The Little Things That Each Sign Keeps In The Heart

The Little Things That Each Sign Keeps In The Heart

Life … is just what happens at this moment, is to feel the rays on the face. It is the smooth way that the branches of the trees move from side to side. It is a hug, a kiss, a caress, it is the accumulation of feelings that remain in the air. Happiness is in the little things , in what we keep in our hearts, in what really calms us down and at the same time raises our adrenaline. Life is the kiss on the forehead of a mother. These are the little things that each sign keeps in its heart :


Aries are the one who values ​​when they put you as a priority, when you have that person who becomes your refuge. You appreciate when they acknowledge your effort,when they don’t minimize your emotions, when they push you forward. The little things that make you vibrate are hidden in the actions of the people who love you. That’s where you realize that you don’t need anything else to smile.


Yes, your stubborn side may constantly put you between a rock and a hard place, but behind that firm attitude hides a huge heart, which is only waiting for the right people to squander sweetness. You are the one who keeps the moments under lock and key in your soul, those in which they gave you a long hug that calmed you down after a disappointment. You keep the caresses, the kisses, with what is not bought.


They call you demanding because it is impossible for you to relate to someone who does not contribute to you on an intellectual level. It is the thinking minds that accompany you in each step, but there are other small things that you also value. More than deep conversations, you love when they wake you up with an unexpected message when you wonder if you’ve already eaten when they want your day to go beautiful.


Cancer is the one who puts the emotions first, it is very rare that something that has to do with money dazzles you, on the contrary, you stay with what makes you cry and laugh with happiness. L as small things each sign keeps the heart and these are yours, Cancer.  You like it when people are considerate, when they offer to help you so that the load of the day is less heavy. When they accompany you without saying anything, but show you that they do not let you go.


Leo is the one who seems to have everything under control, he goes through life wasting perfection. And no, even if they think it is because of ego, it is because he has been repressing his victories for a long time and because it has cost him a lot of work. This is why you value so much when you take the time to acknowledge your accomplishments. Leo enjoys compliments because he knows that behind them there is a lot of good vibes and blessings.


Virgo is much more than a closed mind, he is someone who gets up every day to fight for his dreams. Someone who has had to shed tears, live sleepless nights, worry in order to savor success. However, when it comes to helping, he does it from the heart. as small things each sign keeps the heart. Of all of them,  Virgo values ​​when they take the time to thank him , he does not want recognition, but he stays with the genuine souls that show him that they will also be in the bad.


Libra is like that, sometimes with all the attitude and other times with the spirit on the floor. What happens is that he is too sensitive and it is impossible for him not to put himself in the shoes of others. Libra values ​​when people realize that you are not giving up, when they congratulate you for moving on. He stays with those who discover the goodness in his soul and instead of hurting him, they respect and admire him.


Scorpio is much more than that apparent fearsome soul that everyone has believed. Scorpio hides a lot of beautiful emotions that are not for everyone. He is the type of person who does not care about the place, but that special being does. He stays with the little things, with enjoying a morning in which the birds sing, while the smoke from the coffee cup dances on his face. He is left with a glass of wine, counting his sorrows.


Sagittarius is the one who honors the little things, because for him everything is an opportunity. That is life, a stream of water that goes through your hands when you least realize it and he knows it. Sagittarius appreciates people who respect the adventure with which he lives, with whom they dare to accompany him in his madness. With those who sing from the gut, regardless of whether they have a privileged voice, that’s what matters to him.


Capricorn is the one who goes through life with a huge shell, because behind so much perseverance, discipline and seriousness, hides a heart that does not want to be hurt. Capricorn appreciates when people pay attention to small details and then surprise himwith a list of his favorite songs,the dessert he loves, or the concert tickets he wanted.


At first glance it may seem that Aquarius is lost in his world, that he has no intention of connecting on a deep level. It is because he is very meticulous, because he does not let anyone know his fears, his dreams and everything that makes him unable to sleep at night. Of the little things that each sign keeps in its heart, Aquarius values ​​those who keep it in mind, to whom it tells that something reminded them of it. He loves in his own way and even if he doesn’t say it, he cares a lot.


Pisces, the noble soul, the one who has no intention of hurting anyone and who is not only willing to wipe your tears, if necessary cry with you. It is a sign that does not let go of you, that will do whatever it takes as long as you get your smile back. He stays with the people who reciprocate, who often don’t need to tell him that they love him, but show it in every gesture, every detail, every unexpected call. They know that there is love.


The Little Things That Each Sign Keeps In The Heart

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