Aries, to protect your heart, you act like you don’t care about anyone but yourself. You think pretending to be cruel is going to help protect your heart. You are pure fire and generally give your heart without fear, but you are fed up with people taking advantage of your impulsiveness to get whatever they want from you. It’s time to take care of yourself and put everything else aside. You are not ready to waste your life for someone who is not worth a penny.


Taurus, you are a sincere, strong and loyal person, but you find it difficult to speak openly about your feelings. You are afraid that the other person will not feel the same as you, you never say those magic words because you feel it is the way to protect your heart. You wait for the other person to confirm their feelings so that later you can be honest and open up without fear. Being careful is part of your way of being.


Gemini, you are a very social person, you are always from place to place and you have friends from all over the world, but you are very careful when it comes to bringing someone into your life. You don’t share your intimacies with everyone, only with the people you think can help you overcome your problems, that’s how you protect your heart. If someone crosses the line, you immediately cut them out of your life.


Cancer, you are a very infatuated person, but when it comes to protecting your heart, you are quite cautious. You have suffered a lot and you don’t want your heart to be broken again. This is why you move slowly in your relationships. You first make sure the other person is worth it before you give them your heart completely. Cancer, even if you try to protect your heart, you know perfectly well that you will continue to suffer because you devote yourself entirely to love.


Leo, to protect your heart, you pay much more attention to your work. You feel that if you focus on your professional career instead of spending all day thinking about the state of your relationships, life will be much better for you. You act like you don’t care about finding love, but the truth is you care about not finding it because it’s something you love. Leo, protect your heart as you well know, but don’t miss any opportunity to fall in love.


Virgo, to protect your heart, what you do is very simple. You make a list of all those people who broke their promises to never trust them again. You don’t want to settle for someone who doesn’t keep their word. You have high expectations for love and you will never lower them. You will do everything to protect your heart, but you know perfectly well that they can hurt you. You cannot be above everything.


Libra, you fall in love with everyone you meet so that one person doesn’t have power over you. This is how you protect your heart. You know that if someone hurts you, someone else is waiting for you. You have suitors everywhere, but you know that in the long run, the only thing doing you more damage. It’s better to look inside yourself and start loving yourself instead of waiting for others to do it.


Scorpio, you make jokes to hide your true feelings and thus protect your heart. You don’t like to have serious conversations in which feelings are the protagonists because you are always the loser. You feel things so intensely that you are afraid that others will take advantage of you. Being cautious is fine, but hiding everything you feel in the long run isn’t healthy for you.


Sagittarius, you don’t let anyone see your true self, you hide behind walls until you feel you can trust the other person, that’s how you protect your heart. You don’t want to be the first to take the plunge and give your whole heart to the wrong person because you don’t want to suffer anymore. Of course, controlling one’s impulses is quite complicated, so you know full well that you won’t always be at the bottom of the canyon when it comes to protecting your heart.


Capricorn, you pretend to be happy to be single because you know that entering into a relationship is much more complicated than you think. You would rather be alone than in bad company. You treasure your heart too much to risk it for someone you don’t know if they will stay in your life forever. Sometimes you’re pretty hard on yourself and you lose the opportunity to experience something unforgettable, don’t be so restrictive.


Aquarius, you pour all your emotions into your art instead of communicating it out loud. Expressing your pain through your creativity is liberating. You’re protecting your heart this way because you know throwing things in your face doesn’t do you any good either. You prefer to focus all your energies on creating wonderful things before focusing them on giving your heart to the wrong people.


Pisces, you keep your feelings secret to protect your heart. You think that if you don’t admit you’re in love out loud, that feeling doesn’t exist. The problem is, no matter how hard you try to hide everything you feel, you can be seen from a thousand miles away. You’re tired of them playing with your heart and breaking it every time you fall in love because when you do, you give yourself completely without thinking of anything else


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