Which Princess Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign

Which Princess Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign

Intelligent, brave, crazy, tender, impulsive, princesses have virtues and characteristics that catch you. That magic that fills you with life, that reboots you and fills you with desire. No matter how old you are, we all carry one in our hearts, perhaps the one that marked our childhood, perhaps the one that stole our souls with its personality, its outfit or that deep look. Which princess are you according to your zodiac sign? Maybe it is not your favorite, but you could give it a try because they are very similar.


The Aries woman, the one who often does not understand reasons, follows her impulses and clings to what she dreams of. She is the one who breaks his fears, is brave, is full of energy and has a thirst for adventure. They steal our hearts for their spontaneity, because they transmit security, always ready for a new challenge. They are like that, like Mulan, the princess who broke with a lot of absurd stereotypes and honored femininity from a little-known perspective.


The Taurus woman, the one who takes stealthy steps, needs to analyze everything around her, she is very sensitive to what happens. They have a special connection with Mother Earth, they love to feel the freedom of the wind on her face. She is a loyal, persistent woman and when an idea gets into her head there is no human power to make her change her mind. She is like Pocahontas, the sweet, dreamy princess, the one who dares to see beyond her reality and can conquer anything.


The Gemini woman, the one who has versatility in every word, the one who can get lost in deep conversation and falls in love with minds. It is the one that sees your essence and is attracted by your eloquence. He is very intelligent and does not conform to the expectations of the rest. She is like this, sweet and tender, just like Princess Bella, who is lost in a lot of lines, she is the lover of books, the one who has so much goodness in her soul that she is able to look at the beauty that others cannot see. .


The Cancer woman, the one who gets carried away by her emotions and when she decides to tear the other to pieces, no one stops her. It is thus irreverent, against the tide and brave. She is protective, she will not let anyone harm her loved ones and she knows very well how to put sympathy first to open doors. She is like Princess Mérida , the brave one who lets her imagination make the decisions and is proud, she has a peculiar style to fight for what she wants, even if it goes against everything.


The Leo woman , the one who has generosity in her soul, the one who does not beat around the bush and honors happiness. She is beautiful and affectionate, there is no one who does not fall for her charms and knows it. In addition, she is understanding and very creative, but when she gets capricious there is no one to stop her. She is like Princess Snow White , she loves adventure but also comfort. She is the type of woman who is capable of giving up everything to change her life and start over.


The Virgo woman, the one who needs to hold hands perfectly to feel comfortable in everything she does. She is intelligent but also shy, she is meticulous, so much so that she can make you doubt everything. However, he does not waste time in nonsense, he is very practical and when he proposes something he does it. She is just like Princess Tiana , she likes order, working hard for her dreams and not settling. Deep down she knows that she can always give more and that keeps her on her feet.


The Libra woman , the one who puts everything in the balance, the one who needs the pros and cons, but still won’t waste time judging the way you live. He is a diplomatic soul, he does not feel he has the right to minimize anyone. He has a sociable, optimistic and idealistic side. She is just like Elena of Avalor, her character is determined, brave but there are times when her heart makes her lose her mind. She is a leader and works hard, not only for her welfare, but also for her own.


The Scorpio woman is synonymous with emotion, she is the one who applies that now or never, the one who goes at a rapid pace, is magnetic, intelligent and is not afraid of hard work, but there comes a point where she can lose herself in her own world and forgets others. People are scared of you when they haven’t really taken the time to discover your sweet side. You are like Elsa from Frozen, you have a quiet side, you don’t mess with others, but when they look for you, they find you.


The Sagittarius woman , the one who exhibits her intellectual side, grabs you with her dreamy but very honest conversations and with a sympathetic side. He is optimistic and no matter how bad he is, he prefers to keep a smile on his face. He has an understanding side and loves to lose himself in all the adventures that travel through his mind. She is just like Rapunzel, she loves what has to do with travel, with feeling freedom, with taking risks even if she feels her knees are shaking.


The Capricorn woman, that’s the way it is, puts ambition ahead, is disciplined but also has a risky side, although her prudent side wins out over her. Without a doubt, her patience is incredible, she does not give up easily and her good humor is what keeps her firm above all. She is reserved, there are few who manage to conquer her heart. She is like Princess Jasmine, she is firm, she follows her convictions and although for some she may be somewhat arrogant, she always wins her cunning.


The Aquarius woman , the one who has a humanitarian but also selfish side. You can dive into your own world and forget about all of them. She is brilliant, her curious side keeps her at the bottom of the canyon and if we add her independent part to that, everything gets better. Aquarius struggles to do good but dreams big, not satisfied with what the rest want. She is like Princess Ariel, she has fun, she finds madness in everything. She is the one who does not know the impossible and who sooner or later follows her heart.


The Pisces woman, the one who imagines everything, the kind, sensitive, compassionate one. He is the one who has a higher intuitive side and always uses it to his advantage. He likes to dream in silence, he is not afraid of ridicule and he does not tire of fighting. She is like Anna from Frozen, she is optimistic, very funny, but has a whimsical and impulsive side. Although there is a part of her that is too naive, many times people come into her life just to take advantage of her goodness and because they can’t say no.


Which Princess Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign

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