Signs That Return The Sun To You When Your Soul Cries

Signs That Return The Sun To You When Your Soul Cries

There are those who stay by your side when you feel the cracks of your wounds, who are not scared when they see your tears fall. There are signs of the zodiac that become your companions, they do not always need to say something, it is enough to know that you are not alone. They are those signs that return the sun to you when your soul cries . Their character is so noble, so resilient and passionate that they have the gift of putting the positive attitude first. They are not saviors, but they can make you smile in the midst of pain:

1.- Sagittarius 

Sagittarius is one of the most optimistic signs of the zodiac, they speak to you with the truth but they do it in a subtle way because they do not want to break your heart. He is the one who has the ability to open a window of possibilities when you think you can’t take it anymore. He is the one who encourages you to continue, to break with your fears and cross just that place that terrifies you. He’s the one who makes you laugh a lot and you don’t even realize it. He is the one who lifts your spirits and infects you with his sense of humor.

2.- Pisces 

Pisces is the empathic soul, the one that has the sensitivity to understand the pain of others. His dreamy and tender side is the one who does not let you go. He is the one who leaves prejudices aside because he only wants to find a way to heal you. He is the one who fights against his own emotions, he is so kind that many times he puts himself aside in order to help others. Pisces wants to see you shine, focuses on the positive and transmits it to you. He is the type of person who strives, who gives himself unconditionally.

3.- Libra 

If there is a sign that is capable of immersing yourself in your feelings, it is Libra. He is the one who always looks for a way to help you, to fill you with life, to hug you at every step. He does not waste time on the negative aspects, he wants to see the one he loves shine, so he will do everything in his power to restore the shine that characterizes them. Libra is cheerful, dedicated, loving, he is the one who has the humility to recognize each of your qualities and applaud them. Your company is synonymous with calm, security and a lot of love.

4.- Aries  

Behind an impulsive, risky and courageous soul, hides one of the most genuine hearts that life can present to you, the type of person who is capable of keeping you warm in moments of grief. Aries is not scared when he sees that someone he loves is broken, he will simply find a way to pick him up. He is the one who fills you with energy, who invites you to enjoy the challenges. It is the company that reminds you that bad weather is better to face it with a good face.

5.- Leo  

Leo is synonymous with kindness, charm, love. It is the person who when he decides to give you his days, he does it in an unconditional way. He puts his trust in your hands and although for some he may be arrogant, for others heis that person who marks a before and after. He has a huge heart, his spirit is contagious and he becomes an escape valve in the most difficult times. He has the emotional intelligence and strength that anyone needs to avoid falling into depression and fill you with light.


Signs That Return The Sun To You When Your Soul Cries

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