If one could predict such a thing as an “ironical” month, it would be this month, for Aries. What this means is that there are so many things working in your favor, and yet there is still so much evil you see in those things. You’ll say all the wrong things at the wrong time, and you’ll jeopardize some of the things you’ve worked so hard on.
You want to push the limits and you think it’s your birthright to do so, but this action has consequences. You imagine the great rebel; someone who can’t be held back by mere mortals, and yet you’re just as vulnerable as the next person, especially in love.
The middle of the month may give you a break, but it will be up to you to learn during this week so that you can move on to the next one with grace and charm. Pay attention to your dreams during this month, and if they turn dark, try to understand what you are suppressing. Sometimes repressed thoughts become instructive nightmares. Learn from them.


February is coming like a storm for you in all the right ways. You feel hopeful and energetic, although this energy will soon turn into a fierce sense of self-defense.
You don’t want to accept that there is anything vulnerable inside of you, and that’s because, on a deep level, you are deeply afraid. Fear of losing confidence, fear that the virus will catch you or someone you love, fear that your travel plans will be postponed.
With Mercury conjunct Pluto on the 11th, you may feel the need to “stop the presses,” which means your lack of confidence could just be hampering your progress.
You will close something that is not ready to be closed during this month. You will be torn between believing something so intensely and wanting to get it all over with that you will begin to doubt your own intuitive skills.
The Full Moon in Aquarius on February 16 will break you down and your vulnerability will become something in need of comfort and security. Keep your friends close, Scorpio. they will help you through everything.


The first week of the month is promising; your glow has a chance to shine, at work and at home, thanks to Mars and Jupiter. You needed that burst of “dark” energy to get you off the couch and into something serious.

By week two, however, your dark energy might get a little too low and you’ll miss something that was important for you to see.
You will work on your communication skills during this time and you will find that certain communication styles only work with certain people. At home, you can’t say anything good, while at work, you’re golden.
By the time it’s the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 16th, you’ll be spending a lot of time fighting with your partner, and while there will definitely be some “makeup love” in the aftermath, you may not be able to. not both cross certain obstacles.
You are heading for a major breakthrough, however, in love, but it must first go through the motions of heartbreak.



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