Signs That Will Overcome Your Ex During The Conjunction Of Venus And Mars

Signs That Will Overcome Your Ex During The Conjunction Of Venus And Mars

Forgetfulness is the only revenge and the only forgiveness. Getting over an ex involves bravery, it’s ripping a lot of memories from you overnight, moments when you laughed, jumped, danced, loved. It is not easy to say goodbye to a part of you, but fortunately, the Universe is in favor of some signs of the zodiac, who are going to say goodbye to the ghost of their ex during the conjunction of Venus and Mars. Releasing wounds is facing your own demons and few dares. But Aries, Taurus, and Leo are going to experience a change from July 14 to July 27. They are the signs that will overcome your ex during the conjunction of Venus and Mars:

1.- Aries 

Venus and Mars are going to meet in the sky, which is synonymous with cosmic magic. Aries, Mars will help you to intensify your fiery and warrior side. But when meeting the love of Venus the vibe that they are going to emanate will overcome everything. Aries has a stubborn side and you know it, but there are times when you break down emotionally. Thoughts about your extend to alter your entire life but now you will put a stop to them without touching your heart.

An important click is coming in your days, that respite that honors the tranquility and that you were waiting for. You need to stop worrying and not spend your time planning revenge. It’s time to turn the page, you deserve peace, you deserve much more than just being someone’s alternative, don’t wear yourself out.

2.- Taurus 

Taurus loves his organization, tranquility and balance in his days, but when an ex becomes the shadow of his happiness, he is exhausting, sad, desperate. Taurus is on the list of signs that are going to outdo your ex during the conjunction of Venus and Mars. It is a sign that longs for peace of mind and although at first glance it seems that everything is always under control, in reality it is not like that. The past, the memories weigh on him and knowing that it could have been different becomes the ordeal of his life.

You have realized that you are investing too much in someone who is no longer a part of your day. You are getting anguished and pain eats away at you day by day, for someone who may have already found other arms. Nobody deserves that you isolate yourself or sink into solitude. Thanks to the conjunction of Venus and Mars, now is the time to put not only an endpoint, but also limits that prevent someone else from reaching your days and doing what they want with you.

3.- Leo 

I read the conjunction of Venus and Mars, it comes to give you the determination and audacity you needed to put an end to the relationship with your ex. You have to remember that you are a brave, luminous sign and one who puts positivity first. Days of change, of hope, of clarity are coming.

Now it’s your time to let go, that person is already from your past, love changes, you don’t have to hate him but it’s okay to never hear from your ex again. It’s time to put yourself first, work hard on your self-love, and embrace your self-esteem. You have no idea of ​​the favor that life did you by firing that person, there are moments to truly love, but if you hold on, you are only preventing them from opening the door.


Signs That Will Overcome Your Ex During The Conjunction Of Venus And Mars

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