Top Of The Signs That Suffer Double When They Break Their Heart

Top Of The Signs That Suffer Double When They Break Their Heart

The heart gets tired of one break up after another. Little by little you close your feelings, you become distrustful, and restrict effective displays. It seems that you are in a competition, whoever falls in love first loses. And there are signs of the zodiac that cannot avoid it, they have the guts to continue giving themselves as if it were the first time. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t end up in pieces. This is the top of the signs that suffer twice as much when their hearts are broken:

1.- Pisces 

You are the kind of love that can end up broken and understand that they left you a valuable lesson. It hurts you much more than the rest because you have never loved half. When you surrender you let yourself be carried away by what your skin, soul, and heart dictate. Pisces, you don’t take the time to listen to your logical part, because it doesn’t match much with your intensity. What you want is to open up without reservations, fall in love until you feel that your soul comes out of your chest. That causes the grief to be worse, you sink into your loneliness and embrace each of your negative emotions. Loving leaves you with big cracks, but over time you have learned to caress them.

2.- Scorpio 

People like Scorpio get their hearts broken and still think there’s something good. It may not come overnight, but they don’t plan to sink into bitterness just because of a love that didn’t have the courage to truly give itself. You are a very conservative sign at first because it is difficult for you to show your vulnerable side, but once you do, you do not let go easily. Even when you are aware that the relationship is not enough and does more damage than it heals. You are not one of those who throw away what you have lived, your protective side makes you go back to the past and you cling to memories that all they do is hurt you. Take your time, you’ll get over it.

3.- Cancer

They say that even the best person doesn’t know what to do when their heart is broken. That is precisely what happens to Cancer. A water sign that honors the emotional, that when he falls in love he is able to put aside all the defects and quirks of the other person. Perhaps that is the worst of his mistakes because Cancer focuses on everything good and creates a love that only exists in his head. The problem is when they leave, they leave him with love halfway through, and what does he do? He can’t give everything to a new love, because he really needs to say goodbye. The cruelest thing is that he hopes to get back what they had and that’s when he ends up suffering twice as much. 

4.- Libra

What most infuriates Libra is that lovers feel they have the right to break it and still have the cynicism to ensure that they love it. It is not worth playing with her feelings as if she would not end up crying in a corner. It is a sign that bets on happiness, first with cautious steps, and then let’s go. Once she feels confident there is no going back, she gives it her all. Her love is unconditional, she doesn’t demand, she doesn’t hurt, that’s why when they pay her with the other side of the coin, she wonders again and again what she did wrong. Libra, knows she has to get out of there, but she has a hard time. She maybe stays a little longer, because deep down she really wants to be disappointed.

5.- Taurus 

There are many other things that break your heart into a thousand pieces, then realizing that your partner no longer tells you that he loves you. Sometimes the slow distance is the one that hurts the most, because being in the relationship you witness how your partner becomes the coldest and most indifferent being. It’s not fair that they punish you in that Taurus way because you are one of those who truly fall in love, those who kiss with fidelity and loyalty. You don’t know about the brake, you surrender until the consequences lead you to whatever. You are reckless, but you hate when the other person is not on the same channel. You may love with your soul, but your logical part helps you put the cards on the table and turn the page.

6.- Capricorn 

When the couple becomes someone else, they don’t keep their promises, and little by little they show other interests, you inevitably end up with a broken heart. It may be that in your day-to-day you are the one in charge of everything, your calculating and disciplined part prevents people from seeing your face. However, when it comes to love, your emotions rule you and you feel like you can’t control it, so you let your guard down. Your pride is on your side because you are not going to beg for love even if that person is what you have loved most in your life. It’s hard for you to let go, but you force yourself to do it because you know that deep down something better always comes.

7.- Virgo 

As much as insane love touches you, Virgo, please, do not give them the pleasure of transforming your kindness. You are a crazy lover, protector, you care a lot about the general well-being of the person you love, and from the first moment, you promise that you will be by his side through thick and thin. You don’t go around opening the doors of your heart to just anyone and that has helped you to distance yourself from those who are experts in promising a lot of lies just to play with your feelings for a while. It’s simple, if someone does not meet your expectations, leave. It will hurt for a while, but not enough to throw your essence overboard.

8.- Aquarius 

In life, they break your heart so many times that you have to learn to use them in parts. That is what happens to Aquarius, they no longer have time or energy to invest it in people who have no idea what affective responsibility is. He is not in a hurry to fall in love, he prefers to really get to know the person until he finds the connection that makes him feel comfortable. It is very rare that he falls for love and that does not mean that he does not love with passion, it is just that he loves himself more and is not going to allow the disloyalty of the other to dirty his soul. Never underestimate an Aquarius, because you have no idea how cold they can be. You already have experience, don’t forget that.

9. Leo 

There is something that Leo is very clear about, if they break his heart once, he will not allow it to hurt a thousand times. The past taught him that it is not worth wasting so much time on a love that did not work out, because that will not change anything and you will only end up emotionally exhausted. Leo is infatuated, he likes that his impulsive side leads him to meet people he never imagined, and also that the adrenaline that runs through his body puts him to the test during the relationship. However, he is convinced that no one is indispensable and that although there are people who make you feel everything, it is not enough reason to cry for a whole year. Life goes on and new loves will come.

10.- Gemini 

Today I want to ask for a minute of silence for all those butterflies that Geminis said goodbye to when they broke their hearts. The fact that she wakes up every day and has a smile on her face is not synonymous with the fact that it doesn’t hurt to let love go. The difference is that she is very strong, she has learned that life goes on despite the fact that she gives you tremendous shocks in which you think that you will never be yourself again. Gemini knows that grief implies confusion, he wants it to be a nightmare, but sooner or later he has to accept it. Sometimes, it’s not you and it’s not the other person. It’s not a lack of love, it’s just that at this moment they go their separate ways, and also when you love you have to let go.

11.- Aries 

The problem with Aries is that he has a habit of falling in love and not wanting to show it, but when he does, they end up breaking his heart. The fact that you continue to see him with the strength of always does not mean that she does not cry between four walls. Yes, there are situations that get out of hand and he blames himself for having set eyes on the wrong person, but in the end, he comes to his senses and realizes that it is for the best. It is not healthy to stay next to someone who does not give you what you deserve and Aries is very clear about it. Forget it, he’s not going to beg you, he’s not one to humiliate himself for anyone. Give it some time, maybe a couple of weeks or months, but it will wipe the slate clean.

12.- Sagittarius 

And yes, sometimes, you talk so much about that person with your friends that when they break your heart, they end up breaking it to five other people. Sagittarius, you know that you are not one of those who get carried away by love. That is to say, within your madness, there is a lot of sanities because you always put your freedom first. You are one of those who think that feeling good about yourself is the key to lasting a while in a relationship. That helps you make the pain easier to overcome because you never lose your individuality, you are with that partner because you want it that way, not because you need it. Life is like that, it has its sad chapters, but it is very healthy to release them to return to the top. You are used to downturns, one more heartbreak is not going to bring you down.


Top Of The Signs That Suffer Double When They Break Their Heart

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