These 6 Zodiac Signs Have Big Problems With Relationships As They Blossom Into Friendships

These 6 Zodiac Signs Have Big Problems With Relationships As They Blossom Into Friendships

Not everyone is good at relationships. Some can make friends better for it. These 6 zodiac signs are clearly better at having great friendships than in a relationship.

1. Gemini 

These people are very easy to get along with and easy to make friends with. Having a twin is sure to have a fun time. Because these people just gush with personality. Thanks to their curiosity and their open manner, you can get through any adventure with them. Are you looking for someone to steal horses with? Then you’ve come to the right place with a Gemini. They will certainly not refuse your offer. In addition, with a Gemini, you are always on the move and never standstill. 

What is good for a friendship is not necessarily good for a long-term partnership. Unfortunately, the twin offers very little stability. And that is what is required for a secure relationship. While twins want a partnership, their partners often have a slower pace and cannot keep up with them. A Gemini quickly gets the impression that they have no interest in connecting with someone on a deeper level. 

A Gemini gets bored quickly when a routine arises and things get monotonous. He is looking for excitement and variety. In order to have a stress-free partnership, the Gemini needs someone who stimulates them intellectually and wants to experience exciting things like them. 

2. Virgo 

Virgos are loyal and steadfast when it comes to friendships. You can always rely on them, even when you are in trouble yourself. With a Virgo, you simply know that she will be faithful to you through good times and bad. 

Since they are very intelligent, they always have good advice and can most likely help you with any problem. But they are also very perfectionists. This quality makes them bad lovers. Because for them it is almost a challenge to find true love and to keep it for the long term. A Virgo has very high expectations, and someone who does not live up to those expectations will be weeded out immediately. The criticism can sometimes be brutally honest.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having certain standards. But Virgo should not be too hasty to jump to conclusions and write off people in her life. She should give everyone a chance and try to really get to know each person before rejecting them again. Because nobody is perfect!

3. Libra 

Libra likes friendships because they are so straightforward. They love spending long nights in town with friends and wandering around. Above all else, Libra is looking for fun! But they also want to have friends who are by their side when things get problematic and they need a shoulder to cry on. 

Relationships, on the other hand, are a real challenge for Libra. When you’re with a Libra, you always have to be there for them. She can quickly lose the ground under her feet and then needs help. That is why Libra’s partner is also her therapist at the same time. Not everyone is up to this emotional task. Therefore, Libra often has problems in their relationships. For their partnerships to succeed, Libra must recognize that one partner is not supposed to be the therapist for them. Of course, your partner should be there for you when things go bad. But the balance of giving and take should definitely be right!

4. Capricorn 

If one zodiac sign works hard, it is definitely Capricorn. When he has something on his mind, he will work towards it until he gets it. Capricorns would love to achieve great things in life and know that they need several people by their side to do so. So they usually have a lot of friends. 

For them, a relationship is often an obstacle that prevents them from achieving the goals that they have set for themselves. They’d rather make friends. On the one hand, because they are good at it and, on the other hand, because it allows them to expand their contact list, which they may need at some point. Capricorns absolutely need to work on their work-life balance if they are to have a successful relationship. You should definitely look for a partner who supports your goals.

5. Aquarius 

Aquarians are good friends because they have the right personality. They are tolerant and trustworthy. They are also extremely intelligent and always stand by their friends. This combination is perfect for being a good friend. They treat their friends with a lot of respect and can also have in-depth conversations with them. So who doesn’t want to be friends with an Aquarius?

In partnerships, the whole thing looks completely different. The problem with Aquarians is that they cannot reveal their emotions. They live more in their mind than they live in their emotional world. By having little contact with their feelings, they also lose contact with people who really love them. Actually, they’re not cold at all, but that’s how they often affect others. They prefer to invest their energy in intellectual things and prefer to stay away from all that emotional stuff. An Aquarius should work and understand that not everything in life can be considered on a rational level – especially not in a romantic relationship.

6. Pisces

Fish are looking for the perfect school of fish in their lives. They try different groups of people until they find the right group for themselves. But then they want to stay with this group and not leave it. 

In relationships, however, they usually play the hopeless romantic. Pisces expect things to work the first time in their relationship. You have an idea of ​​the only true love. That means that they close down immediately and withdraw from the smallest problem. In addition, Pisces often close their emotions to others. But at some point, everything comes to the surface at once, which can really confuse the partner. Pisces should definitely work on their communication with their partner. The partner will never be able to smell what exactly is bothering the fish when something is wrong.


These 6 Zodiac Signs Have Big Problems With Relationships As They Blossom Into Friendships

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