When You Finally Find Someone Who Holds Your Heart

Someone Who Holds Your Heart

When You Finally Find Someone Who Holds Your Heart

There came a point in your life where you lost hope, you no longer believed that love would envelop you like the first time. However, since that person became part of your days, everything changed. Now, you want to do things well, go slowly, and enjoy the good and the bad. You lost the fear of stepping on the accelerator of your emotions, if you are going to crash, you will, period. When you finally find someone who embraces your heartyou want everything to flow, enjoy the trip as if it were your last chance. That is true love and every sign of the zodiac knows it very well: 


You got tired of letting yourself be carried away by your impulses, of pressing and complaining because the right person did not arrive. However, when you released the anguish it appeared, there it was, waiting for you to give you the best. Suddenly, there was no need to demand trust, respect, and love. She came to embrace your fears and also your dreams. Someone who is not scared by your outbursts and who is capable of immersing himself in your madness. That is the love you want for a lifetime. 


For a long time, you believed that protecting your heart was the best. You deprived yourself of many beautiful moments for fear of ending up crying again. But, this person had the courage to recognize each one of your scars and not run away. He wasn’t afraid of losing himself in your insecurities and he decided to shower you with love. That gave you calm, what you needed for a long time. Having the opportunity to take refuge in her arms has given you back the hope of trusting again. 


Gemini, you were the sign that believed that it would not enter the arena of falling in love again, but life is like that, it surprises you when you least imagine it. You took the time to be with yourself and deal with your vulnerable side. However, when you had already gotten used to loneliness, you met that special person. The one that has made you want to send her messages, ask her how she is and protect her. Love does exist, but many times it takes time. 


Your heart is full of a lot of fleeting emotions, it is your changing side that leads you to fall in love and although you believed that true love does not exist, life showed you that you were wrong. Finally, someone came along with whom you can go deeper without being told you’re going too high on your intensity. That person holds your heart every time he values ​​everything that comes out of your mouth and respects your intuition. The synonym of a healthy and loving relationship arrived. 


You know that there is nothing you cannot achieve, but when it comes to the heart you prefer to do everything with tweezers because you are not willing to expose your feelings again. You don’t like feeling vulnerable and you didn’t imagine seeing yourself there, next to someone who truly values ​​you. A person who more than sparks gives you stability and at the same time is willing to take any risk by your side. Your idea of ​​love has improved, now you know that you can shine twice as brightly with that sign. 


Virgo, you became the skeptic, the one who raised his standards with the bad intention that no one could reach them so they wouldn’t break your heart. However, life had a surprise for you, that person would not only meet your expectations, he would also fill you with life. You fell in love with him so much that now all you want is to be better at everything. The connection they have built is unique. They both want to see themselves fly, they admire each other and push each other. Without a doubt, he broke down your walls in the most beautiful way. 


You try too hard to find a middle ground in everything because you don’t want to be mocked for your weaknesses. For a while, you came to believe that yours was not love. But this new person has shown you that you can love beautiful again and that there is nothing better than receiving the same. At his side, harmony is lived, there is not much to say, because it is his actions that show you that everything was worth it to get to him. 


Sometimes cold, other times the most intense in the world. That’s you, you don’t get along with grays and you love it. Because he has helped you free yourself from hypocritical people, who only love you when it suits them. That made you suspicious for a while, but now you understand that there are those who are worth it. Someone who finally hold your heart and shows you with acts of love that he will be by your side, through thick and thin. That’s what you wanted facts, not pretty words. 


The idea of ​​giving your heart to a person in honor of commitment does not scare you. What you’re really worried about is someone who takes it lightly, assumes you’re worthless, and plays games with you. However, your fear has been disappearing since you fell in love with a partner who takes responsibility for their emotions and takes care of yours. Now, all you want is to continue traveling, but by his side, because he has the power to make everything more beautiful. 


There are many bad experiences you’ve had, Capri, but in no way are you going to play the role of a victim. You know that it is better to keep the lesson learned and that no one deserves a single one of your tears. You preferred to take refuge for a while in your bachelorhood, but fate had a new chapter for you. The one that would give you back the desire to love and feel safe when walking with that person. He not only embraces your heart, but also your goals, in each project he stays by your side and you had not found that. 


You have a hard time accepting that there are cruel people, that all they want is to play with your emotions and then move on as if they had done nothing. However, that has helped you open your eyes and not get carried away with just anyone. What you least imagined is finding someone who will teach you what it is to love from honesty, a love of those who do not let their guard down and support you in every madness. What do you want more? 


They know you for being the one who always gives, the one who is not afraid of the depth and is in love with love. It is true that your personality is passionate, but that does not mean that you are trusting and romantic with anyone. If someone hurts you, you have a hard time believing again. Although, there are people who do not need to fill your head with magic because being by your side makes you feel. There is so much transparency in your being that it restores your faith and that is when you appreciate that your heart embraces you. 

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