What Will The Full Moon In July Aquarium Bring For You

What Will The Full Moon In July Aquarium Bring For You

The Full Moon in Aquarius will illuminate the sky with an intense energy of change and search for new relationships. A radiant Moon of love and authenticity. One night to fall in love, the Sun will give us confidence in ourselves and the Moon helps us by showing our most special part and that it can connect with the other. What will the Full Moon in Aquarius in July bring to you?

The entry of the Sun into Leo has prompted us to look more for ourselves, to love ourselves and to find a way to get ahead despite the difficulties, therefore, in this Full Moon in Aquarius, we will look for a change that helps us to be more authentic releasing something of our old self that is no longer valid for us. It is the culmination of a process that began in January and that opened our eyes to what we really need, the progress we are looking for. And now, on the full Moon, that progress is about to occur, if it hasn’t already occurred. We will be very active on an intellectual level, thinking about how we could take advantage of new opportunities, but also a little in our fantasy world. It is a time to finish or transform, and we will be able to see it very objectively, each one can make a change according to their style!


You will feel much more free with respect to what others think, it is time to be yourself Aries, to make it clear what your style and your rhythm are. The things that make you different are the ones that give you the most value, the ones that can open your way. So don’t hesitate to play, to bring out your inner child and let it guide you. The Full Moon in Aquarius will bring you the possibility of opening your horizons, meeting new people who will help you reach your goals. For these relationships to work you have to be connected with the pleasure of being your most real version, do not try to do what they expect of you, but what your heart asks of you.


Unexpected encounters, affection relationships with friends that you did not know could be something more than that … These are some of the things it can bring you. To you more than anyone, Taurus, the Full Moon in Aquarius comes to surprise you.

A Moon that will make you think a lot about Taurus, and bring out your most rebellious side, comes to put you on your nerves. Don’t pay for it with your loved ones, if you really look at where you come from, even if it hurts a little sometimes, you can understand many things about yourself. Even feeling proud of your past, your origin and your family. Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper into these origins and not stay on the surface of the closest family you have. The Full Moon in Aquarius comes to help you make decisions related to where you are going, what is your ideal vocation or profession, but it asks you to first feel what your starting point is. This Moon will be quite decisive, it will close a cycle and it may open a new career path.


Gemini you are a sign with many friends and acquaintances, but who do you really have? Who is always at the foot of the canyon? Those people are the ones you have to lean on, what they do is good love and you know it. Listening to them, sharing moments with them is what will help you take that big step that you need, which is an internal step, a change in the way you see life that you began to need about six months ago. You have been through a lot and the Full Moon in Aquarius is the best thing that could happen to you to take that great step of change of thought, because it will illuminate you in something much more progressive, generous and authentic. If you are presented with a little trip, do not hesitate to do it.


Cancer, this Full Moon in Aquarius is going to give you a little push, new ideas for your life to change, opportunities to feel your worth and get going. You can put a little intelligence in your emotions to really understand where everything you are feeling is coming from, and heal what has been holding you back for the last six months. Mercury will give you ideas to be able to be an entrepreneur in money matters, relating them to yourself, with your best qualities. The Moon will help you to get to know yourself in depth, but do not be scared if for one night it brings out your most controlling and possessive side. You have to look with love that side of you in the face, and decide how much weight you want it to have in your life. On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to connect very intensely and perhaps romanticaly with your partner.


The Full Moon in Aquarius will favor times when you feel very comfortable with where you are and the people who accompany you. It is your moment and heaven helps you, so prepare to be surprised on the relationship topic. A slightly different person may appear, who catches your attention. You just have to be yourself, and be attentive to the little details that can bring you closer to that person. If you have really behaved well with your previous partners, and you deserve to be with someone special, do not worry that it will come to you much sooner than you imagine. Leo, the night of the Full Moon may be a bit intense, many emotions and thoughts, but trust your qualities and all that you are worth, it is time to shine.


The Full Moon in Aquarius has a wellness revolution in store for you, Virgo. Day to day no longer has to be boring, you will have an extra inspiration, a renewing force that will make you feel full of life. This Full Moon pay attention to taking care of yourself and mentalizing yourself to make way for important changes in your life, related to how you spend your days and take care of yourself. Because now it’s time to love yourself, give yourself the best. Personal self-worth is very important for you to attract the things and relationships you need in your life. Do not close yourself to what life wants to show you, and to the changes. Even if you are an earth sign, you have the changeable quality, and this means that you are more than ready for renewal, change, and to move forward in life.



The Full Moon in Aquarius will make you connect with the child in you, the one who wants to have fun and has an overflowing imagination. You can harness and channel all this energy to do something unique, creative and artistic that reminds you of who you really are. It is time to break with the stereotypes you had of yourself. These last few months you have been realizing Libra things, which have brought you closer to your true essence, and now is the time to let them out. In addition, the Moon will be playful for you and you may have a lot of magnetism, which leads you to a very hot meeting with that person that you like so much.


Scorpio, you know that there is something you have to overcome, to let go of it at once because it does not let you advance. It can be related to your home, how you feel about your family and roots. If you do not decide to take the step, to change, to transform yourself and to live life according to your own criteria, the Full Moon in Aquarius will force the change. If you have already decided to follow your heart, to forgive and turn the page, then the Moon will drive you, bringing with it wonderful moments close to your loved ones. Of course, maybe a little intense and we could say that a little weird. Remember that the Moon will illuminate memories from the past that can be somewhat painful, but it will also fill you with love and the ability to heal them.


Sagi, the Full Moon in Aquarius will bring you closer than ever to your friends, but it will ask you to pay more attention to the way you say things. You have already realized these months that sometimes you do a little damage with your comments, and if you do not pay more attention you may lose someone important. We know that you are really honest, but this is not the only thing that defines you. Lean more on your other qualities, such as knowing how to inspire people, transform the way you live from day to day. And dare Sagi, something has happened to you in recent months that you have not been able to launch into the adventure. Well now is the time, we want to see you break with everything and be more free than ever.


Capri, heaven is telling you that you can, and you should take a break. Value your body and take care of it. You have been feeling restless, and pressed by obligations, but there are things that you cannot solve right now. You already know that patience is a recurring theme in your life, and that forcing situations only serves so that things do not go the best way. The Full Moon in Aquarius prompts you to start thinking about new ways to earn money, that you realize how much you are worth and what you can achieve if you show your most different side. Try not to get controlling, just flow and let go of the things that weigh on you and keep you from moving forward. The Sun is going to illuminate them clearly and this can be very painful, but it is necessary so that you can get the best of yourself and achieve all your goals.


Aquarius, it is time to let go of your obsessions, those that are not letting you advance. The Full Moon in your sign will help you by giving you that little push you need. Be brave and embark on the adventure of being yourself, because those ideas that you have believed as dogmas are not helping you much. In addition, you are a sign that does not hurt to be clinging to situations, to ideas from the past … You have the necessary energy available to end all this, and start thinking differently, without ties. And although it is painful to see all the time that you have been able to lose, you will feel comfortable taking a new step in your life. The Moon has arrived to give you the prize you deserve, so let yourself be felt and trust your intuition.


A night full of intuition arrives for you Pisces. It will overwhelm you with strange dreams, coincidences and the desire to be in your world. There are many things in your subconscious that you have to clean, and the Full Moon in Aquarius is going to be in charge of helping you with this, it wants you to transform from within. To find the perfect person you first have to find yourself Pisces, because there are many things that you hide inside you, that scare you in some way and you do not want to see, but putting them aside you only fool yourself. Pisces, nobody is perfect, you have to realize that those things make you who you are, be unique, and if you don’t like them you can always transform them into something that vibrates more in line with your essence. But first you have to realize what is really on your mind and in your heart.


What Will The Full Moon In July Aquarium Bring For You

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