Top Of The Signs That Can Break And Tramp Your Heart

Top Of The Signs That Can Break And Tramp Your Heart

There are times when you feel the most used being, the flower inside you withers and the wings of the butterfly that you once remained on the ground. Perhaps it is the cruelest feeling that someone can experience because while you tried to give all the love, the other felt the right to break and trample on your heart. Each zodiac sign hurts in its own way, some intentionally and some not. However, in the end, they fragment you and this top explains it in more detail. Starting with the one with the least chance of damage. This is the top of the signs that can break and trample your heart:

12.- Cancer 

If a Cancer crosses your life, let me tell you that you are the luckiest being, because you will not only enjoy a sincere heart but also its protection and empathy. His intention has never been to hurt anyone. On the contrary, his love fills you with calm and makes you appreciate the depths of your qualities. Of course, he also has the spiteful side of him, he is not one of those who forgets when someone brings him to tears, but he doesn’t waste time harming you either, it is enough to give you the best of his indifference. For Cancer, you cease to exist at that moment.

11.- Pisces 

First of all, I want it to be clear that the fact that Pisces is a sweet sign and that they love to put intensity first does not mean that they are naive and that anyone can reach their days to hurt. He is an emotional person, but do not put his resilient side to the test because when he proposes it, he is capable of tearing you from the depths of his soulIt is possible that he will get angry and not want to see you for a long time, do not expect him to smile at you after your bad deedsHowever, he will never plan something to take revenge, in his heart, there is not so much evil. You hurt him, so go away and don’t come back.

10.- Libra 

Love, harmony, balance, that is what Libra expects from life and from all the people who want to share moments by their side. The peaceful part of him is what keeps him away from unnecessary conflict. Don’t be surprised that he spends a lot of his time helping to solve problems, he wants everyone to get along and won’t hesitate to guide them to take the plunge. Libra is not the person who wants to see you suffer, even if you have played with his emotions. Before his impulses decide, he analyzes the situation and tries to understand the origin of everything. Let’s just say that his indecisiveness helps keep him from losing his mind and letting go of those who aren’t worth it.

9.- Taurus  

There are many who fear the character of Taurus because they are usually not the type of person who is waiting for you to turn around to give you a smile. It’s not that he’s bad, it’s just that he’s become too choosy to let anyone into his life. One of his virtues is patience, which is why when fights break out he doesn’t lose control. If Taurus lets the situation go by, it’s not because of you, it’s because of him because he doesn’t want to make his life bitter for someone who doesn’t even care about his own. However, do not think that he will forgive you for everything. It’s not here to give a thousand chances, so get ready for goodbye.

8.- Capricorn 

It is very, very rare that you see Capricorn involved in some scandalous discussion, he really likes to keep a subtle and sophisticated profile before the rest. Because it seems unwise to him to lose his temper. Remember that he is an Earth sign, he likes to be in control and the more strategic everything around him is, the better. You will never see a Capricorn waver because he analyzes long before everything explodes and is very clear about the point he will defend. Don’t worry, it’s not going to break your heart let alone stomp on it. His values ​​don’t allow him to make fun of someone on that level. However, he will not be a part of your life again, let him go.

7. Leo 

The sign has strength, autonomy, and control in each of its steps. The intensity may make him fall into the dramatic once in a while, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to break hearts in his wake. Leo can be impulsive, however, evil does not dominate him. It is possible that in an outburst he will say very hurtful things to you, it is very difficult for him to remain silent and the pain he experiences screams everything. Leo, he will not hurt you intentionally, if his words broke you, he may apologize the next day, but don’t be confused, that doesn’t mean you have a chance to enter his life again. Simply, he has the courage to admit his mistakes.

6.- Sagittarius 

Well, now we are entering the list of those who change your life because you learn lessons by their side. For example, Sagittarius is not very sensitive to emotions, on the contrary, he does everything to try to avoid that part of him. So much freedom helps him run away from people’s bad vibes. However, just because he’s not hooked doesn’t mean he’s going to sit idly by while he watches you hurt him. If Sagittarius considers that you were unfair, it is better that you move away, because it is what he hates the most. He does not conceive of cynicism, relating to someone to whom he gave everything and did not care what was in his heart, he activates the cruel part of him and he will treat you horrible even if you beg him.

5.- Virgo 

Although you have always characterized yourself as an analytical, perfectionist, and very focused person, what you hate most is dealing with people who make an effort to ruin your balance. What you are looking for in any type of relationship is loyalty, you are not to settle for those who only give themselves superficially, and when you feel betrayed your apathetic side is activated. There appears the Virgo who is not willing to tolerate so as not to be left alone. He does not care, as long as the false souls disappear from his life it is more than enough. Do not try to beg, because his pride will not allow him to give in to your forgiveness. He accepts that you lost him.

4.- Aquarius 

Does it surprise you? Aquarius is a very unpredictable sign, but few expect that it can react negatively when it comes to matters of the heart. In reality, you never know what you may face, it depends on your mood. If he’s in a bad way, he’s going to go straight for the jugular, he has a knack for hitting you at the point that hurts the most. It is not difficult for him to cut ties and less with someone who betrayed him. Aquarius, he doesn’t need you, let that be clear to you because he is an independent sign, and when he turns the page he does it without fear. He is sentimental, but when he uses it against you, he is able to bring everything to light, he does not stop at anything, his goal is to win and he will use all the weapons he can. He will hurt you, but he will make you reflect on your action. Believe me, you won’t feel like breaking an Aquarius again.

3.- Aries 

Please, don’t you dare question the rancor that an Aries can accumulate in his heart, because he is able to remember every detail that hurt him as if it were yesterday. The worst thing is that he has the courage to smile at you, although inside all he wants is for life to make you pay with tears for everything you did to him. The only thing I can recommend is that you leave it alone. If you annoy him, his intensity will respond to you and you will not like it at all. Nobody is prepared to deal with a hurt Aries, because he is not moved by your regret. You may have really changed, but he needs a lot of time to consider whether or not he will give you a chance. In any case, things will never be the same again.

2.- Scorpio 

One of the most devastating signs when it comes to shaking the other’s feelings. Will be? Don’t believe all the bad things they say about a Scorpio, it’s very rare when he starts an argument or some revenge. He usually shows you early on that he’s trustworthy and that he’s willing to understand whatever’s in your heart. As they say out there, for good he is the sweetest of all, but for bad you better not get close to him, because he does not mind taking karma with his own hands. Scorpio does not have the patience to see how life teaches you a lesson, he moves the pieces to speed up the process. It’s simple, neither forgive nor forget. There is no reason for you to continue being part of his days, do not make it worse and leave.

1.- Gemini 

Did you already expect it? Well, in case there was any doubt in your head, Gemini is the sign that is capable of breaking and trampling on your heart without any remorse. He is so meticulous when it comes to hurting you that you will notice it until you can’t take it anymore, and even if you ask him to stop, he won’t. Gemini, he’s not mean to everyone, he just lets the right side of him take the reins and doesn’t allow anyone to humiliate him, at least, whoever does is not going to leave as if nothing had happened. The truth is that his intelligence is his best tool, he does not need to shout or use force, it is enough for an idea to pass through his mind to tear you to pieces.


Top Of The Signs That Can Break And Tramp Your Heart

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