Top Of The Signs With A Kind Heart, But When Necessary, They Act Casually

A Kind Heart

Top Of The Signs With A Kind Heart, But When Necessary, They Act Casually

No, it’s not that they’re rude, it’s that they have the guts to say things like they are. They are the signs that do not have to fake a smile, when they do not feel it, they prefer to be direct and if they have to be sweet, they will be when they want, not to please anyone. People can say that they are aggressive, but their hearts are sweet, and they are good, but there are times in life when there is no other way. They have to be baskets because if they don’t end up trampling them, to ask them later, why are they crying? What cynicism of those people. This top of the signs with a good heart but they are evil when they have to be. It is proof that we all have a limit and if you pass it, you will have to assume the consequences. 

1.- Scorpio 

It amazes me how people have the nerve to point fingers at a Scorpio and describe him as evil when in reality they don’t know half of what’s in his heart. At the top of the signs with a good heart but they are baskets when they have to be, he is number one for a reason… It is not a bad sign, he does not decide every morning who he is going to harm. For it to really pull out the nails they need to shake it ruthlessly. Actually, his heart is one of the noblest of the zodiac, he is very emotional and is willing to love, as long as they give him the reciprocity he deserves. However, they can’t understand him and dare to want to hurt him, that’s when he has to be a basket. When words neither come nor come to him when he doesn’t have time to deal with your false promises or see your crocodile tears. Seriously, don’t underestimate the anger of a Scorpio, because, with the same intensity that he loved you, he can take your breath away, and not exactly in a sweet way. 

2.- Gemini 

Do you want to know the meaning of patience? Then you just have to meet a Gemini, because the truth gives a thousand opportunities in silence. Do not feel so important, it is not for you, you do not want to invest energy in something that is not worth it. Gemini is not easily defeated and has an evil side that is activated when he feels the bad vibes in the other. What he hates the most is that they talk behind his back, he does not understand the lack of courage to express their annoyance face to face. It is clear that it is one of the sweetest signs, of those that fill your days with colors, of those that do not need to give you a lot of gifts, to prove that they care about you, because they pay attention to the details that nobody sees. HoweverDon’t betray them, because that’s when they will show you their other face, the bitch, the one who doesn’t forgive, the one who can be satisfied by seeing karma act. Have no fear, Gemini is too classy to get his hands dirty with revenge, but he’s going to enjoy it when he sees you go down. 

3.- Capricorn

People talk and say that Capricorn is a control freak, who hides his feelings under lock and key and when he decides to be cold and cruel, no one beats him. Yes, he sounds like a ruthless soul, to whom you can give your heart and he bites it until he sees the pieces on the ground. But Capricorn is not like that, his nature is not to harm, and he is so disciplined with his agenda, that adding revenge will only take away time. And yes, his humor is selective, he doesn’t laugh with anyone and he doesn’t share with anyone. However, that does not mean that he does not have a good heart, Capricorn is the pillar of many, he is the person who does not let go, who inspires you, who reminds you that you can achieve everything you set your mind to. His love is genuine, he does not need to cloy, because he shows you that he is there through thick and thin. But there are times when his basket side kicks in when he has to tie up his emotions and just put the other person in their place. There yes, others fill their mouths saying that it is bad when in reality they do not know the true story. 

4.- Aries 

What did you expect? Those who deludedly believed that Aries would sit idly by, after receiving one damage after another, are really very wrong. It is a sign that has the demand in the world, that he loves risk, and that he does not waste time on nonsense. However, that does not mean that he does not care what the other causes in his life. What he hates most is the lie, discovering that he gave all his energy to someone who deserved so little, is like receiving a bucket of ice water. That’s when she forgets the protective side of her, the one who is capable of anything to help the one he loves. Aries is not going to allow them to continue seeing his face and if for this he has to become the most basket sign of all, then he will not hesitate. It is such an intelligent sign that it does not need to act behind your back, what it has to do or say to you will be in front, and do not waste your time begging, because it will not bend to its falsehoods. Take the consequences if you betrayed him, and don’t expect him to trust you again, it won’t happen even in your dreams. 

5.- Libra 

At number 5, of this top of the signs with a good heart but are baskets when they have to be, is Libra. I love the way people fill their mouths when describing Libra when you have no idea how hard it has been for you to get to the place where you are. He is not always right, he knows that he is not perfect and that keeping his balance tests his mental, physical, and emotional stability. However, he strives to be a better person, and to help others, even when his life is a disaster because he does it out of love. The problem is when after giving so much they break it. That’s when he goes from being a sweet soul to becoming the devil himself made a person. Do not underestimate the anger of a Libra, because you can end up asking for forgiveness at the least expected moment. Libra can become superficial, manipulative, and obsessive if they put their minds to it. Really, don’t play with such a passionate heart, because it saves sweetness in the blink of an eyeLibra will treat you the same as you treat him. 

6.- Taurus 

It’s much easier to say that Taurus is ambitious and will give up anything to get what he wants. It’s much better than facing the consequences of his actions, once he’s been hurt. The truth is one of the nicest people in the zodiac, because his character is neutral, as long as you don’t get involved in his life, he has no reason to interfere in yours. However, Taurus loses patience when they make fun of his feelings when he strives to build something for the future and discovers that they only wanted him to cover gaps for a while. In that case, the best thing you can do is welcome the basket Taurus, who has no choice but to swim against the tide. In his soul, there is no evil, but he learns from the enemy. It’s a very cunning sign, so you won’t even notice when he puts his cards on the table and hits you right where it hurts the most. Taurus does not forgive, please do not try to continue mocking, because there is nothing naive about it. 

7.- Leo

Leo is the one who accepts your apology but withdraws your trust at that moment. He is not selfish, it is that he is already annoyed that they look at his face and nobody does anything. What he hates most is being treated as if he were the circus clown. He who plays with the intelligence of a Leo can meet the devil from him. Those who remain still in the fire, but when they are awakened they become terrible blazes, of which they do not care about anything and only destroy everything in their path. Leo is sensitive, but also malicious if your goal is to know the basket side of him you will have to be very brave because it is not going to touch the heart for a moment. He is also not cruel enough to cause you to suffer for a long period of time but be prepared for his fury, which will have you begging on your knees and then ignoring you. You just don’t exist for Leo anymore. 

8.- Pisces 

Pisces is like that side of the sea that is always calm, the one that relaxes you, the one that makes you think, and the one you can hurt without receiving a bad reaction in return. But do not trust yourself, because, at the least expected moment, he gives you the lesson of your life. His way of acting is passive-aggressive, that’s why he doesn’t forget. He has a knack for finding your weak points and using them to his advantage. No, Pisces isn’t evil, it’s just that he’s not going to let you use him as your sandbag and then pretend everything is fine. He is sick of double-faced people, of those who hurt until they see their souls surrendered. He gets tired of giving and giving, that’s when the basket side of him prevails. When you make it clear to people that you’re not here to fix their lives. He welcomes them to his hell, once you enter you will hardly find your way out. 

9.- Cancer 

Nobody knows the evil that can be hidden behind a defenseless Little Crab. I recommend that you do not test the character of a Cancer, because he can show you what it is to mess with the dance of a thousand demons. Usually, it is a measured sign, focused on its own and although the emotional part can make it lose its head from time to time, it remains as stable as it can. The problem is when he feels hurt, his ideas don’t stop there, what he wants is to give you back a spoonful of your own chocolate. Also, don’t doubt his memory, he really works hard to remember every last detail, so he’ll have enough weapons when things go wrong. It is a sign that one can be loyal and sweet when one sets its mind to it. But also a basket when treated with the tip of the shoe. Cancer does not have time for that kind of nonsense, if you mess with him you will have to pay the consequences without crying because he hates blackmail. 

10. Virgo 

Virgo is dedicated, helpful cares about others and, of course, loves that things go perfectly. He does not take anything for granted and that is why they judge him to be an exaggeration in everything. However, his loyalty does not compare to anything. If Virgo promises you that he will be there through thick and thin, so be it. But if you fail him, then you’re going to have to deal with the basket in his blood… When Virgo feels betrayed, he tries to make you hit the wall. He wants to see you beg, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to forgive you. Virgo usually doesn’t go around opening doors for just anyone, he really needs an important bond to share his vulnerable side. If you still have the cynicism to shake his heart the bad way, then you will get to know the critical, demanding side of him, the one who uproots people and never wants to see them again in his life. Virgo will make you feel like you’re talking to the wall. 

11.- Aquarium 

A dreamy, idealistic sign, the one who gets lost in his own world, who doesn’t care about economics and simply focuses on the day-to-day. The truth is, Aquarius ranks next to last because it takes a lot for the badass side of him to show up. His personality is so biased that he rarely takes things personally. Aquarius knows that what the other person does or says, against him, speaks more of that person than of him and he sees no reason to wear himself out for someone like that. In his ideal world, confrontations do not exist, only a meeting of souls that do not let go, that support each other and that want to see themselves shine. But, hey, when they flat-out become very suffocating, they can awaken their basket side. The one who doesn’t care what you’re feeling and doesn’t even want revenge, he just wants you to disappear from his life, but that’s it. 

12.- Sagittarius 

To close the top of the signs with a good heart, but who are baskets when they have to be, we have Sagittarius. A soul is so genuine, so luminous, that it hardly takes the time to be a basket with someone. The truth is that his motto is simple, live for today and tomorrow everything is forgotten. Perhaps for some situations, it is counterproductive, because it is difficult for him to commit, but when it comes to not getting hooked on something that hurts him, it is perfect for him. Sagittarius is synonymous with optimism, and adventure, they do not want to fill their path with thorns for someone who is worth so little. So, he becomes that basket who breaks his fears, the one who puts on his pants to say goodbye to a bad love. The one who is not willing to settle for crumbs and if he has to keep moving forward until he finds the right path, he will simply do it. Sagittarius is unique, so clean that he does not think to mix among the garbage.

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