What Kind Of Energy Do You Send To The Universe According To Your Sign

What Kind Of Energy Do You Send To The Universe According To Your Sign

Magic, negativity, authenticity, what do you send to the Universe? Each zodiac sign has a fascinating way of connecting with the afterlife. We do it through our energy , the way we vibrate, all that information accumulates in our consciousness. It is not seen, but it determines what we attract. Sometimes we may be exaggerating and other times we need a little more excitement. The intention is good, but you need to channel to get what you really want. Let’s see what type of energy you send to the universe according to your sign:


Aries is the one who calls the Universe in a reckless way, because you always put your dominant and fiery part ahead. When something motivates you, you radiate security, optimism and a lot of happiness. The problem is when things don’t go your way, that’s when you get quite impatient, you want it to be solved instantly and that is synonymous with negative energy. A cluster of stress that affects your mental, physical and emotional stability. You should work more on it, because you are presenting yourself as a selfish and defensive soul.


Taurus is synonymous with a romantic, practical vibe with a touch of sensuality. You are the type of person who believes in long-term projects and that is why you end up getting what you want. What kind of energy do you send to the universe according to your sign, Taurus? The Universe knows that whatever happens you will not stop, patience is one of your best virtues. Also, your loyal side makes you stand out from the rest. You are the fighting soul, who wants a moment of peace and stability. Your energy is so genuine that they send you more forces to become unstoppable. Don’t let your stubborn side cause you to give the wrong message.


Gemini is the one who shines in the Universe, because their energy is synonymous with vitality, it is the sociable sign that always goes against the clock. The ingenious and brave soul, who dares. It is Mercury who always drives him, who puts precision in his thoughts and in everything that comes out of his mouth. Gemini is versatile, his vibe becomes a mystery, because he changes his mind in the blink of an eye . However, he is known to do it in an honest way, when he is not comfortable he turns the page. It is the sign that knows that life is an apprenticeship and you have to continue.


The accumulation of love, the desire to enjoy. Cancer is the soft soul, the one that presents itself with the card of sensitivity. What type of energy do you send to the universe according to your sign? The energy that the Universe perceives from her is somewhat passive, because she is very meticulous and goes through life avoiding hurting the other. Cancer is the one who exudes loyalty, who when setting a goal fights with all his heart to achieve it. It is synonymous with devotion, it is impossible that its pure light does not stand out in the afterlife . The problem is that he often asks for others, focuses his energy on helping them and forgets himself.


Leo is the sign that radiates power, he has the Sun on his side, so he is used to wasting shine with every breath. The problem is that sometimes he gets too arrogant and sends the wrong message. And it is that he is carried away by his extravagant personality, the one that can do everything and is not always like that. However, he has the humility to accept when he is in error. That’s when your energy changes, when your heart transmits love, you want others to do well and your thoughts become blessings. All of that eventually comes back to you.


Virgo is the one who takes stealthy steps when it comes to transmitting their energy. He is the one who exudes peace of mind, wants things to be in their place and works hard for it. It is Mercury who makes him put his logical part above all else. Plus, it’s a witty, planning, and charming sign. The problem is when your anxious part shows up, when your thoughts become your worst enemy. He begins to think that everything is going to go wrong and the Universe begins to test him negatively. Change your chip and you will see how the good begins to arrive.


Libra is a constant duality, sometimes eager to attract peace and sometimes conflict. The Universe goes into confusion with its desires, because from a harmonious moment it changes to chaos. The problem is that it is difficult for you to negotiate, your logical and sensitive part is in a constant battle. That is the reason why your experiences can become overwhelming and unpredictable. However, there comes a point where you stick to the stable and that’s when everything starts to turn in your favor. You are outgoing and warm, maybe few understand you but you are very real.


A cluster of passionate, hypnotizing and mysterious energy. Scorpio takes firm but rapturous steps and that can constantly put you between a rock and a hard place. Scorpio is the master of subtlety, when it comes to delivering emotions, so even for the Universe it is a mystery . Their energy is so powerful that it becomes a magnet, if they are happy things start to work for them , they attract just what they dreamed of. The bad thing is when they hide everything, they can somehow change to negative energy, because they are afraid of being hurt.


Impulsive energy, the one that takes two steps and changes three more. What type of energy do you send to the universe according to your sign? Sagittarius is spontaneous, flowing like a river and l a vibe that sends to the Universe is full of hope , their light is natural, it is full of laughter, jokes, adventures. He is the one who always looks for the positive side of everything, for that reason eccentric opportunities come to him, it is what he has been asking for, although most of the time he does not say it. Sagittarius is synonymous with talent, a being who has wonderful qualities to achieve what he sets out to do. That is why it transmits expansion, restlessness, it is who is always ready to move a piece.


The vibe that honors the reservation, the disciplined, the determined. Capricorn is very focused when he wants to get something. He is the type of person who analyzes in detail, who takes into account the logical and practical part. The Universe perceives it as a synonym for a plan, which is why opportunities rain on it. He is patient and that is the reason why things work out perfectly, he does not lose the smallest detail. Capricorn is trust, caution, and loyalty. They like to share their secrets with only a few people. He wants everything to be in order, he asks for stability and that he receives.


Aquarius is the soul that the Universe identifies as independent, firm and sometimes foolish. It is an extremely intellectual sign and for this reason they also have an authoritarian side, especially when they try to minimize their way of seeing life. Aquarius sends inspiration to the afterlife, it is the sign that dreams big, the one that is not afraid to challenge the conventional. Although the downside is that sometimes they are too closed and that can attract the opposite. Let’s say there are times when you want everything or nothing, the Universe is not always ready for whims.


Pisces is the sensitive, imaginative, creative soul with a touch of romanticism that infects. The reason is very simple, it is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams. The problem is that many times Pisces gets lost in fantasies, lets their intuition take control and there comes a point where they do not know if it is real or not. Pisces can be overly ambitious and that’s when it transmits negative energy. So he falls into a vicious circle, in which he demands and when he does not see results, he becomes pessimistic. You have to recover your positive side but without exaggerating.


What Kind Of Energy Do You Send To The Universe According To Your Sign

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