What Happens When Signs Fall In Love With A Gemini

What Happens When Signs Fall In Love With A Gemini

Gemini is for brave souls, for those who are not afraid of magic, a magic at dawn. It’s for those who hit the bottom, those who go on an adventure again and again. It is the love that has the flavor of your favorite drink, which you cannot resist and when you least think it already has you in your head. Connect with your mind long before you say a word and that’s when you melt to be by his side. But no, not all of them were born to hold your hand and walk together until wrinkles appear. Perhaps that Gemini only taught you to turn the page, to continue believing in love, but elsewhere. Perhaps it was just an obsession or a craving under the covers, each zodiac sign has its story. But, What happens when signs fall in love with a Gemini


What happens when a fire sign is mesmerized by the charm of an air sign? Well, it can be a complicated duo, but cute. And it is that although they seem completely opposite they have a desire to live the moment that they simply let themselves go. Aries enjoys taking risks and falls to Gemini energy easily. Although Gemini is more tolerant, compared to Aries impulses, especially when anger is present. Let’s say you complement each other thanks to the fact that you are both open-minded and not afraid to step out of your comfort zone. The truth is that their relationship should be treated with tweezers because any wrong step can cause their personalities to end in war. There are times when Aries feels that Gemini is too dreamy and despairs, wants him to put his feet on the ground and be more organized.


Be very careful with the love bond that a Taurus and a Gemini can create. To begin with, Taurus is too foolish, he takes care that Gemini needs to be saved and that is when he can sign his doom. Taurus enjoys helping others so much that they are very likely to fall into codependency. For their part, Geminis can feel very overwhelmed, because their thing is to change their mind from one moment to the next and they feel limited by so many rules. When Taurus is sure that it is love, they do not give up, but they can hurt themselves because Geminis do not know how to say that they need their space and they end up walking away in the cruelest way. Taurus is very direct, he hates to think so much about the same issue and although he respects Gemini, his patience ends up running out until he reaches the end.


A Gemini lost in the qualities of another Gemini. Honestly, it is not something out of the other world, because it is his mirror, it is the way in which someone truly understands him. Although like any relationship, it has its bad side, two personalities so similar that they are synonymous with playing with fire, a combination that can be explosive when its dark side is present. As long as the two have emotional maturity, they will not have a major problem, because although they are not able to express what they feel all the time, they are very loyal when they are in love and they worry about painting smiles in the life of their partner. The bad thing is when mistrust accompanies them. If a Gemini hesitates slightly, they will end up leaving overnight, leaving no trace behind.


A Gemini does not stop for anything or anyone, he is like that, free, he always leaves, returns and goes again. It is clear that a Cancer is not always prepared to deal with such a free soul, which can become a very toxic relationship, in which complaints are part of every day. Cancer sometimes keeps what it feels and other times it explodes until it ends up wounding Gemini. You have to know that the fact that she is so independent has nothing to do with you, it is not that you are not enough, it is just that putting down roots is simply not in her personality. Cancer can take it too personally and that’s okay, if you’re not ready for someone like that you’d better leave. You can set the limits that you want or simply end the relationship because staying will only break you more.


What else is between a Leo and Gemini, is ego. Which is already enough to be careful to leave with a broken heart. Their relationship is powerful but scary. It is clear that the first thing that unites them is the passionate part, the two are very intense and their love are not compared to any other couple. Gemini gets lost in the way Leo throws himself into everything, he loves the way he shines and how hard he tries to achieve each of his goals. Gemini admires Leo and that is a good place to start something healthy. But… they are very different, in the end, Gemini is much freer, does not commit as much and has much fewer plans at the level of a Leo. They need to take refuge in patience, so that theirs work or they will end up in one argument after another, because of the desire to want to change the other and not accept.


Slowly but surely, this is how the link between a Virgo and a Gemini can be given. When these two indulge in love, they do so in such a genuine way that they are able to challenge their differences. Gemini is the one who goes out of his way for change, hates routine, practically the opposite of Virgo. However, Gemini realizes the good intentions of Virgo, respects their way of seeing life and although they do not plan to change completely, they do adopt new habits to show their affection. For Virgo that is very important, perhaps he is not the most affectionate in the world, because he is used to putting one shell after another, but once they show importance there is no going back, he will pay with loyalty. Virgo is shy and Gemini gives him the confidence to get carried away in everything.


Two air signs, two birds eager to take flight. The zodiac couple who can love each other until the last breath, find the support they need in the other. Among them there are no prejudices, they want to see themselves fly, enjoy themselves and have fun. Libra and Gemini, share courage, stubbornness, do not give up easily. Libra adds a touch of honey to the relationship thanks to the shelter that Venus gives him. This helps counteract the insecurities of Geminis, who often feel confused and don’t know how to deal with the idea of ​​commitment. Of course, they both have a very flirtatious side, they love having friends, they are social to the bone and therefore they have to be very understanding, because once they cross the line of jealousy they may end up holding unnecessary grudges. The downside is that they both have a hard time talking about their emotions.


Gemini is intrigued by the charm of Scorpio, his mystery invites him to always seek more and that is when he can fall into the networks of falling in love. However, Scorpio has a demanding side, if he is going to be in a relationship he wants it to be healthy in every way, that begging for love is a thing of the past and when everything starts to get chaotic he prefers to end the relationship. Let’s say there comes a point where Gemini is too defiant, they always want different things., very changeable and also used to have the last word. Which becomes a danger for Scorpio, who hates control. If they want to be together they will have to try three times as much, because theirs is tense and besides adventures, they don’t have much in common. The downside is that they can stay together more out of habit than love.


Really the love between Sagittarius and Gemini is not as crazy as it seems. Well, it’s one of those crazy things that surround you and inspire you at the same time. Something like mixing ice and fire. They are both very intense, they like to embrace passion from its roots and break with an established paradigm. The bad thing is that they do not have a close relationship with the commitment, on the contrary, the fewer ties for them the better. They want the freedom to enjoy each of their adventures with someone, but also to say I want to be alone from time to time. And that has nothing to do with infidelity, they are loyal, but if they feel caged they begin to wither and there is nothing to stop them, they reach the end in a painful way, but deep down they know that it is the best. Because when one of the two begins to demand, the flame goes out.


What happens when two minds outside the norm come together? Intelligence is the one who governs your walk. Gemini and Capricorn strive on their side, but in the end, they end up joining together ideas that they mutually admire. Capricorn is the one who loves to be right and argues in a logical way, not just because of a tantrum. Gemini does not seek to impress, it is their conversation that engulfs Capricorn. The two are tempted to be more than just friends. Above all, you Capricorn, who goes out of your way for the uninhibited way in which Gemini goes through life. It is clear that Gemini adds a spark to Capricorn, but it can stress their lack of consistency in everything they do. Capricorn, you are used to trying hard, crying if necessary, but don’t let your guard down. You don’t understand the way Gemini lets go of everything and the next morning they walk around like nothing. Those differences can be extinguishing love.


A mixture of those that surround you, of those that help you touch the artistic and curious of life. That is what happens when Aquarius ends up melted under the gaze of a Gemini. A bond where emotions are a whirlwind, but they know how to deal with it because they are very independent and in the end, they give in to love. They have an intellectual, introverted and distracted side, that’s what makes them fall in love. Somehow one meets the other, two air signs that can get lost in a lot of dreams. When one feels the need to get away, the other understands. Their love is so genuine, that it does not demand, that it is not based on time, that they do not need to be glued to show that they would give their lives for the other. If both are patient and have mental, physical and emotional stability, Gemini maybe the love of Aquarius life.


The way Gemini and Pisces connect is very artistic, their creative minds are where they meet. The two tend to be very romantic and although the way they see love is different, they manage to empathize. Pisces can be that naive soul that trusts the other, that gets carried away and ignores any red flags in Gemini’s behavior. The beginning can really be described as the perfect story, where sighs cannot be absent. Although Geminis are shyer when it comes to love, they feel confident with Pisces sincerity. However, love can fall when faced with reality. Pisces is very quiet and little by little moves away, because they do not feel valued by Gemini. For your relationship to work, it takes much more than a lot of nice words and for lack of facts, your soul will end up breaking.


What Happens When Signs Fall In Love With A Gemini

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