What Each Sign Would Change In Its Heart

Change In Its Heart

What Each Sign Would Change In Its Heart

You say that deep down all you want is to change, sometimes in your crazy dreams you want to take a couple of suitcases and start over in an unknown place. However, you do not realize that you have become your worst enemy, you question everything and doubt every time you dare to do something. Stop being so cruel to yourself and give yourself that compassion that you give to others. Embrace your sensitivity or your coldness, this is what each sign would change from its heartbut perhaps it is the spark that makes your zodiac sign stand out. 


You are that crazy person they point to, the one who doesn’t think twice when love knocks on his door. You bet on new relationships, and unexpected friendships, but also on leaving behind ties that do not favor you at all. You fall in love to the bone and that is not always healthy, because emotion can make you see hearts when in reality you are about to experience an ordeal. What you would like to change in your heart is not to be so permissive or justify mistreatment, Deep down you know that loving has nothing to do with suffering, but for some reason you endure and endure. Do not stop believing in beautiful stories, you are not the problem, the problem is that you give the opportunity to those who do not deserve it. 


I wish you had the courage to see life harshly, it is true, you are stubborn in many things, but when it comes to showing your emotions, you become too noble, too attentive, and too saving. You care about those you love and you are capable of putting your needs last in order to get smiles from others. The problem is that you are sinking and you know it, you are taking on responsibilities that do not correspond to you and that have overwhelmed you. Definitely, your mind and your heart need a break, you need to say that you can’t, period, stop giving explanations to everyone. 


Undoubtedly, there are moments when your personality turns you upside down, you don’t understand why you do such strange things in which you know that tears will end up being the protagonists. It is not worth giving yourself up until you forget about yourself, your heart becomes strong in front of the rest, but once someone falls in love you melt. You don’t control your impulses and that’s when you end up forgiving things you shouldn’t. Gemini, the defects are also part of the package, do not ignore them, because those are the ones that can determine your happiness or your misfortune. Stop embellishing who is not worth it. 


No one here is going to say that it is wrong to put your sensitivity ahead, you are a genuine being and it is impossible for you to hide all the emotional flutter that shakes you every day. Your heart is noble, unpredictable, and charming, it is very normal that you end up stealing the attention of people in need, but… you must take care of those people because they have the gift of manipulation. They are experts in detecting souls like yours because that guarantees them that if they make a mistake they will be forgiven. Don’t be that Cancer sign, you deserve much more than being the second-table dish. Let him go with his instability to another place. 


Your soul has no limit, there are times when you prefer to hide everything you feel because it terrifies you, that they do not correspond to you in the same way. I understand you, nobody likes to be mocked in things of love. However, what you need is to heal the ghosts of the past, the ones that left you with a lot of insecurities and make you wear your shell all the time. It would be easier if your heart had no memory, but it is so stubborn that it keeps every tear and worry. You would like not to be so clinging, but memories betray you. Do not judge yourself, what happens is that you really love and it is not so easy to turn the page, you must be patient. 


You know that you have the gift of dissimulating, that you are always well, and that nothing brings you down, but it is not like that. There are times when it weighs heavily on you to be so compassionate and attentive to people who have no idea what a reciprocal relationship is. Your soul is selfless, what you give is from the heart and not with the intention of getting the same back in return. However, that is not fair Virgo, demanding love and respect does not make you a bad person. On the contrary, that helps you cut ties with those who don’t deserve your best version. It’s okay to be wrong, the bad thing is that you don’t rectify your mistake and stay next to those who turn you off. 


Your feelings are generous, you like that the other person has no doubt that they are an important piece in your life. However, there are times when your compassion betrays you and that’s when you end up suffering for people who don’t care if you were able to sleep last night. Empathy is good, but overdoing it is breaking your mental, emotional, and physical health. You are sinking Libra, you know you can’t take it anymore, but you keep walking as if it were your obligation to solve the lives of people who refuse to take care of themselves. 


Your love is delicate, you give yourself cautiously because you are not willing to put your heart at risk again. The lessons of the past taught you that life can change in the blink of an eye because there are loves who claim to love you with all their being and still dare to betray you. You give everything, and you are not afraid of risks, because you already understood that you are capable of rising from the ashes. That courage is not bad, but you should be more selective when it comes to daring to love, there are those who don’t deserve a second of your time and you haven’t noticed it. 


It would be good if the rules you set for yourself were set for the people who come into your life without asking your permission. Keep in mind that what starts as something insignificant can turn into a stormy relationship that is very difficult to get out of later. You are doing yourself harm by allowing toxicity to be a part of your days. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable from the first approach, do not ignore the signs. What you should change is that mania you have for pretending that everything is always fine and that nothing bothers you. With that attitude, you will only end up in the wrong place. 


It is not true that your heart is unbreakable and that you always find a way to smile in the midst of pain. Of course, there are things that bring you down and even if you don’t give up easily, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t break your soul. You would love to be able to show your emotions more, but you already believed that you don’t cry and that it’s better to hide your sadness by working hard. You are hurting yourself, Capricorn, while others heal their wounds at the cost of your tears. What you should change is to be less closed, don’t minimize what you feel. 


It’s admirable the way you manage to make other people think that nothing brings you down easily. That is to say, you are strong, but there are disappointments that continue to hurt you, they hurt you so much that it is not easy for you to get up again. Definitely, you hide your sad heart in your hobbies and the worst thing is that many times it is not even your fault. There are cruel people who disguise themselves very well and that’s the one you should change forever. Keep being authentic, free, and charming, but talk about what hurts you. The bad guys don’t deserve you to say wonders about them, when you know it’s not like that. 


Why do they say you need malice? Not true, the world needs a lot of empathy and compassion, but it’s not your responsibility to make people open their eyes Pisces. You are emotional and that is affecting you too much, to the degree that you do not feel enough, just for not helping everyone in need who crosses your path and the worst thing is that there are abusive people who take advantage of the fact that it is difficult for you to say no. What you should change is to be a little tougher, so much kindness is putting you in danger, look around you because not everyone is trustworthy. 

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