This is how your zodiac sign was really in school – according to the horoscope

We all play roles – very different ones, depending on the situation and the people around us. One moment we are the children, the next the parents or the siblings. And of course you slip into your role at school, often without being aware of it.

Reflecting on it later is not that easy either. How was that back then? Which memories are discolored, which are real? According to astrology, however, you can already tell from the zodiac signs what role they are most likely to play in school – whether intentional or unintentional. In the horoscope, you can find out how you really felt when you were at school .

Aries: class representative

Whether you officially held the post or not, that’s how you behaved. You probably did a better job than the official class representative. With your assertive nature you are a born leader and like to take on responsibility. You’ve probably been to all of the school clubs later. But the teachers didn’t have it easy with you: You always did what you felt like doing.

Taurus: athlete

With puberty your strength suddenly came: Nobody had a chance against you in physical education class. You have probably discovered workouts for yourself – and with all the fitness, the admirers came quickly. Sure: You don’t mess with someone like you.

Gemini: theater nerd

The stage was yours! When you were at school, you couldn’t imagine anything better than practicing the next musical or the next performance. Here was your safe space, where you could try yourself out and express all your facets. Your communicative style also came into focus in class: Admonitions because you chatted too much were the order of the day.

Cancer: Always in love

Was there anyone in school that you didn’t even have a crush on? There was only room in your head for romantic interests. You probably still have an old diary somewhere that testifies to that time. Because you were so taken with it, your grades suffered a lot. Because while geometry was being explained on the blackboard, your thoughts were elsewhere.

Leo: Everybody’s Darling

You were friends with everyone: the popular kids, the nerds, the loners. And in all projects, groups and clubs. Somehow you had a knack for making everything look cool and you succeeded everywhere. Even the teachers just couldn’t help but love you. And you couldn’t save yourself from the crushes of other classmates.

Virgo: intelligence beast

You have always been a perfectionist. Even as a pubescent teen. If you have handed in papers at school, your teachers are hardly ever amazed. The effort and precision that you put – especially in housework – was incomparable. That’s why your friends kept asking for tips. Or wanted to copy you.

Libra: super popular

With your charm you made it into the group of popular kids at school. Probably not quite to the top, you weren’t arrogant enough for that. Instead, you were the person who always had good tips on hand and was there for everyone. And that’s why it’s pretty popular.

Scorpio: alternative

Whether there really is a secret or not, you have that lovely, mysterious vibe that you exuded in school. Plus, you’ve always preferred to do your own thing than join a group. That’s why many admired you for your independence – especially because you didn’t think about the consequences at school. If you didn’t want to spend your break in the school yard, then that was it.

Sagittarius: class clown

You liked to get a lot of attention and mainly got it through your funny way. That you so often have been caught by the teacher * inside you trouble, you did not care – and did you even helped: Your classmates * inside liked you thereby only better, especially because you had what it takes, teachers around by the nose. And somehow your grades were always good.

Capricorn: Teacher’s favorite

We say as it is: You were the favorite of all teachers. After all, you gave everything in school and your effort was rewarded. That didn’t make you popular among your classmates, but everyone who was mean to you at the time will regret it in adulthood at the latest! They can’t keep up with your success …

Wassermann: IT specialist

Every class had that one person who was skilled with computers like no one else. And you were exactly that person: You had a knack for technical stuff, you were particularly interested in it. After all, this is precisely the industry in which so much has happened in the last few decades than almost anywhere else. But if you haven’t been messing around on a PC, you’ve made yourself strong on a demo.

Pisces: artist

You have always been particularly imaginative. So you quickly learned to express your creative, dreamy nature with the help of art. You never dressed like the others – and you were often allowed to listen to stupid sayings. In class you often drifted into your fantasy world, for which you had to listen to something from so many teachers.

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