad mood and don’t feel like doing anything. It takes a while for you to be able to laugh again and to be able to meet up with friends again. But if you have this grief phase behind you, the worst is done.

Virgo: Erase the ex from life

To heal from a broken heart, you need distance from your ex and the relationship. That is why all memories are erased: clothes are given away, photos are thrown in the waste paper bin and gifts such as jewelry are packed on Ebay, so you can even get something! Now you have to concentrate fully on yourself first, without indulging in memories.

Libra: Let the relationship run out

For you, a breakup is always a break – no matter what the other person says. Well, then you just try a little distance. So the contact ripples a little further until your ex repeats that it is finally over. At this point you have the worst behind you and you may not want the relationship back anyway …

Scorpio: Block the ex

Even if you wish, contact with your ex really doesn’t help you get over him / her and the pain. As a self-protection, you’d better block him / her so as not to be tempted to call them in the first place. Even your thirst for revenge doesn’t really help you deal with lovesickness. Rather focus on yourself.

Sagittarius: distraction, distraction, distraction

The apartment needs to be tidied up again! And cleaned the windows. And vacuumed the floor. And didn’t you even want to take a language course? In order not to think about the breakup 24/7, you distract yourself as much as you can. If you pack your schedule full, you have at least a few moments a day when you forget your heartache and don’t feel the emptiness.

Capricorn: throw yourself into work

Being a workaholic benefits you when you break up. Because as a zodiac sign that loves routine, it pulls the floor out from under your feet when a large part of your everyday life suddenly breaks away. That’s why you concentrate completely on your job, which gives you a lot of meaning and confirmation in this phase.

Aquarius: feel nothing

You don’t have heartache in the classic sense – even if you really love your ex. Instead, you feel nothing, a feeling of numbness spreads that grabs you as if in cotton wool. This automatic self-protection will help you deal with a breakup without falling into a hole. You often wake up correctly when you are embarking on an exciting journey or a special event is coming up.

Pisces: Make an appointment with the hairdresser

To get away from a breakup, you undergo a complete type change. You suddenly wonder who you are without your ex and reinvent yourself from scratch. First an appointment is made with the hairdresser, afterwards we go shopping and finally the home is redecorated. Once you’re done, the person won’t fit into your new life anyway.

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