Top Of The Most Faithful Signs Of The Zodiac

Most Faithful Signs

Top Of The Most Faithful Signs Of The Zodiac

Loyalty is one of the most precious gifts that those with whom we share our lives can give us. However, not all those around us are loyal to us, neither in love, nor in family, and much less in work. This trait of our personality that we may have more or less marked, is determined by the influence of our Zodiac sign. Therefore, knowing how we are in this aspect and seeing if we should improve a little is something quite simple. Let’s see which is the top of the most faithful signs of the Zodiac:

1. Taurus

Taurus is, without a doubt, the most faithful of the Zodiac. When they fall in love, Taurus begins a period in their lives that will be above everything else. They are people who, no matter how much they see around them, have very clear ideas and, therefore, always follow their instincts. For this reason, it is difficult for a Taurus to be influenced by third parties. If you are in a relationship with a Taurus, you can be sure that he will be loyal to you as much as he can and more. 

2. Cancer

The natives of the sign of Cancer are the most faithful behind the Taurus. A Cancer is a person who is willing to leave everything for love, except his family. This is very clear. For this reason, we say that they are the second most loyal because his family will always be one step ahead of love. They like to be a couple and we can count on them for everything, but it is also true that if their partner gets along well with the family, so much the better. Loyalty to his family and his partner goes hand in hand. 

3. Pisces

Pisces natives are also the most faithful people in love. Although they are very dreamy and romantic people, who fall in love easily, this only happens when they are single. When Pisces are in a relationship, they are most loyal. We can be sure that we will not experience situations of heartbreak with them for this reason. 

4. Leo

A Leo native is the most faithful, although it might seem like it is because of his way of being. To begin with, we must keep in mind that the natives of this sign are people with very clear ideas; For this reason, they will never let themselves be fooled by someone who wants to change their minds, especially when we talk about their partners. Likewise, people who were born under this sign are people who like to take care of those they love; For this reason, they only have eyes for those who are important in their lives and not for those they have just met. Finally, Leos tend to be very sharp. Therefore, when someone hints at the possibility of being disloyal, they will quickly distance themselves from this person. 

5. Scorpio

Despite seeming to be very cold people, Scorpios are very faithful. When they fall in love, they make things clear from the first moment, so they save themselves problems in the long run. If they decide to push a relationship forward, they will do so with all their strength and with everything that this implies. Therefore, they are very clear when it comes to expressing to their partners what they want and what they expect from the relationship. Scorpios always want things very clear, because they know that it is the best way to find the necessary balance in the relationship so that both parties are comfortable and feel loved. And this includes them too. They tend to ask for what they need and take into account the needs of others, so their relationships are usually stable and highly committed. 

6. Aries

Natives of the Aries sign are people who like to be loyal and this is their way of life. They do not like their partners to flirt with other people and they are very careful about doing so. However, given their impulsive nature, when Aries is angry with their partner or start to think about what they may be doing, they will enter into other people’s games and this is where they can commit infidelities. The truth is that Aries should be more careful because they lose relationships for this reason: getting ahead of what can happen in love, in this aspect, will lead them to be disloyal for no reason. 

7. Libra 

Libras are next in the ranking of the most faithful of the Zodiac. Natives of this sign are usually loyal but with small nuances. They will be loyal as long as other people are loyal to them and show it to them daily. Otherwise, it’s not that Libras are going to betray us, but it is true that they are going to walk away from our lives quickly and not look back. 

8. Capricorn

Natives of the sign of Capricorn are people who live intensely and, therefore, tend to be the most faithful. Now, we must keep in mind that they are people with great emotional intelligence, so if they notice that their partners are not loyal to them, things will change from one moment to the next. Depending on the degree of severity of their partner’s disloyalty, Capricorns will consider two options: either they simply walk away from the relationship or they return the game to the person who has broken their heart or disrespected them. 

9. Aquarius 

It cannot be said that Aquarius natives are not faithful, but it is better to say that they are not very committed. This is due to the great need they feel to be free, in their space, and with time for themselves. Commitment is something that scares them a little, so they will try to escape from it as much as possible. However, if they find their ideal person, it will not be difficult for them to give in a little in all of this. The problem of Aquarius lies in the desire to spend time alone and do whatever they want. At these times, it is when they can meet other people and, therefore, distance themselves from the couple.

10. Gemini

Geminis are people who find it very difficult to commit and they like to live life and not think so much about the future. They are very loyal people with friends and family, but in love, it is a little more difficult for them. By spending time with friends and liking to have a wide social circle, natives of this sign can fall into some games and end up being a little unfaithful. 

11. Virgo

When we talk about Virgos, we are not exactly talking about the most faithful signs of the Zodiac. Although they are the most committed, sweet, and loving people, natives of this sign can be unfaithful on more than one occasion. This happens, for example, when they are in a relationship for years and, due to routine, they lose interest in the other person. They may also do it if they see that their partner may be playing with someone else. They tend to make things very clear and, in most cases, they will leave their partner before being unfaithful, but it is not something that worries them much either. They know well that they have great potential in love and they love to exploit it to the fullest. We can say, then, that they are not people with the most lasting relationships.

12. Sagittarius

Like Virgos and Geminis, Sagittarians don’t really like long-term commitment. Unlike Virgos, this one no longer tries or proposes it. They know that flowing with life is much better than getting attached to a person and, therefore, they tend to look for more short or medium-term relationships. Or even not look for any relationship. When they are in a relationship, Sagittarians do not intend to be unfaithful, but rather seek peace of mind and enjoy the relationship. However, as happens with Virgos, they can get tired of the routine, and, having such an open character, it will not cost them anything to find this new person to fall in love with again.

Being faithful is one of the traits of our personality and we must be very careful with it. Although being unfaithful is not what is in mind, there are some people who end up being disloyal to their partners. This attitude is one of those that causes the most pain in love, so it is necessary to try to avoid it as much as possible.

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