What Motto Represents You According To Your Zodiac Sign

What Motto Represents You According To Your Zodiac Sign

There are phrases that seem to have been written for you, that represent you, inspire you and bring out the best version of you. Phrases that we follow to the letter, that become the engine of our days. They provoke us, they lift us up, they remind us that we are here to love and that life is leaving us in the blink of an eye. Do you want to know what motto represents you according to your zodiac sign? 


“Asking for forgiveness before asking for permission”

The motto that honors the personality of Aries, the one that symbolizes his reckless, impulsive and risk-loving side. Aries is a free soul, who enjoys living in the moment, does not waste time thinking about tomorrow. He is the one who brings passion, love and intensity to everything he does. When it comes to fighting for what you want there is no human power to interfere with your decisions. He has humility in his heart, so it is easy for him to ask for forgiveness, he admits his mistakes, but he does not regret anything that has made his body, mind and soul vibrate.


“You cannot be brave without fear”

Taurus is the one who will do it even if he feels that his heart is going to jump out of his chest. He is the one who fights for his convictions, he wants them to be heard strong. It is the most stubborn sign, the one that honors the firmness, you just have to set your eyes on your next dream for it to start acting. Taurus does not get carried away by cowardice, he listens to his heart and although things do not always go his way, he is not one to throw in the towel the first time. Tell Taurus that he cannot achieve something and he will show you how to do it more efficiently.


“Life flies”

If there is a spirit that knows very well that life passes in two days, without a doubt, we are talking about Gemini, a sign that enjoys experiencing the details. He knows that each person around him is synonymous with learning. Life flies and Gemini will not allow time to be an excuse to achieve their dreams. He is the one who bets on quality more than quantity, that is why he gives the best to his loved ones. He is the one who has adventure in his eyes and wants to savor every breath. Gemini is not the one who conforms, they always want more.


«Love yourself like there is no tomorrow»

Cancer is the pure essence of love, it is the one who fills you with warm hugs, who regenerates your soul. His motto is to love himself above all else, that is the reason why he always has something to give to others. His heart comes first, he is the one who pays attention to himself, does what he wants, what fills him with truth. Protect your emotions, your thoughts and only with people who are really worth showing your vulnerable side. Cancer sometimes has to stop being for everyone and choose their mental, emotional and physical health. Well, there are those who only take advantage of their personality.


“Nothing ventured nothing gained”

Life for Leo is a coin in the air, a sign that was born to overflow all his energy in what he wants to achieve. He is the one who was born to shine and enjoy the wonders of success, which is why he always goes against the clock. Leo leaves beautiful traces in everything he does because his soul is like that, without filters and competes with himself. He is one of those who takes risks, even if his knees shake with fear. You don’t feel like trying and you have the courage to face the consequences if things go wrong. Leo does not lose, he learns.


“The quiet is enjoyed twice”

Virgo is the one who honors the details, he does not go through life taking steps without meditating first. He is a meticulous person who works hard for what he wants. However, he prefers to think with a cool head before acting, as he always puts the cunning and intelligence with which he does everything first. He has a suspicious side because he has had to live with people who only take advantage or want to see him fall. Hence, he prefers a thousand times to enjoy his plans, success and love, quietly.


“It is not avoiding conflict, it is maintaining stability”

Libra is the one who knows that life is not rosy, no matter how positive you try to be. There are times when you lose control, when your emotions make you feel like you can’t take it anymore. It is not about avoiding conflict, the key is to maintain stability. Libra knows that being resilient is the only way they can overcome battle after battle. He is the one who puts empathy first, do not expect him to judge you, he wants equality and justice. For that reason, it is difficult for him to draw a conclusion the first time, it requires seeing both parts in detail.


«You think you are deceiving me, but I make you believe»

Scorpio is one of the smartest signs that life can present to you. They have the gift of camouflage, you don’t even really realize what their mood is. They are very mysterious and quiet, so it is possible that for a long time they have known very well that you have been looking at their faces. However, they are waiting for you to be the one to have the courage to admit it. Scorpios pretend they don’t know, but they may know more details than you do. Be careful how Scorpio defends itself, because it can make you cry.


“As long as there is life, there is opportunity”

Sagittarius is the one who takes advantage of every opportunity, does not miss a moment that makes him appreciate what he loves. He is the one who has the soul of a traveler, an explorer, he is the one who teaches you how to love, who aspires to more. He is the one who reminds you that it is never too late to do what really makes your heart beat. Sagittarius teaches you that there is a freer way to live, to leave your mark. Today is the time to put a grain of salt to make that dream come true, do not wait until tomorrow, that life is going like water.


«Tell me I can’t and I’ll show you how»

Capricorn is the one who has courage in every word, every step, every sigh. It’s the sign that when it comes to putting persistence into practice, there’s no human power to change your mind. His motto is simple but strong, tell him that he cannot achieve something and he will show you how to do it. Only those who know a Capricorn thoroughly, know that they can become the gods of stubbornness. They cannot let things flow, they have to move a piece so that everything starts to work and they know it.


“Live and let live”

The sign that prefers to focus on its life, than wasting time in expressing an opinion on that of others. Aquarius is the one who honors simplicity, he does not need material things to be happy, he knows that there is much more. He is the one who decides to look at the glass half full, negativity is not part of his day to day. A free soul that enjoys nature, deep thoughts, dreams that seem unattainable. He is the one who does not give up, who knows that there is always something new to be thankful for. Their motto is to live and let live, there is no more, that is why they cannot bear ties.


«To stop dreaming, is to stop living» 

Pisces is an invitation to immerse yourself in your deepest dreams, he is the one who travels every second, who lets his mind do its thing. It is a healing sign, which fights against the idea of ​​falling into a routine, attaches itself to the spiritual, which awakens your desire to savor every corner of the planet. It is who drives you, who gives you that invincible part. Pisces can always do anything, because they don’t get hooked and move on. In the end, dreaming is free, it soothes the soul and restores hope. Stop dreaming is to stop living, don’t let anyone cloud it.


What Motto Represents You According To Your Zodiac Sign

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