I hope the bad attitude of those you give your heart to didn’t break your soul. However, more than anger, it causes you disappointment, realizing that your love is not enough and there are those who are just waiting for you not to set limits to hurt you. You can love with all your being, but you will not become the remains of anyone, you take emotional relationships very seriously. It is not to be dramatic, simply, that the person who does not give you your place should not waste your time. Farewell!


Fortunately, you are a sign that carries seriousness in your soul, even if your part of logic guides you in everything you do, your sensitivity also has a voice and when you do not feel valued it is time to tell the see again. Surely, there are those who believe they have you in the palm of their hands, because you are a very loyal sign and when someone interests you, you do everything to prove it. Exactly, that’s what you hate, being with an indifferent person. You don’t have to beg for anyone’s attention, there are too many fish in the sea to waste an entire life on someone not worth it. Don’t beg, because you don’t give second chances.


People often confuse the personality of Gemini, because they think that the fact that he is so relaxed to face day to day means that he will let his dignity be ruined. Make no mistake, Gemini, he’s patient and understanding, but he’s not going to stay in a relationship where he constantly has to justify the other person’s lack of consideration. What makes him leave without looking back is mistrust, when he can’t find a way to say what he feels, he understands that the time has come to let go, even if it hurts. Love isn’t simple, you know, but it doesn’t always give in either.


Dar, what’s so complicated about it? It’s amazing how we’ve gotten used to receiving so little from each other, that when someone comes into our lives and showers us with love, we feel like we’re drowning or there’s something wrong, because the drama is more manageable, at least we feel more familiar. However, Cancer gives themselves depths and unfortunately the other is not always prepared. Cancer leaves when they make it feel overdone, like the one that nags and adds intensity to everything. His affection is great, but his dignity is greater, he is not going to beg anyone, it is better to leave.


The day will come when someone chooses you for those crazy ideas you don’t talk about. When they make you feel loved, listened to and valued. The day will come when a Leo will cross your path and remind you that every moment is important. That’s why he’s not going to stay in a place where they barely have time for him. Leo, he is not demanding, he has simply already understood what he expects from life and he has no intention of giving his arm to twist. He hates feeling empty every time the other person puts him down. It shouldn’t be like that. Leo, you shouldn’t be begging for attention in such an outrageous way. If so, forget it, you will lose it.


The thing is simple, Virgo doesn’t have time to pretend nothing has happened. It’s not the kind of sign that lets them come into your life and shake it up emotionally at will. By nature it is a very shy sign and if it perceives that the other does not give everything, it will not waste time and leave. He hates it when they don’t have the courage to say things straight. Nobody sees the face of the Virgin, they notice the red flags, but they want to know how far you are able to go. He is not afraid to take the first step to end the relationship and even less if they hurt him.


Never underestimate a Libra’s goodbye, because there are many times that he has loved from the depths of his being and when he realizes that it hurts him, he clings to his courage and is leaving. What disappoints him is the lack of loyalty, he can’t put his emotions in the hands of someone who has no idea what exclusivity is. Libra wants someone who has values, not promises of promises. He’s tired of falling in love with loves that only exist in his head. He wants facts, because love is not pain and if someone breaks it he won’t give him a thousand opportunities.


The advantage of silence is that it does not lie and that of Scorpio says it all. It is a sign without filters, because even if it can become very reserved, when something does not fulfill it in the relation, it does not hesitate to put an end to it. Scorpio would rather be one of those who cry in secret in their room a thousand times than stay next to someone and pretend to smile, when they live the worst of their relationships. What makes him leave and does not regret it is when he realizes that he is the support of the relationship and that his partner has no interest in putting their hands in the fire. It’s not worth it if one of you is desperate for something nice and the other only enjoys company once in a while.


You are the one who plans the least, you always end up putting your heart on someone who has never crossed your mind and that’s complicated, because the fact that you want to do something is not synonymous with the fact that the other does it too. That’s when love loses its balance, but your good intentions aren’t enough for both of you. You leave when you find out that the other heart doesn’t want to fly and also wants to clip your wings. You are passionate about living the present moment, that you do not miss any adventure halfway, but if the other person gives you his bad vibes and it becomes very tense to be by his side, you know that he does not there is nothing to do there.


Never minimize the judgment of a Capricorn because they see everything and act without fear of the consequences. For you, love is not a game and you make it clear from the start of the relationship. You know what you want and if someone doesn’t share your ideas, it’s better to look for love elsewhere. What makes you leave is when the other person doesn’t inspire trust. Fortunately, you are not only a logical being, you also have a very developed intuition and when something does not give you a good feeling, you walk away at the first strange behavior.


You’re one of those people who doesn’t get wrapped up in the thought that time fixes everything. In love, you prefer to favor reason, you are not one of those who let the heart decide. Moreover, your analytical part does not miss any detail and when you perceive that they have controlling attitudes and do not use justice, you know that is reason enough to leave. You are not one of those who think twice, because you hate feeling complicit in cruelty. You want the person who takes you by the hand to demonstrate their human quality and once the mask has fallen off, there is no turning back.


The heart of a Pisces is so noble that they never waste time on the superficial. He stays with the partner who gives him honesty, effort and loyalty. He doesn’t want a love that smiles nicely one day and leaves the next. It is a very exclusive sign and does not feel valued. His character is complex, he’s not perfect, but he’s also not going to become the lifeline for people who end up drowning him. Pisces doesn’t dwell on the subject, if he suspects he won’t be happy, he ends it right from the start. Pisces don’t just like to be spoken to nicely, they really want to be paid attention to.


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