What Does It Mean To Be Born In May

Born In May

What Does It Mean To Be Born In May

What does it mean to be born in May? That you are a hard-working person, one of those who are not waiting to be told to move their hands, you go out to fight for your dreams and you really enjoy when you earn your bread with the sweat of your brow. You are scared like anyone else, but success doesn’t scare you, you know you are here to achieve great things. Your emotions never leave you halfway, you may shed a few tears, but you don’t give up. It must also be clarified that when you get angry you do stupid things that you later regret

You are the one they call crazy, the one who dares and does not run away from the adrenaline that life has in store for you. You love to be surprised, travel for you is pure energy and you are not interested in anyone’s labels, you simply get close to people from the heart. Of course, you are stubborn to the bone, if you get an idea in your head you don’t take your finger off the line. In addition, your tastes are special, you like the sophisticated and that is why you are not afraid of being tired from working. Your greatest motivation is yourself and remembering the life you deserve. It is not egocentrism, as some say, what happens is that after so many falls you understood your worth and you no longer plan to turn back. 

What does it mean to be born in May? It means that you have a weakness for everything that awakens your sensitivity, the art of singing, dancing, painting, or reading some poetry. You are an inspiration from the side that they see you, but it doesn’t bother you, you appreciate when you become the center of attention because you know that it is synonymous with the fact that they appreciate how hard you try every day. Of course, you’re ambitious and you’re not afraid to shout it out, because that has helped you stand firm in the midst of so many obstacles. 

In addition, you are extremely intuitive, you have the ability to detect the bad vibes of people you barely know. There are those who may say that you exaggerate, but time proves that you are always right. You are very attentive to the opportunities that life presents you, you do not want to miss anything. Maybe your enthusiasm is what motivates you to continue regardless of the falls you suffer during the process. That does not mean that you are perfect, you have conflicts like anyone else, but your intelligence is what helps you solve problems

If you are born from May 1 to May 20, you are a Taurus. 

In every heart you visit, leave an indelible mark, Taurus. There are times when you minimize yourself so much that you do not realize that you have earned the admiration of those around you. Your mind is practical, you are always in search of stability and one of your best gifts is perseverance, it does not matter if it takes you a lifetime to achieve something, you are not competing with others, the battle is with yourself. In addition, you have worked a lot on your self-esteem and self-esteem, it is that confidence that has led you to achieve your goals. 

You draw attention to your beauty, not only inside, but also on the outside, you have a touch of sophistication that is not compared to anyone else. You are unique and sensory, you love everything good, a good piece of music, luxuries, or a good dish. However, that does not make you indifferent to the land, on the contrary, you honor nature and give thanks every day, and the outdoors relaxes you. Of course, you have a stubborn side, you are very resistant to change and there are times when your possessive side speaks for you. Despite that, you will never be bad company

If you are born between May 21 and 31, you are a Gemini. 

Versatility defines you, Gemini, that of fitting into the standards that society demands, it has never been to your liking and it is not because you are rebellious, what happens is that you like to be loyal to your originality, but you also love to hear what What your emotions tell you. You are witty, curious, and highly intellectual. It is true that you have the facility to converse with any type of person, but there are some minds that trap you, those that inadvertently become your teachers and test your knowledge. You have the humility to learn in all aspects of your life. In addition, you work very fast, you are agile, and you are used to solving one problem after another. 

You are also crazy about communication, when you feel that you do not fully express yourself, lumps form in your throat. You love socializing, testing your ability to connect with new people. However, you do not feel comfortable in the midst of superficiality. If you don’t like something, you better walk away, you are very honest in that aspect because you do not tolerate falsehoods or ill-intentioned criticism. 

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