If you’ve been avoiding a conversation or something important to you, it’s time to stop running away. This week is going to be very intense, Aries, you need to slow down your routine and do something. Think before you act, you must take this into account to achieve greater love stability. You want to take a very important step for you, but don’t say anything about what you plan to do if you don’t have anything clear. Before embarking on the adventure, do your own research and think carefully.


The energy of Mars in Capricorn will make you reject the superficial. You always have, but now you’re going to do it more than ever. Your interests have changed, you know what you don’t want in your love life. Focus as much as possible on your desires and do everything possible so that no one breaks the illusion that you are feeling at the moment. Stay away from people who don’t want to live freely, it’s not fair to you. You need to be around people who want to live life your way and with you.


If you have illusions now, you don’t need to travel back so much. If the past doesn’t get out of your head, you need to resolve it as soon as possible. Gemini, you will never have stability if you don’t fight for it. There is nothing like true, sincere and pure love. You have to convince yourself that everything will be fine, that’s for sure, but you also have to know what your limits are. You have to learn to have more control in this sense, because your mind and your heart are going to end up like a cage of crickets at this rate.


You know what? That something is going to happen that will change you completely. You will live an experience so intense that you will not even believe it. You can expect anything from love right now, that’s the truth. Listen to your intuition and stick with the signals you’ve been ignoring for a while. There are some very strong truths that are about to come out, so open your eyes. Oh, and remember there’s a big difference between making room and ending forever. Keep it in mind when you’re pissed off and want to quit.


It is strongly recommended to be very attentive. You often overlook details or data that you think are not important to you, but in fact are. If you need to slow down your love life a bit, that’s okay. Treat it like it’s a vacation. You have to do this because deep down you have other, much more important responsibilities. You have to make sure everything is in order to have more peace of mind in the rest and you know it, Leo.


Don’t take on the responsibilities of others. Don’t try to save everyone’s ass and don’t even think about neglecting your interests. Look at Virgo, if you want everything to go well for you in love, you have to accept the harsh reality. There are things that happen for no reason and that’s it, no need to dwell on an issue that is not really important for your personal development. This week is perfect for you to deeply analyze all that you hold inside your heart. Play a good cleaning, as only you know.


If you don’t want anything serious with anyone, why sow doubt? And if you want to start something big with someone special, what are you waiting for? Libra, the mismanagement of your actions causes you a lot of headaches and you know it. You’re terrified of making the wrong choice, but is the world ending because of a mistake in love? Well no, Libra, of course not. It would be advisable that you spend time alone to find out what you want. You can’t stun everyone with your doubts, in the end you’re not doing yourself a big favor.


You have to do it right, you’ll see how it all goes. Before throwing everything away, breathe and inhale. Think alone when drama is around the corner. You will overcome obstacles, you will see, but if you act with a grudge, none of this will happen. You are a Scorpio and nobody deceives you, but you cannot “shoot” without control when you have doubts and you know it. If you want to row in the same direction with someone you really like, you have to make an effort to improve communication.


You really want to open up in love. You would like people to know you for who you are and not what they say about you. You would like to have some peace and quiet next to someone who does not judge your personality. Your heart is bored of always being the one who puts the note, the passion, the envy, the spark and everything. It’s normal, you’ve overcome a lot of very strong things in your life and right now you don’t want any negativity. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try other places, Sagittarius, you are the fire and you are free…


In your heart, there will always be this authenticity and kindness that characterizes you so much, and you don’t have to let anyone change you. Hold on when you think you’re not cut out for love. Do not be afraid to get rid of all those things that deep down do not allow you to move forward as you wish. Breathe, gain momentum, and go forth to do whatever your heart asks of you. Be freer than ever, Capricorn, you don’t have to explain what you’re doing. A new stage begins and you have to be very on fire.


Somehow you want to feel safer than ever. It’s like your insides are crying out for arms to hug you like a koala. You feel like you need a break from everything: from love, from routine, from life and even from the alarm that goes through your head in the morning. Somehow your body is crying out for a break, so give yourself permission to relax as much as possible this week. You have to think a lot about your mannerisms and the dry ways you have had to communicate…


We must give life to love. You have to give it desire, passion, spark and energy. You have to give a lot of time and desire to love, because romance does not arise from the tops of trees like fruit. Love spreads, got it? He is cared for and pampered so that he grows up healthy and strong. There are times when things go wrong and nothing happens Pisces, that’s how it is, it’s unpredictable like your mood in the morning. This week you need to make sure you are where you want to be. Do it, and do it before you jump headlong into some new drama.


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