2 zodiac signs ending a toxic friendship by the beginning of February

2 zodiac signs end a toxic friendship by the beginning of February

Laotse, who is regarded as THE Chinese philosopher par excellence, is said to have once said: “The greatest revelation is silence .” Admittedly, back then, more than 2000 years ago, the world must have been much quieter than it is today. Absolute silence is very rare in 2022 – mainly thanks to road traffic, smartphones and the like. If so, then you can best describe the winter months as calm and quiet.

This applies all the more until the beginning of February 2022 . The reason for this? The dear stars! Because, as our colleagues from YourTango.com report, the Moon and Neptune are currently in the square of each other and thus increase the desire in some zodiac signs to be alone and spend time with themselves.

What revelation does this new found stillness bring? According to YourTango.com, a select few zodiac signs will realize it’s finally time to end a toxic friendship . Because only real friends will be able to understand why the zodiac signs urgently need me-time and support them in this.

In the horoscope we reveal which two zodiac signs will say goodbye to toxic friends by the beginning of February and whether you belong to them.

Horoscope: 2 zodiac signs ending toxic friendships by early February

1. Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Geminis are usually the first to accept a meal or party . After all, the zodiac sign is considered extremely lively and curious. You love being in the company of others and you thrive when you can spend many a boozy evening with your loved ones . Only your closest and best friends know your calm and vulnerable side .

They are also the ones who absolutely understand that you just need some time to yourself until the beginning of February 2022. So much has happened in your life in the past few months that you just have to be clear  about yourself, your goals and desires .

What the zodiac sign Gemini doesn’t need at all: Friends who compulsively try to drag you into restaurants and cafes. Because behind it is not the well-intentioned attempt to cheer up twins – rather it is egoism and self-interest . You don’t need toxic friends in your life who are only superficially interested in your positive charisma and funny personality, dear Gemini!

2. Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Sensitive , understanding , compassionate – these are the typical characteristics of the Pisces-born . Normally, the zodiac sign is not a bit grim and lets friends get away with everything. Because arguments and differences of opinion are nothing for the emotional zodiac sign.

Only: In a friendship one cannot always give and the other always take. A realization that will finally become clear to the zodiac sign Pisces by the beginning of February 2022. Far too often you have had to look back on the past and put your own feelings and needs on the back burner. Small insults and taunts that you would not have bothered before are now the last straw. This leads to one or two heated arguments with your friends.

In the short term, these conflicts are extremely painful for the sensitive Pisces natives. Hang in there, dear watermark! Because in the long run, the arguments help you to identify your true friendships . Because they not only endure such conflicts, they even grow from them. Only toxic friendships will break because of it.

2 zodiac signs ending a toxic friendship by the beginning of February

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