What You Should Never Say To Someone According To Their Sign

What You Should Never Say To Someone According To Their Sign

It’s true, sometimes you know you’re going to crash and end up accelerating. Each zodiac sign has a unique way of perceiving bad intentions, especially when they start with comments that no one asked for. Those words touch the depths of your emotions and that hurt you even if you keep smiling many times. What should you never say to someone according to their sign?


Aries is like that, it always goes to the rhythm of the hands that mark the seconds. His personality is to be sociable, funny, he is the one who breaks with a lot of paradigms and enjoys the risk. What should you never say to someone according to their sign? The worst thing you can say to Aries is that they are being distant because when they really love someone they will do whatever it takes to include them in their plans. He’s trying hard and you don’t see it, they hate that.


Taurus is the one who always has a lot of things to do, enjoys his occupations and works very hard to have the life he has always dreamed of. They say he does not commit, but few get to know his vulnerable part. It is not a sign that he plays games, he wants something long-term. Taurus hates when they tell him that he doesn’t care enough, just because he doesn’t give that kind of cloying love.


Geminis are those who enjoy today, they like relationships in which intensity takes them by the hand. He is the one who can give you the depths of his personality in just one night. However, he hates when they tell him that they are wasting time with him, only to demand that he commit. Gemini is giving you their present, it’s not that they don’t care about you, it’s that they don’t want to take the wrong step.


Cancer is the one who always bets on a relationship in which emotions are the most important thing. It is the sign that likes to navigate your secrets, your fears. He really respects the ghosts of your past and that’s why he hates when someone tells him they don’t trust him. After everything he has given seems very unfair, he feels that no matter how hard he tries, it will never be enough.


Leo is the type of person who knows very well what he wants, he is bored by loves for a while. You want something more formal, something that contributes to your life in every way. Before a love, look for a life partner, someone who is not afraid to always hold your hand. That is why you hate it when you are told that you ask too much. You don’t want crumbs, you want genuine love, or you don’t want anything.


Virgo has a hard time giving themselves in a deep way, that is why for a long time they have superficial relationships, in which the vulnerable side is not taken into account. He prefers a thousand times to put reason before falling into a lot of beautiful words. He tries hard to keep the bond and hates it when he spends time on you and then you blame him that he doesn’t know anything about you. So who is he with?


Libra is one of the most dedicated signs when it comes to love. He has a very empathetic side that is always in search of the stability of the one he loves. Also, put aside the prejudices to simply open the door to what you feel.  What is it you should never say to someone according to their sign? Libra hates when they are told that they only spend their time pleasing others, when they mistake their kindness for being a savior, all they want is to look good.


Scorpio can’t help it, he carries intensity in every pore. Although it may seem like a cold sign, it has a tender side that is committed to love. His emotional part makes anyone fall in love, he truly surrenders, he is the one who puts loyalty and trust first. The problem is when they tell him that he is one step away from madness, when they minimize his mood swings, that’s when he best leaves.


Sagittarius is like that, he has learned that no matter how hard he tries, he can never be nice to everyone and the truth is that he no longer worries. It is a sign that allows itself to be carried away, that is faithful to its convictions and has no intention of looking good with anyone. That is the reason why his soul boils when he is told that he is being false, it is simply his changing essence. Can’t you handle that?


Capricorn is the sign that does not settle for an unstable relationship, it wants to be sure that it shares its days with someone who values ​​its way of seeing life. If you are going to give yourself emotionally, you want it to be worth it, it is not a game. What should you never say to someone according to their sign? Capricorn hates when they tell him that he is not loyal, because since he falls in love all he wants is to be next to that person and respect him in every way.


As much as Aquarius tries to break with his distant part, there is something stronger in his being that prevents him from connecting at that level. He falls in love in his own way, he’s honest and wants something serious. What should you never say to someone according to their sign? Aquarius hates when he is told that he is being selfish just to make himself a priority, to take refuge in his thoughts and take time to heal. Who is being selfish then? It is a matter of perspective.


Pisces is one of the most beautiful lovers life can present to you, because the least they want is for someone to hurt you. He is able to put himself in your place, he loves you and takes care of you. That is the reason why he hates when they tell him that he is exaggerating , as if his emotions and his way of seeing life are not correct. You feel overwhelmed, as if you are doing something wrong all the time.


What You Should Never Say To Someone According To Their Sign

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