Lately you’ve been switching from tingo to tango, it seems the more activity there is for you the better, an old way of ignoring your heart. Aries, stop putting so many walls on your emotions, you know you don’t want to be with this person, or in this place. You fall into the depths of your darkness and it robs you of your energy. Your fears have become your best allies and it is not worth living in uncertainty. Your intuition means that it’s time for you to take charge, not listen to the opinions of others, and ask yourself where you want the compass to point. You surrender yourself, when was the last time you did something you really love?


Dreaming is essential, it is this impulse that keeps us upright, even in the worst of times. Yet it’s been a long time since you’ve gotten used to putting your priorities in a jar that never seems to be opened. Taurus, you are a very smart sign and when you offer to control something, no one beats you. Although your intuition is desperate, it wants you to listen to it, it tells you that it is time for you to go out and fight for what really inspires you. It’s not rebellious and it’s not about throwing all your responsibilities overboard, but don’t fade like that. Give yourself time before the end of the year to put things back in order and find a way to renew yourself. You are not here to pretend Taurus smiles,


It’s very difficult to deal with people’s opinion, however, just because you learn to ignore it doesn’t mean you have to be silent all the time, Gemini. At the end of the day, you are the one affected, you swallow all that anger and then wonder why your health has deteriorated. Remember that the body cries out what the heart is silencing. Your intuition wants you to know that now is the time to set limits for yourself, don’t let yourself fall last on your list, you are important and putting people who hurt you in their place is very worthwhile. It doesn’t mean that you are going to fight with everyone, but don’t keep anything. You are a talented, intelligent, sociable being, you have everything to make a clean sweep. Needless to say, a lot of people are your friends,


Ay Cancer, imagine we all have the ability to see the bright side in people. Maybe the world would be another, empathy would reign, and pain wouldn’t be the order of the day. However, be aware that there are bad people out there, that they are not going to change and that they approach noble people just for the sake of breaking them to pieces. Your intuition is already tired, it doesn’t want to keep dealing with so much toxicity any more, it demands in every possible way that you cleanse and open your eyes wide. There are many people who are only close to you because it is convenient for them. They have become used to seeing that it is difficult for you to say no and they want to be there to absorb as much as they can. Cancer, by not wanting to disappoint others, you disappoint yourself. It is not fair.


The problem with you is that there comes a time when you find the love of routine, you’re not the type of person who spends their time complaining about everything that happens to them, on the contrary, if you have to go out and fight for something, you do it fearlessly. Yet you missed Leo, between work, your family, your partner. Looks like there’s always a big problem to be solved, except for you. Just because your problems aren’t that bad doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. Your intuition tries to tell you that it’s time to stop minimizing yourself, not to ignore yourself. You need to breathe, to give yourself the chance to live to the fullest, to find your essence, not to live the lives of others. Leo, you are your best project and you invest too much in others.


It’s a pride that things are going the way you expect Virgo, not just anyone has the discipline and persistence to get things done. However, it is important that your life does not become so predictable, remember that you are not a machine and stepping out of your comfort zone every now and then is one of the healthiest things you can do. for you. Your intuition tries to tell you that everything is going to be fine, that you don’t have to stress yourself out all the time, because you work hard and your intentions aren’t bad, so life will reward you at the least time reflexive. But please don’t forget yourself, you deserve more attention, a break where you can focus on yourself and find the things that really fill your heart. Remember that if you live to satisfy the desires of others, you will inevitably end up signing a cruel ordeal. Stop saving others, you need yourself too.


If you were paid to trust people, you would surely have an account with millions. Not that you’re naive, but there’s a part of you that thinks everyone has a good side, even those who are too dark. The problem is when you hit a wall and understand that evil will exist forever and ever. The problem is, by investing in that person, you forget about your peace and happiness. There comes a time when your mind already feels exhausted and all it wants is to know nothing about anyone. Your intuition wants you to understand that you are important, that you throw yourself over the emotional precipice every time you try to help others, when you too are sick. For more love and empathy than you feel for a person, you must first love yourself,


Drama, chaos, turmoil. Suddenly, your daily life has become like a chapter in your grandmother’s telenovela and is not accomplished. Honestly, there are times when a deep sigh isn’t enough because you feel like you’re drowning in life. When did you let your circle get so dirty, Scorpio? Your intuition doesn’t know how to tell you when it’s time to say goodbye to some people, painful as it may be. Just because they’ve been a part of your life for years doesn’t mean they’re healthy relationships. The signs are there, a bunch of red flags that you have gradually hidden. Do not fall like this, you deserve beautiful dates, friendships that listen to you in the middle of the night, loved ones who are proud of your accomplishments. You are not here to beg anyone.


You have to be very brave to turn the page and get people out of your life. Just because you say goodbye doesn’t mean that you don’t like them, that you love yourself more, and therefore, you’re not going to let them continue to humiliate you, you don’t deserve any mistreatment. Sagittarius, sometimes you don’t even realize it, but you look down like you’re responsible for the other’s lack of love. Stop justifying yourself, you don’t have to settle for nobody’s leftovers, you deserve better than that. Your intuition wants you to listen to it, to take back your dreams, your essence, your crazy way of seeing life. It’s very sad when a Sagittarius starts to live in the shadow of someone else because they get used to not existing, to be silent, to give up what they love. No Sagittarius,


You are strong, intelligent, you are the person who does not take your finger off the line, when an idea crosses your mind, you do everything in your power to make it come true. However, between the pressure and the desire for everything to be perfect, you leave your emotional Capricorn side last. This is the reason why you feel confused, saturated, and even a little listless these days. It’s your intuition, she tries to tell you that you have crossed the line, you are not a robot, you have forgotten what makes your heart beat. Sometimes you get frustrated with things that haven’t even happened, you get used to living in the past and in the future, but the most important moments slip away. Letting go of Capricorn is the key to everything,


What makes you most uncertain is the uncertainty, you can be relaxed most of the time, but there comes a time when you feel that if you don’t know what is going to happen you are upset. It’s hard, because you have a very dreamy side, one that is enthusiastic, and things don’t always turn out the way you imagine. Your intuition tries to tell you to stop stressing because of the uncertainty, there is no point in wasting your present and not even knowing if things are going to be good or bad. Give yourself time to be with you Aquarius, you deserve to breathe deeply, let go of thoughts and come back to your essence. You’re not crazy, and even if you pretend nothing has happened, things get out of hand. Stop punishing yourself so much in Aquarius,


You have enough kindness, love, and education, but it wouldn’t be bad if you let a little mischief go with you every now and then. People have gotten into the habit of taking you for their fair share of emotions. They come as if nothing had happened in your life and fill you with their bad vibes without any remorse. Read well, don’t feel bad about choosing your peace of mind, you know that’s what you miss the most deep down inside, but shut up. Your intuition keeps telling you that you are the most important person in your life. Don’t let them hurt you or hurt you, you don’t deserve to be with people who cause you more anxiety than peace. You are not selfish to choose yourself first, it just makes you put your feet on the ground. Please open your eyes.



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