These zodiac signs are always catching the wrong ones

Somehow it wants with these Zodiac comes to love not to fold easily. It almost seems as if they have absolutely no sense of who is really serious and who is just playing with them. And so they keep getting back to the wrong person and are ultimately disappointed again.

Especially these three signs of the zodiac are apparently really unlucky in love at the moment.


The Scorpio actually knows exactly what he wants – or at least thinks he has recognized what is good for him. But at the moment everything is somehow completely different. Tinder dates are a complete disaster and if things seem to be going better, you are suddenly hosted, a previously hidden relationship comes into play or the current flirtation is not yet ready for a steady relationship. Bottom line: It’s just always the wrong dates that the Scorpio seems to catch. But don’t worry, this phase will also pass again. Instead of wasting time on pointless dates, the Scorpio should now treat himself to a lot of me-time.


Cancer is a very emotional and loving zodiac sign. Unfortunately, he also tends to be pretty naive and that’s why he always manages to skilfully overlook completely unambiguous red flags. Instead, he throws himself headlong into new love adventures. Cancer often interprets far too much in small flirtations or dates and is mentally two steps further than his counterpart. And so it happens that Cancer quickly falls in love with the wrong person. Lovesickness preprogrammed! Tip: It is better to try to take things slowly and get to know the other person first before making hasty decisions.


Virgo actually has a plan for everything and usually thinks very rationally. When it comes to love, it’s completely different, because as soon as the Virgo finds someone good, she throws all her resolutions and principles overboard. This zodiac sign falls in love pretty quickly and tends to blindly trust others. This naivety has given the Virgo a lot of heartache. The big problem is their fear of loss. Because she just doesn’t want to be alone, she clings to every sign, no matter how small, that her Tinder date or someone she has just met thinks her good. But that usually backfires. When it comes to love, Virgo should also take it slower – that’s the only way it will work!

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