Starting the year off on the right foot isn’t just about focusing your energy on your list of resolutions. You should let go of your anger, because that’s the reason valuable people shy away from you. You know when something makes you angry you don’t understand the reason and all you want is for the other to feel a little bit of the damage they’ve done to you. The worst part is that others aren’t always to blame, but you end up dumping it all on innocent people. It’s time to let go of Aries, you are more than just your bad temper and you know it.


You have found your comfort zone, now you don’t want to leave it. Better to pretend that you don’t need anyone and that you are used to falling as many times as it takes to get up. However, it’s time to let go of your Taurus cynicism. Give yourself the opportunity to believe in people, in loves, to let go. Taurus, you deserve to be happy, that you don’t sink into a bubble where it looks like everything is fine, but as soon as they touch it it explodes. There is no point in hiding from emotions, this is not living, stop conforming.


You’ve long been called an ogre in the movie. People fill their mouths talking about your emotions, when in reality, they have no idea what you are hiding. You should stop blaming yourself Gemini, it’s not that you care about the opinions of others, you are yourself, you have become your own worst enemy. The mistakes of the past are Gemini, stop wasting time remembering things you can’t change. It’s time to trust yourself and focus on the present. You bring shadows and ghosts, not realizing that your essence is fading every day.


Give and give… you get the idea that as long as your loved ones are doing well, so are you, but it has caused you to become toxic. It is not healthy for you to give too much, to put your priorities last Cancer. You deserve attention, love, understanding, a business that doesn’t hurt you all the time. It’s not fair that you strive to please and others don’t value him. You know that many have already taken your measure because you don’t say anything and are still looking for a solution. You have your problems, stop solving others and give yourself half of what you give to others and you will see how your life changes completely.


If there’s anything that’s costing you, it’s letting go. You are a sign that loves routines, this is how safe you feel, but you know that when your obsessive side is present it can be counterproductive. What you need to let go is your phone addiction, sometimes you don’t even talk to someone, just looking at photos, memes, videos, has become the perfect excuse to escape your emotions. The current Leo is leaving you, don’t allow it because there are a lot of things that won’t come back but what will hurt you the most is seeing how many people you love leave because they don’t feel most loved.


Let’s see Virgo you know your desire to keep everything perfect is very exhausting it makes you think about everything and when you least think a piece falls off and you feel bad. What you have to let go is that crazy desire to want to be right all the time. You have to start accepting that whatever comes out of your mouth is not the truth and is wrong. Your desire to meet absurd expectations has brought you through an ordeal filled with stress and anxiety. Don’t be clouded by your own Virgo decision. You are ready for a lot more, but accept that the ups and downs are part of the process, nothing is linear.


It’s Libra time, don’t let them treat you to their toes, but don’t be the one to minimize what goes through your mind either. You are too special when it comes to making a decision because you have to think about it a thousand times and you are still wary anyway. Libra, if you don’t trust yourself, who else will? You have become your biggest critic, you have no mercy on yourself and it takes your peace. Balance is healthy, but thinking and thinking to achieve it is not. Believe in yourself, because you have everything to accomplish each of your follies. Please don’t let go of your dreams.


Your heart deserves a relief, the feeling that after all the way you’ve come, you haven’t given up. It is you, the one who finds a solution, the one who does not let other people’s comments become obstacles. You should let go of your grudges, it is not worth that they continue to smear you because of the bad deeds of others. Letting go gives you peace of mind and at the same time you downplay the importance of those who don’t deserve it. There are many more who are worthy of your Scorpio love, please don’t waste your time with the wrong person. Because your energy is for something else.


2024 is the time for you, to give yourself the attention you deserve, to fight for what you want and not to focus on the matter, but on what fills your soul. Somehow, you’re tired of not listening to yourself and always avoiding your own emotions. This year, it’s about letting go of your fears, no need to put one lock after another. Deep down, you know that you are not afraid of anything, because you have overcome very complicated situations and you are still on your feet. What you want is to be in a place where you can smile, enjoy the moment, and not have to ask anyone’s permission. You never followed the rules and the next few months will be no exception.


You are a constant, gentle, and disciplined sign. Without a doubt, it sets you apart the way you approach whenever you want to achieve something. However, you are too hard on yourself, it seems like nothing satisfies you when it comes to making yourself happy and it has become a constant desperation. Capricorn, what you need to let go are your expectations. It’s okay to be nonconformist, but don’t overdo it either, because you don’t deserve to live in fear of your own reactions. Believe in yourself a little more, you are doing very well, many admire you and you doubt your every step.


You can see your sincerity for miles. You are a sign who doesn’t see the need to pretend with anyone. If someone respects your friendship you value it, but someone who doesn’t want to be a part of your days has every right to it, it’s not something that will take your sleep away from you. However, there are many who only approach for convenience and it is time to let go. In 2024, what you should be giving up are your toxic friendships. It is not healthy for you to be around people who fill you with their bad vibes and who make you doubt your potential. They are wolves disguised as sheep and as soon as they have the chance they will attack you.


Take a deep breath, this is what you deserve in 2024. See it as the year of healing, in which you listen to yourself, understand yourself and love yourself, just as you do to others. Let go of all those worries about something that you don’t even know if it’s going to happen. It is important that you focus on the present moment, even if it sounds cliché, you are not sure if you will wake up tomorrow. Pisces are not doing well, you overwhelm yourself for no reason. What matters is today. You deserve the opportunity to really have fun, it isn’t enough for you to say it, to make changes in your life.


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