Three zodiac signs are particularly irritable at the end of July

As the saying goes: “Sometimes it’s just a small drop that brings the barrel to overflow.” This sentence applies particularly to three zodiac signs towards the end of July. Because according to the horoscope, they are irritated particularly quickly – and that can even be true lead to drastic consequences.

According to the horoscope: These zodiac signs are particularly irritable at the end of July

1. Aries

Aries is impulsive and passionate – especially now. At the end of July, the zodiac sign is pretty easy to get upset. His temper goes away with him and even the smallest discrepancies can lead to outbursts of anger in Aries these days. It even goes so far that Aries end relationships and friendships in the effect.

Tip: Be especially careful and compassionate with Aries and swallow small provocations from time to time.

2. Virgo

The perfectionists under the zodiac signs are particularly critical and often harshly judge themselves – especially now. Too much or too little workload can really cause problems for the Virgo these days. But instead of dealing with it, the zodiac sign freaks out and switches to stubborn. If the virgin now catches someone on the wrong foot, she’s taken aback and withdraws. She does not respond to messages and calls.

3. Scorpio

Scorpios are considered independent and hardworking. But what they can’t get away with is stupidity – it makes them white-hot. Because they associate laziness with it and believe that others often act cluelessly in order to avoid their tasks. Especially now, scorpions have a very short fuse and react very irritably to little things. This can lead to problems with colleagues, especially at work.

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