Beware of family conflicts for disagreeing or having very different opinions on an issue important to you. There are problems that give you a lot of headaches and the important thing now is to find a real solution to these problems. You have to ask yourself what is best for everyone in this situation and what is best for you. Don’t miss any chance to chat, Aries, impulsiveness here won’t help you at all.


This week, you are going to be returning to a place of some sort that will bring back many memories. This action will take you to your closest past, you may rethink a lot of things from now on. You will go over a lot of things and some details that catch your eye. This visit to your past will awaken a new sense of nostalgia in you, but you must be a strong Taurus. If you are going to go back to your past, please let it be to challenge those fears that are always with you. You will reborn Taurus and you will make him strong.


Beware of the ties that still bind you to your harshest and most unjust past. Beware of toxic people who always want to be by your side, Gemini. You are a very good person, so much so that sometimes you confuse things and think bad people can change. No, Gemini, bad-hearted people aren’t going to change in life and that’s something you have to accept. You cannot save everyone from their darkness, so you need to focus on yourself and your well-being. Be very careful when you want to save something that is broken forever.


You have to decide for yourself little crab, you have to do it as soon as possible. Stop doubting yourself and your power of intuition, you are doing yourself a disservice by questioning your abilities. You know that? That your mind can be your worst and greatest enemy and the most disturbing thing is that you know it and sometimes you do nothing to stop this loop of chaos. You have the power, you have the strength and the courage, don’t forget that. Now you are ready to leave your fears behind and take back control of your entire life.


If you’ve realized that there are certain habits in your routine that aren’t good for you anymore, break them. If you need to make a drastic change to make everything fit better into your lifestyle, do it Leo. Trust your instincts and start organizing yourself so you can progress as you deserve. Be careful not to force yourself to do things you don’t really want to do, you have to be very realistic with your goals now. As you progress, you will realize how far you have come without even realizing it…


There are things that can’t be fixed, Virgo, and nothing happens because it is. You need to open your mind and see beyond what’s in front of you. It’s true, don’t close yourself off to anything new that comes into your life. Let life surprise you and show you how beautiful it can be when it brings surprises out of nowhere. You may be more in the past than in your present, but that’s just as well, because then you’ll remember what you don’t deserve. Show what you are capable of Virgo, do not be afraid to let yourself go because you deserve to be very happy.


It’s a good time for you to be very realistic and stop lying to yourself, Libra. It’s true, you lie to yourself and hurt yourself. Why? Very simple: you don’t do what you want, you do what others want. You don’t take care of yourself, you take care of everyone else, and you leave each other last. Keep your Libra promise and set out to be happy once and for all. What are you waiting for? Eat your shame and start moving your Libra ass, you won’t regret it. And take it very seriously, because if you don’t do it, no one will do it for you.


Changes in your relationships can unsettle you a little, but nothing happens Scorpio, there is no evil that is not good. You need to be very careful how you say things, especially to your family and loved ones. You just have to watch the intensity of your words, you don’t have to change how you feel or what you want to say. If you act intelligently, you can get a lot of information that is very valuable to you. If you get carried away with anger, you’re not going to solve anything and you know it…


If you feel there is something or someone in your life that is untrustworthy right now, be careful. Pay close attention to the little details that go unnoticed, Sagittarius, you’re always going full speed and now it’s time to slow down. You cannot let such important things pass, you must act here and now. If you are going to make an important decision (related to finances), you will need to be cool-headed. Remember, breathe and inhale and refresh your mind…


Be very careful with expectations, with false hopes or very confusing messages. You are a Capricorn and no one deceives you. If you feel there is someone who is not telling you the truth, do something to make that person sing like a mad bird. Seriously, you have to surround yourself with sincere and transparent people. Part of you wants a lot of healing, but you won’t get it until you surround yourself with the right people. You may experience a before and after when you least expect it…


Be careful with those trips you make into the darkest part of your mind, Aquarius. There are secrets that need to see the light and you know it. They may be called secrets or important data that you have kept secret out of pain or fear of admitting the truth. Now may be the right time for you to break free once and for all. It would be very gratifying for you to feel free in all respects. When you take that weight off your shoulders, you’ll appreciate it…


Be very careful when reconnecting with people you’ve walked away from for a good reason. You need to be very aware of the consequences of impulsive acts, Pisces. It won’t do you any good if you regret it later and you know it. If you have doubts or any curiosity about your past, try to clear it up in another way, but don’t reconnect with anything that was once toxic to you. Conversations like this can take an unexpected turn, so be prepared for anything…


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