What alters you is not having things under control, as soon as something does not suit you, anxiety is present. You are really having a really bad time because you want to find the solution to this unforeseen event. Your head doesn’t understand what it means to rest and no matter how hard you try to disconnect from it all, you always have the uncertainty. You can’t sleep if someone doesn’t tell you everything will be fine, you want them to show you with proof that the problem has a solution. You worry too much until stress becomes your best friend and you can’t find hope at any time. You are afraid of the future and that prevents you from closing your eyes. It is difficult for you to leave everything in the hands of fate,


You absolutely don’t like everything that has to do with chaos. When you feel your balance is troubled, hopelessness takes over. You have to take firm action, follow a plan and follow rules, otherwise you start to get very nervous about everything and nothing. Insomnia pops up out of nowhere and tells you that you won’t be able to deal with your financial situation. Only those who know what it is to not have a single ticket in their pocket understands how painful it becomes. It’s not the material, it’s having the essentials for a good quality of life.
You want everything to go smoothly, to be sure that you don’t need a plate on the table and that your needs are covered. Sometimes angst grips you at night, because you want to have something better, look for a livelihood that can give you the life you deserve, but at the same time you don’t want to throw it all away and start over. It is your responsible side that faces your dreamy side.


You are the type of person who starts to feel very uncomfortable when there are connections in your life, you don’t want to be with someone who is rushing you, who is looking for a way to change yourself all the time. The only thing you want is to break the routine and find another meaning in the days, but it’s not fair when you are criticized for the same thing. It is very difficult for you to accept being in love or being friends with someone who does not accept you at all. This is when grief makes you wonder over and over again who you are and what you want out of life. The dream disappears because you cannot understand what is wrong with you.
In the end all you want is for these people to be okay and it is very painful to realize that others would do the same for you. You are like that, fickle, yet you would rather that than condemn yourself to be in a place where you are not happy.


The truth is, it’s hard for you to accept that the other is not ready to give the amount of love you deserve. It is difficult because you are always there for others, you care and do what is in your power to protect the one you love. It’s your humanitarian side that always finds a way to shake hands with those who need it most. However, you are not that sure about yourself, especially when you analyze the way they treat you. At night, anguish comes over you, wondering if it is really worth all your efforts and sacrifices.
There are people who only come to you when they need you and it hurts to open your eyes, but a part of you isn’t ready to let go. Your mind is the most imaginative, it takes you through the most fatal scenarios and when you think the least you are already in a dead end maze. It is your anxiety that dominates you.


People can say whatever they want, however, only those who really know you know that you are a gentle soul, with a huge heart, and that your compassionate side makes no distinction, if anyone needs you, you are there. The problem is when you give too much, when you leave the last on your priority list and no one notices. And they got used to seeing a Leo who can always handle everything, the one who has things under control, but at the same time you swallow a lot of situations that you don’t say.
At night, angst comes to you because you are fed up with having the role of perfection, because you are also wrong and there are also times when all you need is a hug. You don’t want to disappoint anyone and it’s become too much pressure. Realize that you are sinking to save others.


Without a doubt, work is your best ally, you don’t go through life looking for coincidences, all you have means effort, sacrifice and tears. No one has given you anything, your dreams are what motivates you not to let your guard down, and you know success is getting closer and closer. However, you can get lost in painful thoughts in the middle of the night. There are times when you say nothing, hide your emotions, and no one finds out that worries and responsibilities are drowning you. The point is not that if you can with everything, of course you can, but not at the same time. You demand too much of yourself and don’t consider yourself a little.
You need to give yourself a break, things won’t always be perfect, mistakes are valid, they teach you to improve yourself and not stumble on the same stone again. It’s good to ask for help, don’t hesitate.


Libra, synonymous with tranquility, is the person who by day shows that everything is fine, because in a way she has become the mainstay of many and does not want to fail them. It is very difficult to silence what is happening to you because you do not have complete confidence and are afraid that someone will break your heart. Many times they try to do their best, even if inside they are broken. However, at night there is nowhere to escape, it’s Libra facing the pillow and that’s when he can’t fall asleep. The flip side is that you have a mixture of worries, you go back to the past, present and future in the blink of an eye.
When Libra proposes he can be very cruel to himself, he wonders what he did wrong and regrets it. It’s not that he’s weak, it’s that he’s saturated, he just has to chat with someone who doesn’t judge him to let off steam and keep moving forward.


At first glance, you might be the most powerful sign, the one who never asks for help, the one who goes for whatever it takes to achieve your goals. Yes you are strong, but also emotional and it is very hard when you do not feel free enough to talk to the other because you fall apart, you sink into pain and no one finds out.
There are times when all you want is a hug, you don’t want life figured out for you, but it would be nice to feel the warmth of the people you love. You are the kind of people who care about everything, not listening to what your heart really wants, which is good for you. You try not to think of anything, but that’s when you feel overwhelmed and all your problems come to you at night. You would like to stop pretending to smile and say that you can’t take it anymore.


It’s hard to always find a way to smile, when you don’t want to. Come on, it’s not that Sagittarius is a bitter hidden in positivity, however, there are times when all they want is to throw things away and break free from everything. He’s very emotional and there are things that affect him, but he doesn’t say it because he doesn’t want to be judged as a weak person. However, by nightfall the worry increases, he panics and cannot find a direct way to say things. His head is synonymous with battles, nothing in his personality pleases him and he becomes the most cruel critic.
Sagittarius demands so much that they end up feeling trapped and empty at the same time. There’s a part of him that feels like he’s doing things just to meet expectations and he hates it.


If there’s one thing you’re an expert on, it’s worrying. The truth is, you don’t feel at all comfortable when things are not under your control, you feel that not following a plan is very absurd and for the same reason you hate the unexpected. When a part is moved, it is for you a synonym of stress and that you will not be able to sleep at night. You don’t like to fail, living with the feeling of having done wrong makes you think a thousand times about your qualities, you want to change everything, start over and you don’t care what other people think.
There is a part of you that is unwilling to hitchhike, you think other people are pointing fingers at you, but in reality you are yourself, expectations are so high that you are are fixed and they consume you. Don’t be so hard, giving yourself a break doesn’t mean you are going to fall into mediocrity.


You are independent, you don’t like to involve emotions in a deep way, at least with no one and that makes you wonder if you are really doing the right thing. A part of you longs for you, but at the same time you run away from it. It’s your fears that dominate you, the ones that tell you it’s better to shut yourself off than to end up with your soul in pieces. At night, angst makes you wonder if someone will truly appreciate you for your essence.
It’s hard for them not to understand you, to call you crazy, and to worry that the people you like are included on that list. Your insecurities tell you that there may not be anyone who will come to love you for who you are. Trust Aquarius, because this is how someone dreamy will fall in love with your heart.


You are such a gentle, sensitive, and empathetic sign that one of the things that scares you the most is dealing with loneliness. It’s not that you run away from your business, you enjoy being with yourself, it’s a way of questioning your thoughts and reflecting on your actions. However, what worries you the most is that no one is able to put themselves in your shoes, that they judge you, downplay your emotions, and even humiliate you. No doubt, you are a dreamer, courageous and not at all conformist, not everyone is ready to face such a good soul. What worries you at night is that you can’t be loved for who you are.
You are terrified that one day you will have to pretend to get your spot. You don’t want to let your loved ones down and that can put you between a rock and a hard place. Remember that the one who truly loves you will not let you go, no matter what you believe or what you do.


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