Which four zodiac signs have the best sense of trends

Like everyone else, they have a girlfriend who is always perfectly styled. And every time we ask ourselves: “How do you think she does it?” Well, maybe her phenomenal knack for fashion goes hand in hand with her zodiac sign. Because some signs of the zodiac have a particularly good sense of trends. Our horoscope tells you which ones they are.

1: Bull

Taurus recognizes trends long before they become them. With his pronounced aesthetic sense, he intuitively reaches for the most beautiful fashion pieces. The star sign attaches great importance to high-quality fabrics and materials. As a Taurus you love the puristic style and rely on the motto “less is more”. Saving a few years for a designer bag ? It’s worth it to the bull. 

No wonder! Star influencer Chiara Ferragni is Taurus

2: Twin

Gemini people are known for their bright personality. This is also reflected in their style. As a Gemini, you bravely combine bright colors with exciting patterns like no other zodiac sign. In order to come across new favorites, you like to spend hours browsing through second-hand shops . You are greatly admired by others for your willingness to experiment with fashion.

3: Fish

As a watermark, Pisces are particularly sensitive and romantic. These traits are also reflected in her outfits. As a fish, you love playful details. Flounce blouses and filigree rings, for example, are exactly your thing. Your strength lies in making cheap pieces look like designer parts with a noble styling.  

Fashion icon Olivia Palermo also has the Pisces zodiac sign

4. Leo

The zodiac sign Leo loves luxury. It would never leave the house without carefully considering its appearance first. As a Leo, you like to get the latest it-pieces. You also like to set accents with signal colors. After all, just like your personality, they scream “Here I am!”.

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