How To Know If You Still Feel Something For Your Ex According To Your Sign

How To Know If You Still Feel Something For Your Ex According To Your Sign

They say that you do not destroy the person you love, that is where you realize that what was between you was not love. Still, there is an ex guy, the one who stays deep in your thoughts, the kind that you don’t talk to anyone. It accompanies you in every sadness, every joy, every desperate moment in which you want to go out and look for it. And it is that many times the reason is not present, it is you fighting against the confusion, is it attachment? How do you know if you still feel something for your ex according to your sign? 


Aries is one of those who does not say so, of those who guard their emotions, they want the world to realize that this chapter of their life is over, they do their best to hide it. However, his anger gives him away, when he realizes that his ex is with someone else, he is an expert in finding all the defectsin the person. He says he doesn’t care, but wastes time talking about it and even adds a touch of bitterness to his day. It is a fire sign, he does not know how to deal with the pain of his ego, even if he no longer loves the person as before, but it is difficult for him to let go.


Without a doubt, Taurus has a hard time putting an end to it when he still feels things for his ex, he is the type of person who does not spend his time talking about his ex, but does not know how to let it go. How do you know if you still have feelings for your ex based on your sign? Taurus, suddenly, begins to check their social networks, keeping it on their phone contact list, it becomes a constant temptation. That’s when you realize that he still feels something, because he makes excuses to continue being part of his life, arguing that he cares about his happiness, but it is his controlling part that is not ready to say goodbye. Taurus goes into denial.


Gemini is the sign that when it comes to talking about their ex, they do it up to the elbows. And they are not always good comments, but it has no filter, it wants to express it because it is a way of feeling freer. However,when your ex becomes the frequent protagonist of your conversations,you better ask yourself if you’ve really gotten over it. You can’t keep making your life revolve around what your ex does or doesn’t do. Maybe it is time to put a healthy distance, otherwise you are closing the doors for someone else.


It’s no secret that Cancer has a hard time turning the page when it comes to getting over an ex, even if they were the one who decided to break up. Cancer faces a host of feelings that many times he does not understand himself. It’s a hard-to-break sign and even though you move on, you may not have completely forgotten your ex . How do you know if you still have feelings for your ex based on your sign? It’s very obvious when you can’t help but reply to messages , when you’re still too involved and even change plans to prioritize it. That is not letting go.


The sign that enjoys the attention, the demanding one, the one that when they hurt their ego can lose their sweetest side. Leo actually leads a fast-paced life, he is always surrounded by a lot of people and that is very good when he decides to end a relationship, because he keeps busy. He is so sociable that many times he has no problem remaining friends with his ex. The bad thing is when coquetry is still present , entering an unhealthy relationship, they do not return but they do not give themselves the opportunity to continue their lives.


Without a doubt, when Virgo concludes a relationship he is an expert when it comes to setting limits, he simply wants that person to leave his life, his goal is to move on, that’s when you realize that he is overcoming it. The problem is when they continue to interact, go out together, attend family gatherings and even jealousy is present. Why are you trying to fool yourself? Many times Virgo loses control because he falls into the memories, as if things could go back to the way they were before, it is difficult for him to face reality.


How do you know if you still have feelings for your ex based on your sign? With Libra, all you have to do is pay attention to the way you talk about that person. It is the kind of sign that does not beg, that when it ends it continues its life and gives it a sudden change, in which more attention is paid and wants to keep busy with its hobbies. However, the emptiness is still there, he misses it in an afternoon alone, while he watches the movie they liked. Libra can get lost in the past and say nothing. He has been carrying that break for a long time, he cannot say goodbye, but he does not say it.


Scorpio is the sign that has a reputation for resilience, the one that does not let anything bring it down, we see it with a power that scares. However, when it comes to emotions it can be shattered. It is the sign that has a hard time saying goodbye, you realize that you have not gotten over your ex when you lose control and jealousy speaks for itself. You can’t handle the idea of ​​your ex moving on and it’s not that he’s selfish, it’s just that his temperamental side wins out over him and he just wants to go back to the past. It shows when you look at that person.


Sagittarius is the free soul, the one who does not understand ties, the one who enjoys his loneliness. However, after an important love leaves your life, you have a hard time saying goodbye. You can know that he is not over his ex yet, when they are still having a friendship, it is very different to be polite than to become one of his best friends. Sagittarius is not ready to lose someone so important in his life, so he uses friendship as a pretext, he wants that person to continue to be part of his days, but at the same time he hurts himself.


It is very evident to realize if a Capricorn is still in love with that person, because when he really does not want to know anything he puts a huge distance, there is no opportunity to exchange a single word. So if you are still going out for walks with your ex, it is because you have not closed the cycle , you want to make yourself believe that it is, but no. He’s uncomfortable with this new dynamic, but he’s unable to put an end to it. Capricorn needs time to realize that it is best to get away, but it will be on his own, not because of what his friends tell him.


In the case of Aquarius, it can be somewhat difficult to determine if he still feels something for his ex, because in general he is a person who continues to behave the same, that is, quite friendly when they coincide. However, when he’s not over it, he becomes overly helpful, wanting the person to realize that he will be there through thick and thin. So he asks someone else about his life and then he appears as a hero, but deep down he is devastated, he does not want to say goodbye, but he knows that it is for the best.


The sentimentalist of the zodiac, who costs twice as much to leave and accept that this love is now only his ex. Pisces is strong enough to face a breakup and although they are not one of those who need to continue talking to that person, they live a complicated duel. If Pisces still feels something, they will not get rid of that person’s things so easily, on the contrary, seeing them from time to time makes the moments come back to their mind and that is when the opportunity to be with someone else is taken away, they are not there. ready yet.


How To Know If You Still Feel Something For Your Ex According To Your Sign

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