This Is What Scares You Most About Your Future

This Is What Scares You Most About Your Future

One of the most common and irrational fears is the fear of the future, of what is to come, of what we cannot control. There are Zodiac signs that are more afraid of it than others, signs that think more about the future, others that live more in the present, and others that continue to live in the past. We all have our fears and this is what scares you the most about your future:


No matter how hard you seem at times, you have your Aries fears, and those fears, even if you don’t always recognize that they are there, limit you, make you stop yourself and if you don’t stop yourself, they don’t make you feel completely complete. You live in fear that life will pass quickly, of not finding that better half that everyone talks about, that person who really complements you. It is clear that you are yours / and nobody else’s, it is clear that you are a super independent person who does not need anything or anyone to be happy, but deep down in your soul you are a romantic, and you dream that someone day someone will understand you, someone will take the trouble to really know you, in-depth, as only you know yourself…

Is it possible that you will ever find true love, Aries? Yes, so far you have found it, but in small doses, you have found a piece here and another there, but maybe it is not the piece that really fits in your puzzle. It’s complicated, you know it’s complicated but you also know that with a little interest it’s possible. But of course, not always the same interest on your part. Many times you have felt that you had the love of your life in your hands, but why did everything always vanish in the end? Why did everything start intensely and then gradually disappear? Why does all that passion die? You are special Aries, and therefore, you need someone special. Wait, let it arrive, and when you have it, enjoy it intensely…


The strongest are also afraid of Taurus, and one of your biggest headaches is death, yes, just as it sounds, without anesthesia… You worry too much about what might happen, you worry about illness, losing your loved ones, losing your life… And it’s normal for you to do it Taurus, no matter what happens, you are happy in your own way, you always try to see the positive side of things, you try to get the good out of every bitter moment, even when you yourself are super down. It doesn’t matter, even if people call you a negative person, you always find the strength to move forward. That’s why you don’t want to leave your life, that’s why you’re worried about the fact that we’ll all have to die one day. But think about it, death will come, for everyone, it is useless to deny it, and no matter how much you try to convince yourself that you can save yourself.

Somehow, you would love to know the date you would die, just to be able to do a thousand things before it happens, but when you think about it, you know that the best thing is that it arrives when it has to arrive, without warning, by surprise. We all have Taurus expiration dates, and someday even that future will be over. And precisely that is what scares you the most of all, that the future can end.


Although everyone knows you as that person who is not afraid of anything, even as that reckless person who has been very, very close to having more than one serious upset, you have your fears. And your biggest fear is of the unknown. It is true that you do not limit yourself, even if you do not know something perfectly, you will not refuse to do it. But it is also true that a cramp will run through your entire body that will make you feel terrified…

Gemini, what you don’t know scares you, it scares you to start from scratch far away, it scares you to change places, people, friends, it scares you to feel alone and not have affection for others. Perhaps for many people, it is easy and simple to make decisions, but it scares you, and a lot. And sometimes you remain blocked / or without knowing what to do, as in shock, and you prefer not to make strong decisions because pain also scares you and that things do not stay as they are even if it is not good for you that they are like that.


What scares you most about the future is realizing that nothing is permanent. When you’re happy you want to stay in that same place, when you’re happy you’d pay for time to stop, Crab, and for it not to start up again. Knowing that nothing lasts forever makes you even dizzy. You don’t want your loved ones to be missing one day, you don’t want them to disappear, you don’t want anyone you love to die.

You find it hard to understand that there are friends who go to live abroad, who continue with their lives. Of course, you are happy, very much, but you have a hard time accepting that time passes for everyone, and that perhaps you will not be able to see many of them again. It scares you to think that nothing is permanent. That insecurity with the future is often uphill for you, and that is why you like to anchor yourself in the past, in the memories, in the moments lived, at least, that will not move from there, and it will stay as it is. Which one do you remember? I wish you could hold all your people in your hands, I wish you had the power to stay with them all your life. I wish you could live forever by his side.


The King or Queen of the Zodiac also has their Leo fears. And your greatest fear in this life is to be alone, to move forward alone, to stagnate alone, to have a life in deep solitude. Eating alone, sleeping alone, not being able to talk to anyone you trust because you’re alone, losing your loved ones, being “orphaned”, without friends, without family, without life… That’s why you need so many people around you, Leo, that’s why you need to socialize with others all the time. And tell your sorrows, your joys, let off steam, laugh, cry, listen, understand… Although feeling alone is the worst mess in the world, being alone from time to time is not so bad Leo, and that’s what you should learn to do. The fact of losing what you have at every moment of your life would kill you, or so you Leo say, although, after so much, You should also be fairer with yourself and understand that there are people who leave for something, and who lose more than they win, and that should no longer be your problem. Leo, please, sometimes you have to know that whoever leaves our lives is only doing us a favor, but in this case, until time passes, you won’t be able to see it. Overcome those fears, become strong, you are strong.


Even those who seem strongest have fears, Virgo, and you worry a lot about the future, not being able to give the people you care about the best. Yes, sometimes you think about how you have to pay this bill or this one, how much heat you will need to consume when the cold arrives, or the air conditioning you will use when the heat arrives. You think that I hope you never lack to eat, but above all, that your loved ones do not lack, that they can live with dignity, that they can be happy, that they do not get as stressed as you have done. You worry that you won’t be able to make their lives simpler and easier, that you won’t be too good at it. And that one day you are missing and they cannot get ahead without you. It may all sound very dramatic but it is so.

You can do without a million things, you know how to find your life, but what about yours? Maybe they don’t know how to do it, maybe they may need you one day, and if you’re not there? how are you going to help them? You are a Virgo, always wanting to help and lend a hand in everything, always wanting to make life easier for others. Well, just as others have other concerns that even seem more trivial to you, your greatest fear is not being able to give what your loved ones deserve, not being able to keep up, being left behind, even if you keep fighting and even if you are exhausted. . You fear that you will not get what you really want even if you try your best. As if it were a kind of treadmill, you always fall behind no matter how hard you run. That is your fear.


You can fear many things Libra, in the end, you have always been that person more prudent than the others who, before jumping into the pool, looked a thousand times to see if it was full. But what really scares you is an illness, that illness doesn’t let you do things, doesn’t let you enjoy life, doesn’t allow you to be self-sufficient. Death is scary, yes, but in the end, you have understood, that it is the end of the cycle of life, that it is something natural, that it has to go through many fears that we may have. But not the disease. The disease can end up messing up your life, it can end up embittering your existence, yours, and that of everyone around you. And that’s scary, that’s terrifying.

You have probably already experienced a close case and you know what it is, and you know that sometimes, you only rest in peace when you die. The thought that your own body may one day betray you and fail makes your hair stand on end. You are afraid that one day he will turn against you, that one day he will start to give you problems, you are afraid of not being independent again, a person who knows perfectly how to act, how to move, who comes and goes, who does what wants and does NOT depend on anyone.


Unlike Libra, you are not afraid that your body will deteriorate over time, you are afraid that your mind will. You are afraid to stop remembering good moments lived, you are afraid to lose your memory, you are afraid to forget. Having to see yourself in the future trying to remember and having your friends and loved ones tell you the same story a thousand times makes your hair stand on end. In reality, losing all your mental agility would slowly kill you. Forgetting what you had to do, forgetting your keys and not knowing where you put them, forgetting a doctor’s appointment or how your job is done. If you left the iron on or if on the contrary it was the stove…

There is nothing more terrifying to you than the idea that you are no longer what you once were, that a part of you is missing, that a part of your Scorpio mind is missing. You have always been “great”, you have never needed anyone for anything, and the fact that one day it could be like that scares you terribly. You only ask to grow old with your head in his place, understanding and understanding everything until the last minute, until the last breath. If only…


We all have fears Sagittarius and you were not going to be the exception. Your greatest fear is the memory, the knowledge that nothing can ever overcome what came before. It scares you to go through stages in life, it scares you to go through phases, and know that never, no matter how much it happens, you will be able to move to those moments again. As if nothing could ever top what’s already happened one day. As if you knew that your best days are already behind you as if you somehow sensed that your roller coaster has reached its highest point and that from there, everything is already downhill. You are afraid of not having anything to look forward to, you are afraid of losing the interest that life can offer you. Your biggest fear about your future is that moment when you look in the rearview mirror of your life and realize that one day ago, it was all so much more interesting and fun than the gloomy horizon in front of you. Growing up, maturing, that is the real fear, that everything ends, that everything comes, that everything passes, that everything dies.


If you fear something, it is that the world ends, that everything collapses, and suffering. If you had to die tomorrow without knowing it, nothing would happen, but the chaos, the war, the violence, that they can take the lives of your loved ones, your family, you… All of this scares you terribly. Capricorn hate, the hate in the world you know can generate incredible tensions. Injustice, everything is a mess and the worst of all is that you know that only a few stories really control the world, and that, deep down, the vast majority of us are good, generous people who help others. the rest. But they make us afraid, news that the only thing they do is destabilize us, our mind, our way of thinking, our way of life… You are afraid of pain, that the future of your family is a disaster, of not being able to live in peace in peace. But not so much you, in the end, you have always been strong and you come out of everything you set out to do. Rather for your loved ones, for the future, that may await them… Hopefully, it will be good, you will do everything in your power so that they live as well as possible, but the problem, and the fear, comes because not everything is in your hands in the end …


If you had to fear something, it is that your loved ones leave here before you Aquarius. You have always had an intense approach to death, a love-hate relationship with it. You don’t understand how he can come and take the best, like that, out of nowhere. You do not understand or accept many times how it can take everything from you at once. You are afraid of being alone, and not anymore because you don’t surround yourself with people who love you. You know that it will always be there, but perhaps it is more the fear of feeling truly alone, of being unprotected in the world. You have achieved many things on your own, and it is true that you know that you can get out of everything you set out to do without any external help. But you don’t like to do things like that. Deep down, behind that heart that sometimes seems “frozen”, you want to be close to your loved ones,

Sometimes, in the depths of your being, you know that natural disasters, tsunamis, meteorites, typhoons, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions also scare you… Yes, it is true that it is almost impossible for it to happen but sometimes they come things like that to your mind… And in life, you have learned that perhaps it is unlikely, but not impossible.


If you fear anything, it is uncertainty. You never liked things that are not prepared, things that can lead to chaos and disaster… It’s complicated. You are very afraid of the future itself, it is almost like looking into a black void. That’s the feeling that sometimes gives you that, for that very reason, you don’t even think about what’s going to happen, because if you thought about it you wouldn’t live peacefully. Thoughts constantly pass through your mind, and although you want to avoid negative ones, they are also there. In fact, they are not so many negative thoughts as possibilities of what you could go through Pisces. And within those possibilities, there are also bad things, unfortunately.

You are afraid of the future because you feel that you walk towards it with a blindfold in your eyes because even if you suppose what can happen, you know that everything can change at the last minute. Pisces, you have a hard time expecting the unexpected because sometimes the unexpected has done you terrible harm.


This Is What Scares You Most About Your Future

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